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Saturday, July 9, 2011


Today I would like to talk about purpose.

Yes. Purpose is something deep within us that sometimes we don’t even realize but we are in each and every way, small and big trying to fulfill.

If you think about it whatever we do, say or just the way we desire certain things in life is because deep inside of our heart there is a purpose. There is something in us that is seeking expression. And that something is our life purpose that is finding a way to emerge.

There is something specifically about you that you came here on earth to give. There is something specifically about you that is authentic and that must come out of you and only you.

It doesn’t matter what your beliefs may have been. It does not matter what others may have said concerning your life. It has nothing to do with your career choice. It is just this special giftedness that you have a particular way to express. Therefore begin to look inside of yourself and ask those questions: “what is about me that I came to give?” Perhaps you already know. Maybe you hear the spirit call inside of you that wants you to do a specific thing.

You may feel the impulse to join a group or there might be some things that inside of yourself you know you can do better. I want to invite you to explore these things. You may have a nine-to-five job or something like that. But don’t get caught up in that alone if you are not finding a deep joy in that thing. Don’t become too attached if you are not finding perfect peace in that thing.

Even while working your regular job begin to look for something else that you truly enjoy. Before you came here believe or not you must have agreed to come to fulfill your destiny or else there would not be any other purpose for your soul journey on earth. You are here as god’s divine expression. So begin to ponder on that. And think about all the ways you can fulfill your purpose.

This is your peace.


Sunday, July 3, 2011

Redefining Peace

Today I would like to talk to us about peace. Peace has become this thing that we hear about all the times. But what happens nowadays it has lost its meaning. You may hear it, people may talk about it, but what is true peace and how does one awaken that peace within? We know that life has many demands on us. We take care of ourselves; we take care of our loved ones. We have to pay bills and we have to go to work. And what happens in the midst of all that busyness is that we don’t really take care of ourselves.

What I mean about ourselves is yes we eat, and yes we have proper hygiene and we look good outwardly. But I am talking about the inner self, the soul, the invisible aspect of us. That is our peace. It is when we cultivate that awareness, which is the spirit within. What makes us who we are? And what makes us think, what makes us do the things that we do? And why do we desire what we desire? When we begin to pose these questions and we begin to take time to analyze what we do and why we do it, we begin to cultivate peace. Why? Because we are created to find ourselves. We are created to find that inner voice. What happens most of the times is we are so busy doing everything else that we don’t really take that time. And when we would like to take that time there is always something else that is demanding our attention.

So I would like to talk to us today; you and I about how to take some time throughout our day and begin to spend some time alone and begin to find that place because it is your peace, this is my peace . So when you wake up in the morning, I know some people may pray depending on their religious background, people may have different practices. There are so many books written about the idea of peace and at times it may even become overwhelming.

But I would like us to talk about today not so much what everyone else has written about or what you have heard but some simple steps that you can take each and every day beginning now. It does not have to be something big that you have to write down or try to memorize. But if you wake up in the morning and you just say thank you. Thank you for being alive and you just carry an attitude of gratitude. That in itself will begin to help you create that awareness of peace. That is one thing you can do and you don’t have to have a long list of all the things you are thankful about. But you can begin by saying thank you.

The next thing you can do is pay attention to what’s happening around you, and the small details of life. If you are saying good morning to somebody just look at them in the eyes, and just really say good morning and mean it. If you ask somebody at work, ‘hey how are you doing’? Pay attention and listen to that person and show that you really care about their answer.

Another thing also you can do is find ways to make somebody happy; not that you can make others happy by trying to awaken their own happiness for them. But there are some little gestures you can do, such as giving someone a thank you card, or remembering something nice someone has done and call them to show appreciation. These are some small things we can do every day: being grateful, paying attention, listening as we talk to people, not talking just to talk, but also let the other person talk, listen and find little ways to show appreciation.

This is your peace.



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