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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ever wonder why we feel closer to someone after they die...?

I often ponder on that. What I finally understand is that the person that we see as flesh and blood is not the 'real' person. The physical body is just a cover-up and once it is removed the person's true nature is revealed; which is pure love.

You would realize that after someone you knew had passed it seems unreal, and somehow you are unable to accept that they have gone for good. That feeling connects you to the soul, which is mmortal.

Love does not die and love cannot die, it is God's substance in man and it's eternal. That is why even after someone has passed we still somehow feel connected to that person and no matter how long they've been gone, that feeling remains as long as we think about them.

The physical appearance often blocks the awareness of the divine nature in our ownselves and even more so in others. What if we were able to go beyond the flesh and behold who we really are in the eyes of our maker? And furthermore what if we can offer that vision to everyone we see? This is the Christ vision that does not see nor judge the appearance, but sees its own reflection each time it beholds someone.

I conclude that the physical body is quite misleading and if we rely on it solely in order to relate to others we will experience many disappointments.

Today offer that vision to everyone you see, but more importantly recognize that you are the essence of God, you can only love because that is who you are. Don't wait until after someone you know transition from this realm before you can realize his/or her divinity. No matter who they are or what they have done your job is to see them as they were created. They were primarily a pure divine idea in God's mind before they took on a human form. See that image, and hold on to it for this is your peace and your own inner awakening.

Peace be with you always,

Friday, May 6, 2011


I have recently realized that one of the main reasons a soul suffers is because of unproductivity. What do I mean by this statement?

There is a big difference between 'being a busy-body' and 'being active towards a specific goal'. Working a 9-5 job does not mean you are really productive.

Going to church or doing religious rituals does not mean you are being productive. You can try to accomplish many things but yet arrive at nothing. And unless your intention, your goal and your purpose are well defined you will feel unhappy. And the reason for this is quite simple: besides all of these activities there is something else that you came to do, there is something else that you came to give and it is not in the world, if it were then there will not be any real reason for you to be here.

You are here because the world needs something that is unique, that is authentic and that only you came to give. You are a gift. You are the hands of God, without you he cannot express that thing he has imprinted in your spirit.

Therefore my dear friend do not let the world grab your full attention. Jesus said you are in this world but you are not of the world. That which you came to give the world cannot define it. The world does not know it. Therefore look deep within your heart and listen to the Spirit call and you will know what to do next.

I love you and may the peace of God keep you and lead you.


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