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Monday, April 11, 2011


We all face challenges. At times it may seem as if they come from diverse directions all at once, and even to the point of overwhelming. What is one to do?

One must respond. One must confront life challenges. Why? Because the very reason we are having this earthly experience is to learn how to confront, how to exist and survive. Failing to do so will result in withdrawal, loneliness, confusion and even depression.

The ability to respond is not fully awakened in everyone. For some people they have to learn. Some people avoid talking about their issues or going in depth, while others suppress them. These are not the proper way to handle or face life issues.

If anyone tells you they are not facing any challenges that tells me they are not living on planet earth. So trust me you are not alone. The only difference is some people have a better handling on life and life issues.

The truth is problems will come, challenges will arise, you can't stop them from coming, but you can rename them. You can redefine them. Sometimes the same kind of problems will come about as many times as needed until you have withdrawn some understanding from them.

The real cause of your unhappiness is not your problems. The real issue is you haven't awakened the ability that is within you to solve them. There is no power outside of you that is going to resolve your problems for you. The solution lies within your core, your essence.

You have the power and ability to rise above every challenge. Only be willing to look beyond them and see them for what they really are. For they are your teachers in disguise. At the core of everything that you are feeling or experiencing there is something you can learn.

Seek therefore for an opportunity to grow and evolve your soul no matter what challenges come your way. You will be amazed at what the school of life will reveal to you. Let this truth awaken your ability to respond to every problem big or small. Remember that power resides inside of you.

Your life is YOUR responsibility, do not neglect it.

Peace be with you always,




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Awakening Inner Peace & Happiness

Awakening Inner Peace & Happiness
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Awakening Inner Peace & Happiness

Awakening Inner Peace & Happiness
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Divine Peacefulness
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