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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Beholding our beauty is our peace

Sometimes we may wonder 'what do I make of this life'? Or we may ask 'am I doing the things that I am supposed to be doing? Are the choices that I have made the right choices?

I mean how do we really know that we are on the right track? Or do we really know that we married the 'right' person? Or that we are doing the best in how we educate and raise our children? How do we really know that we are the best that we can be? And how do we accept the life that we live and be contented? I mean how do we really find that peace of mind?

There are so many questions in life. Many questions arise when we think about ourselves or our loved ones. So many things cross our minds and they puzzled us at times and cause us to wonder.

But ultimately what truly matters through it all is to know that we can look beyond these things and find something that is eternal, and find something that is immortal. Something that makes sense.

And that 'thing' is who we are at the core of our beingness. It is is who we were before we came here and who we are when we can look beyond all images,all concepts, all conclusions, and all reflections. It is who we will be after we depart this earth and who we will always be. That's eternal. It does not change no matter what we think and no matter what others think of us and no matter the choices that we make.

What really matters is who we truly are in our core, in our being. That's what we have to hang on to. That is what we must behold; our beauty, and our essence. It is the perfect image of God in us that nothing can change nor alter. And that is what we have to hold on to; beholding that which we were in God before we came on earth. Before we experienced all that we have and before we did all that we have done and will continue to do until we die. This is our peace.

Peace be with you always,




Deep Within said...

Truly remarkable. Thank you.

A. Danielle Dagba said...

Yes. You are welcome

I would love to hear from you :-)

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