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Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Voice of Silence

God speaks to us, we only need to acknowledge him by becoming present. Our minds have been conditioned to project itself into the future or dwell in the past. It requires an incredible amount of discipline to live in the now. But practice makes perfect. We can literally use every moment of the day as a tool to become present and silent.

Here silence does not mean to all together stop thinking, but rather to set the mind on things above or on divine truths and ideas as Apostle PAUL ADVISES. When we are caught up in compulsive thinking we experience fear, rather than love and as a result we experience pain. We can put an end to any unnecessary sufferings by consciously directing our thoughts. The bible said to make them obedient to Christ. And yes you have that kind of power!

Being silent is the same as being present. Many people fail to experience the joy of everyday living because they don‘t think about this present moment; this heavenly gift. They don’t know how to enter the now, which is a place of rest. This is what the bible terms ‘dwelling in the shadow of the Most High'. This is spiritual rest. The mind is no longer toiling thru compulsive thinking because it completely surrenders to and embraces the now.

We can become present by looking at everything as if we were seeing it for the first time. This will cause us to awaken our spiritual senses. Like a virgin soul or a baby we should look at everything in awe. That means we are no longer seeing that thing, that person, that situation the way we have formerly perceived it. We are taking away any personal judgments. So instead of defining that thing, that event or person according to my old definition, I open up my mind by allowing that thing, that event or person to reveal God’s presence to me. I neutralize my mind.

This thing, this person or this event is no longer ‘good’ or ‘bad’. It is simply divine. This is the same as invoking the Spirit of God, which is the voice of wisdom within. But we can only practice this when we have made the decision to rely not on our own understanding, but to rather acknowledge God in all our ways.

To acknowledge God is to become aware of this reality: there is an infinite and definite power beyond and within everything. Many people have had a glimpse of God's power, but very few experience it continuously. If you desire to hear from God and become wise you must practice awareness daily.

We cannot experience any kinds of awakening unless we first practice being present or practicing awareness. This means to simply be. Become the observer, watch yourself as you do the things that you do. Be with that thing. Become a conscious thinker, observe your mind, your thoughts. Ask questions instead of giving definition to things. Flow with life. Meaning feel the aliveness of everything without judging. This is returning to innocence. Like a little child be amazed at everything and everything will speak to you. And you will surely hear from God.

Silence speaks. You can hear within and this ability can become your natural state of consciousness through daily practice and devotion. You no longer have to feel lost, confused or alone. God's presence surrounds, upholds and most importantly speaks to you. Turn all your attention inward and listen in your heart.

I wish you 'rest'and a Happy new year 2010!.



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Awakening Inner Peace & Happiness
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