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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Tabula rasa!

Tabula rasa!

I came across those two words in an English dictionary not too long ago. They literally jumped off the page as if they wanted to catch my attention. After I looked up their definitions I reflected for a moment and the truths they reveal are liberating and this is why I would like to share some of them with you. If you open your heart they might teach you something as well. My prayer is that they do.

Following are the first two definitions:

1. a mind not yet affected by experiences, impressions, etc.
2. anything existing undisturbed in its original pure state.

When I pondered on the first definition; which is a mind not yet affected by experiences, impressions. I thought of a baby. That image reminded me of a state of innocence, beauty and pure genuine love. So this means prior to having this earthly experience we were pure and innocent. And somewhere down the line we have lost sight of our image, which is at the very core of our existence. This is our divinity and regaining that sight is imperative, for our happiness depends on it.

Divinity is something that is unchanged and unchangeable. So this means who we truly are is not affected by who we think we are or other people opinion concerning us. And who we are is 'the image and likeness of God'. And no matter what we may experience and no matter what conclusions we may draw out of these experiences, the truth is we are God's children and as such we are like Him. Our disbelief does not and can never change our true nature.

We often forget who we truly are because we are very distracted by the demands of the outer world. Whether it is work, church, or family demands, etc. It seems like the mind is always racing, always thinking, judging, reasoning, planning. If we don't pause from mental activities every now and then we will become possessed by our own minds. That is why it is good to reflect and shift our perception on the things of the Spirit of Life. Meaning the life force that lies beyond all that we are experiencing, and which is at the very core of our own being.

The truth is when was the last time you visited the inner world? When was the last time you asked yourself “how am I really doing”. When was the last time you really communed with God? We can get so caught up in doing church, and everything else that we may have missed the essential. Which is being; to be one in mind and spirit, to be conscious of life, and that which is fundamental to man’s survival. This beingness is the real source of man's ultimate quest: the way to happiness.

So if you are not truly really happy you have surely been so preoccupied by the doingness of life demands that you have not sought to know the truth of being. And the degree of your unhappiness equals the degree of your unawareness. The more unconscious you are of your true image, which is The Christ within, the more unhappy you will be.

And don't be fooled you are not unhappy because of your job, your marriage, or because of anybody. You are unhappy because you have lost sight of who you truly are, and that is the bottom line. So to you I say Tabula Rasa!

In its Latin derivation these words also mean 'a clean slate'. So wipe the slate clean! Open yourself to a new kind of life. Escape the distractions of the world. Enter within where there is peace undisturbed, where Christ is ready to be born again and again.

Tabula rasa!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

When disappointment sets in

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future". (Jeremiah 29:11)

When we experience a feeling of disappointment it is an indication to us that we are unhappy and dissatisfied. It really means that we had hoped to find happiness, security, success and/or fulfillment in someone, something or some event, and to later realize that: that person, that thing or that event is incapable of fulfilling none of those expectations. Now what should one do?

Most people keep on changing their life experiences in an effort to have those needs met. This is why people jump from one relationship to the next. Some keeps on relocating or changing jobs and careers. While those outside changes can provide at first a quick satisfaction that can be very deceiving at first, they cannot provide any inner transformation. As a result many people find themselves right where they began.

Others may feel stuck, perhaps in a dead en job, a dead en marriage or even a dead en church. In the meanwhile their soul remains unsatisfied. This longing of the soul for happiness, success, fulfillment can turn into confusion, depression and even suicide when not met. And some religious people may experience spiritual atrophy if they are unhappy with their church service but yet feel hopeless.

Disappointment can last anywhere to a few seconds up to a decade. And in some extreme cases it can last an entire lifetime. What makes the difference is how each individual react to it.

Feeling disappointed in itself is not a bad thing. It is a reminder of our life purpose. It is an indication because it tells us what is going on in the inside so that we may redirect, analyze and reorganize our consciousness. Disappointment is good when we use for its right purpose.

Nowadays a lot of relationships are suffering precisely because of disappointment. When we don’t deal with it right away it can turn into indifference. And many couples even end up getting a divorce because they feel that their marriage is not what they’d hoped it will be.

The solution is so simple that many fail to find it. The truth is we were wired to desire happiness and success. It is perfectly natural to want to be loved and to love. But the deepest longing of the soul is to reunite with the divine; its Source. That place, or that awareness is the kingdom within. Jesus said very few chooses that path; the path to Self realization. The soul wants more out of our life experiences! It wants more than to simply exist. It wants bliss and spiritual ecstasy.

Changing our life experiences is not the answer, but seeking the way to experience the kind of happiness that does not depend on any outside experiences, and seeking to find the kind of success that does not depend on the accumulation of material possessions or money is the REAL Answer.

Today, if you are feeling disappointed don't look for any reasons or someone to blame. This practice is pointless and can only create more pain. Instead seek to discover your true divine Self; this is happiness.
Sunday, February 21, 2010

The fruit of death is freedom

"...because anyone who has died has been freed from sin" Romans 6:7

The reason many people are not experiencing freedom is because they are possessed by their own mind. In the outside they may look like they have gotten it all together, but in the inside they are enslaved by their thought patterns and are controlled by their emotions.

People are not what they appear to be. They are their consciousness, meaning the nature of their thoughts and feelings. You are what you really are in the inside, you are what you really are when you are alone. This is why a lot of people don't like to spend time alone, this is one of the tricks of the ego to keep the slavery going.

The reality is if you dont know someone's consciousness you dont really know them. It is hard to know anyone because most people are in the hide out so to speak. Most people are not true to themselves and their feelings because they are ashamed of what others would say if they were to 'be real'. So instead people wear different masks and have multiple personalities. In truth they are possessed by their ego.

It is the same ego that is controlling many lives in various degrees. It is the devil. we all have but one enemy. how it attacks one person maybe different from how it attacks someone else, but we are all on the same boat. That is why we can't judge anyone, none of us is in the position to do so, and if we do we only intensify our own ego; thus keeping it alive.

The level of truth you know determines the level of freedom you experience. The truth that makes us free comes from an inner awakening. Our true self, the Christ within, the ideal man, is dormant in many souls. Though many claim to have discovered the Christ within, but only a few people are experiencing the complete freedom that comes from this discovery.

Apostle Paul is known for his passion for Christ. In the passage above he was talking about the death of the ego; man's false identification due to the ignorance of his true self-the Christ self within and the light of the world. This world is not the world without that we experience through our senses, but the world within - man's consciousness which is the combination of his thoughts and feelings.

And unless the light of Christ shine through we will remain in complete darkness. This is why most people are lost and can't find their way. May today's inspired article quicken the divine life in you. And may the light, the understanding that you withdraw from its message, direct your life to the way everlasting that guarantees perfect freedom.

How much freedom do you want to experience? It is completely up to you. Join the minority of those people who refuse to be under the control of the ego. Observe yourself, examine your own consciousness, spend time alone with God. He lives in you!

Be willing to die each and everyday by letting go of old thought patterns and habitual 'sins'. Keep on letting go, your reward is your freedom!
Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Voice of Silence

God speaks to us, we only need to acknowledge him by becoming present. Our minds have been conditioned to project itself into the future or dwell in the past. It requires an incredible amount of discipline to live in the now. But practice makes perfect. We can literally use every moment of the day as a tool to become present and silent.

Here silence does not mean to all together stop thinking, but rather to set the mind on things above or on divine truths and ideas as Apostle PAUL ADVISES. When we are caught up in compulsive thinking we experience fear, rather than love and as a result we experience pain. We can put an end to any unnecessary sufferings by consciously directing our thoughts. The bible said to make them obedient to Christ. And yes you have that kind of power!

Being silent is the same as being present. Many people fail to experience the joy of everyday living because they don‘t think about this present moment; this heavenly gift. They don’t know how to enter the now, which is a place of rest. This is what the bible terms ‘dwelling in the shadow of the Most High'. This is spiritual rest. The mind is no longer toiling thru compulsive thinking because it completely surrenders to and embraces the now.

We can become present by looking at everything as if we were seeing it for the first time. This will cause us to awaken our spiritual senses. Like a virgin soul or a baby we should look at everything in awe. That means we are no longer seeing that thing, that person, that situation the way we have formerly perceived it. We are taking away any personal judgments. So instead of defining that thing, that event or person according to my old definition, I open up my mind by allowing that thing, that event or person to reveal God’s presence to me. I neutralize my mind.

This thing, this person or this event is no longer ‘good’ or ‘bad’. It is simply divine. This is the same as invoking the Spirit of God, which is the voice of wisdom within. But we can only practice this when we have made the decision to rely not on our own understanding, but to rather acknowledge God in all our ways.

To acknowledge God is to become aware of this reality: there is an infinite and definite power beyond and within everything. Many people have had a glimpse of God's power, but very few experience it continuously. If you desire to hear from God and become wise you must practice awareness daily.

We cannot experience any kinds of awakening unless we first practice being present or practicing awareness. This means to simply be. Become the observer, watch yourself as you do the things that you do. Be with that thing. Become a conscious thinker, observe your mind, your thoughts. Ask questions instead of giving definition to things. Flow with life. Meaning feel the aliveness of everything without judging. This is returning to innocence. Like a little child be amazed at everything and everything will speak to you. And you will surely hear from God.

Silence speaks. You can hear within and this ability can become your natural state of consciousness through daily practice and devotion. You no longer have to feel lost, confused or alone. God's presence surrounds, upholds and most importantly speaks to you. Turn all your attention inward and listen in your heart.

I wish you 'rest'and a Happy new year 2010!.


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