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Friday, December 11, 2009

Marriage - (part two)

For many people 'I want to be married' can be understood as 'I want to be happy'. Whether they realize this or not, they think that their current life condition is unbearable and the idea of joining their lives or uniting their souls with another sounds 'very dreamy'. They are looking for a way out of their current life situation, the soul is looking for salvation, which in itself is a very good thing. But when our soul begins to look for happiness in some future experiences, happiness becomes unattainable; because Happiness is here and now and so is salvation.

The fount of Joy is right inside of you and is accessible to you right now. Nothing later guarantees anything better, it is an illusion. Now is really all that you have.

The reason why a lot of people are unhappy in their marriage is because they are mainly disappointed. The soul is unsatisfied because it sought for happiness where it could never be found. Happiness is not found in the idea of marriage but in the substance of it. What they did find however is more pain, more suffering.

The world without suggests many ways to ease that pain, but it is like applying a band-aid over an infected wound. It covers up the affected area but it does not have the capacity to heal it.

With disappointment come blame, guilt and condemnation. If you cannot make me happy then something is obviously wrong with you, if I believe that you have wronged me in anyways, then that means you deserve to be punished. Those are unfortunately the negative energies that are now destroying many relationships.

Loneliness is another main reasons why poeople want to be married. And unless we find the root cause of that loneliness we cannot overcome it. People do a lot of things because they feel alone. Thus the saying: it is not good for man to be alone, meaning it is not good for the human soul to function apart from the divine light . In Job 32:8 we read: "But [there is] a spirit "IN" man: and the inspiration of the Almighty gives them understanding".

The disharmonies that we feel within are the direct results of our disconnection from the Spirit of God in us. Without divine wisdom and inspiration, we lack divine guidance and end up making a lot of wrong choices and decisions. We must therefore unite our soul with the Christ within if we are to experience true happiness. Apostle Paul in one of his letters to the Corinthian church, wrote: "I promised you to one husband; to Christ". It is a perfect union. It is the unification of our mind with the Divine. This marriage is a celebration of Life. It is the return of the prodigal son to his father’s house. Where the soul lacks nothing and is fully supplied with divine strength, power, wisdom and love.

Without this unification, the soul continuously longs for more happiness, more joy, more fulfillment through incessant demands, desires and longings. The tendency is to have all of these met through ‘a love relationship’. But all that comes from the wisdom of this world, because true fulfillment is found within and only through our oneness with God in Christ. All that we wish to have, experience or accomplish can all be realized if we make God our first realization. This means our primary goal should be to first desire God and him alone.

Once this desire becomes your primary focus you will inevitably realize all your life dreams as well. This is what Jesus meant when he said: “But seek ye first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things (all your desires) shall be added unto you".

If you aspire to be married, save yourself some 'drama'; do the inner work first. Open your heart and allow the divine light within to reveal, and expose all the hidden, darkened areas of your consciousness. Let that light also heal any old wounds from past experiences. Then consciously yield your soul to the substance of love within, which is your true nature. When you continuously drink from that source of love within, you become one with it. Love seeks to give and makes no demands, it pours itself lavishly upon others and expects nothing in return. Pure, undiluted love is a substance for a happy marriage.

If you are currently married, do the inner work as well, but in addition you need to come to a place of complete surrender. Deep from your heart commit yourself, your spouse and your children (if any) to God. He is the one to ‘fix’ your marriage, not yourself or your spouse. Your only job is to allow him to do it through you.

Most importantly if you have been blaming your partner, yourself or anyone else for that matter for any of your current conditions you must stop right now. Blaming will only attract more pain. Instead turn all your senses inward, and invoke the Spirit of God in you until your soul is completely and unreservedly merged into the Light of Christ within.

I wish you peace, right now.
Monday, December 7, 2009


The human soul naturally longs for love, companionship and wholeness. This is one of the main reasons why so many people get married. But to their big disappointment they realize sooner or later that their so called soul mate cannot satisfy the deep thirst of the soul.

The truth is the soul can only be satisfied with divine substance. Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God, Jesus said. This word is written in our hearts. There is a fountain of divine life in every man. Within that divine life there is divine wisdom (light). The light and the life of God in us constitute the Word or the Christ, who is the power of God into salvation.

The soul needs to be saved from the false beliefs that have caused the life of God in us to become dormant. In its dormant stage the soul has many desires, longings and even cravings. And it often turns to means outside of itself in order to feel relieved.

Very few people have discovered the perfect power within. Most are simply unaware of the Truth that lies beyond the incessant demands of the soul. They are so consumed by trying to fulfill those needs through worldly means that they completely ignore the divine light within. By worldly means I mean things like possessions, titles, relationships and the likes.

These are great gifts, but to rely on those solely as the source of our joy is the same as trying to leave by bread alone. When God breathed his very essence (his life) in us, he has also equipped us with his Divine Spirit. That life is complete and lacks no-thing, as long as it works in sync with the light of God within. Without divine wisdom we are unable to control or to properly direct the life current of God in us.

The soul which is the seat of our emotions, operates in complete darkness when it is being fed on wordly substance alone, which gives birth to a false light. When we acquire spiritual knowledge and aspire to God realization, the truths that we have learned become substance in us. And once we continually apply them in our daily experiences that substance turns into wisdom (God's light).

In our core we are perfect. We only need to acknowledge that we are perfect as God created us. To realize our perfection we must however realize God, who is the underlying Cause of our very existence.

How do you realize God? First you must come to a place in your life where you are determined to find real peace and love, which awaken happiness and joy. This awakening will be a direct result of your devotion to and communion with God. It is an inner work. And it requires, all of your soul, mind and body.

Stay tuned for part II, in which I will write about how to prepare yourself spiritually prior to getting married. How to experience joy and peace in your current marriage. And most importantly how to not only recognize the root cause of the disharmony many couples experience, but also how to overcome it.

Until then may the peace of God be with you.

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