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Monday, November 30, 2009


We often hear people talk about how they wish their life situations were different. Some even proceed to make minor, and in some cases major life changes with the hope they will bring more pleasurable experiences.

What many fail to realize is this: any real and lasting changes first require a shift in perception. This is what the bible terms the renewal of the mind. Therefore If you are serious about making some permanent changes in your life you must first begin in the mind. In other words become inward focus.

We are born in a world that has taught us since eon how to think, feel and act. Since then the human race has been subject to a collective thought pattern and system. This system is destructive and is the cause of the countless misfortunes and sufferings many people are currently facing globally and individually. The only way to overcome the world is by renewing the mind in Truth. In other words if you want to experience true Joy and Peace you must not conform yourselves to the pattern of this world.

There are many things in this world that give an appearance of some kind of enjoyment. But in essence, they lack the substance of Pure Joy. That substance only comes from understanding the Truth that lies beyond everything we can feel, touch, hear, see and smell. Deep in your core, that is to say in the deep recesses of the mind there is salvation, there is peace and there is joy. But unless you are willing to look deep within yourself you will not discover the many treasures that are hidden inside.

There is a vast field of infinite realities within each one of us. The unfoldment of these realities or truths give us a new understanding so that we may interpret our current situations and everything that we experience through our senses in a new light (divine wisdom). In the parable of the hidden treasure Jesus compared this field to the kingdom of heaven. He proceeded to say: “when a man found it (this field), he hid it again, and then in his joy went and sold all he had and bought that field” (Matthew 13:44).

Maybe you are not really seeking for a permanent way out of your troubles. Meaning you are not actively looking for the field. Perhaps you have found the field but did not hide it. This is to say you have on occasions experienced a deep sense of Self and purpose, but did not cherish those moments enough to the point that you are looking forward to experience them over and over again.

Perhaps you fall among those who have found the field, hid it, but yet have not sold everything to possess it. Selling everything means to completely lay down your old life. It also means to let go of the former way of thinking and perceiving and to be willing to see things differently. At this point the egoic mind, which is the false self that has been born of the erroneous thought patterns of this world, will begin to fight with all its might in an effort to continue to live off of you. And this is pricisely why you are experiencing some strong inner resistance at this time.

You are experiencing those inner conflicts because you have sought Truth (God) with all your heart and have genuinely and diligently devoted yourself to finding true joy and purpose. Everything you are going through right now is all part of the process. Therefore do not fret because you are very close to experiencing the deep inner transformation that will radically change your life. And it can happen right this second and at the twinkling of an eye.

Change your mind, change your life for good.
Friday, November 6, 2009

Answering God's Call

You know that God is calling you because there is an incessant desire in your heart to know God. The desire to know God must precede the desire to serve Him. The latter comes only after. Sometimes the simple thirst to know God leads the seeker into the service of God, almost unconsciously. The service of God, however, must flow out of the knowledge of God.

The celestial calling is to all of us. Everyone has received the same call, which is essentially to know God. Once we venture ourselves into this quest of knowing God, the desire to know him turns into the love we have for him.

The truth is we cannot serve what we do not know. We cannot serve until we love. To serve God is actually to love him in every soul. It’s God we serve in others. Service and love are the same. However, you cannot love God until you know him. This is why Jesus told the Samaritan woman: “we know what we worship.”

If your desire to serve God does not come from the desire to know him, your service or ministry could easily be corrupted by selfish motives and egoistic intentions. First and foremost God is calling us to oneness with Christ, and this is precisely where the desire to know God will lead you to. For no one can really serve God except his Son.

It is the Christ in us who does the service. Those who are one with the Christ in consciousness are the elected. “Many are called, but only a few are elected“, meaning very few people answer the call the right way. It is the way to peacefulness and happiness.

Only the son of God in us could perform a selfless service. This selfless service is the substance of true ministry. Answering the call is to put other people needs before your own. This is the grace that will guarantee your steadfastness in the things of God. Considering others needs prior to your own is practicing pure love.

In conclusion, answering the call does not mean to run and do anything without; meaning changing your current life situations or running to start ministry. There is an inner work that first must be done. In the deep recesses of your mind there must be a transformation. This transformation is the result of your oneness with the Christ within. This occurs only when you desire to know God personally and to experience Him deep within your heart.

Once you focus on the within your without will naturally fall into place. And once you able to see God in every person regardless of their behaviors, personal beliefs, race, or religion, you have answered the call. And only now are you ready to serve Him.

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