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Friday, May 29, 2009

We are in this together

There is but One God, the Father of all. There is but One Love, the divine essence in everything that exists and everyone. There is but one Self, experiencing himself through various means and bodies. We are having this life experience in order to learn the true meaning of love. However this can only be done with the consciousness that we are One and we are in this, meaning this life journey, together.

There are no others. We tend to identify ourselves with our different personalities. This false identification will cause separation and division, which is the root of many evils. Once we identify ourselves completely with our essence and immerse ourselves unreservedly in the great sea of oneness we will no longer think such things as this is my life, this is my purpose and this is my goal for we are in fact parts of a whole. We are one. And together we can achieve higher purposes and goals thus making the planet earth a better place to live.

Our essence, the breath of God in us which is the divine spark within everyone is one and the same. It is the divine energy within our soul, mind, body and spirit that makes us whole. Though genetically, biologically or in appearance we may look as if we have different lives, separate bodies, different characteristics , and even various personalities, however in our core we are one and the same.

Many of us have failed to see that because we are judging things by appearance alone and have been affected by the illusive sight of the body eyes; which cannot see at all. It does not see Reality; meaning it is unable to see things as they truly are according to divine Mind.

As long as you are thinking of ‘others’ as separated beings, or as long as you consider your brother as different from you, you are missing the mark of truth and it will be impossible to truly love anyone. This is the meaning of “For anyone who does not love his brother, whom he has seen, cannot love God, whom he has not seen”. God is reality, God is love, God is the essence within and behind everything and unless you come to that consciousness you cannot see God in others because you cannot see God in you.

It is that which you see in you that you project towards others. Once you are awakened to the Christ in you, the divine seed in you, you can then awaken it in others. Christ is the light that reveals our true essence and enables us to see in Reality.

Today you may begin to ascend to the Christ self in you, which is your true self. Identify yourself with your essence by transcending the personalities you may have attributed to yourself. Know that the divine life in you is able to make you whole and complete. It is the power of your salvation. It is the divine light that is able to lead you unto all truths. Become aware of God’s presence within and trust his guidance as you surrender your thoughts and commit your mind to learning; thus blessing yourself, everyone and all creation.

In Him,

A. Danielle Dagba
Thursday, May 28, 2009

Have you had enough yet?

You know throughout our many experiences in this earthly realm the Spirit keeps calling us home. All of us are called but yet only a few are chosen, meaning only a few say yes to the spirit call. The spirit call is a subtle voice within our consciousness that is continually calling us higher; many miss it because they are simply unaware of it. However the call to become a better person, to live a better life, to improve our relationships or to find true happiness still stands.

Some people answer the Spirit’s call when they have hit rock bottom. Others when they have had enough. Enough of the material world, enough of temporary enjoyments and their soul begins to look for something more meaningful, something eternal. They are seeking to find the way back to the place whence they originate; a place of love, peace and oneness.

A lot of us like the prodigal son have wasted our substance, our essence, our innocence on temporal things and have strayed away from home, from our source and first cause and have embarked in this lonely journey called life without the spirit’s guidance. And sadly enough the majority of us have experienced or are currently going through some ups and downs due to ignorance of our origin and purpose. Some negative experiences are also due to some erroneous beliefs and concepts that have been impressed upon us as we were growing up and are now stopping us from expressing and being our best.

The good news is at any given time in our lives, at any given moment we can choose to see things differently, we can seek refuge in God through prayers as we learn to surrender everything to Him. The bible says it is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in man. And that also means ourselves.

Don’t believe the thoughts and feelings that are arising from your heart and mind if they are not causing you to arise in a higher consciousness of love, goodness and service.

If your thoughts and feelings are based on fear, division, hatred and the likes they are not of Truth. Therefore it is better to seek spiritual guidance through prayer, meditation or commit yourself to reading and studying spiritual texts than to trust on your own judgment or interpretations of facts.

If you are feeling burdened by anything, it could be something that has been on your mind and heart and maybe you have been ignoring for some time now. Perhaps you may not know how to deal with it. Or a particular situation may seem overwhelming. Hear the spirit call, it is the Voice for Truth, the Holy Spirit and your true guide to a place of serenity and peace, if you would only open your heart and trust the infinite wisdom within to lead you and show you the way you should go.

There is nothing the power of god in you cannot do, if you would simply and completely trust and surrender to divine will and purpose. Remembering that God’s love encompasses the well being of everyone. And that God looks on all as One. Be sure to pray and believe that Divine Mind knows how to bring about the perfect solution that will supply the need of everyone involved, if any. Therefore think also of others and their well being as well.

So have you had enough yet, are you ready to come home. Do it and do it now. Commune to God and cast every burden upon him and watch the salvation of the Lord. Now is a good time to pray.

In Him,

A. Danielle Dagba
Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"I am happy with me"

I know you have been led to believe that there is something outside of you that is capable of fulfilling that emptiness you feel at times in your heart, or the crying for help that comes from the soul. Perhaps you believe in some source outside of yourself that is able to answer life’s many questions or resolve all your problems, thus giving you peace and happiness.

This belief has become a stronghold, for it has kept you in captivity and has imprisoned your soul, and your heart is still longing for that state of peace and bliss no matter what you have tried. But yet you refuse to let go and completely detach of the things that have provided only some temporary relief or enjoyment. These are the things you have clung yourself to and may seem difficult to let go.

But now is the time for your deliverance. Here and now you can make a decision to be happy and content with you.

It does not matter what you believe you have been through. It does not even matter if you have given up hope of finding true happiness, because happiness is longing after you and knocking at the door of your heart even right this moment. Therefore simply allow it to flow. Feel a sense of contentment right here and right now. Contemplate the life that you now live and believe that it is perfect just as it is.

Now your conscious mind may try to reason and say “well I am not happy with my current job, my living situation, my current relationships" or whatever other conditions or situations you may be facing. It may be even some health related issues. But you see true happiness has nothing to do with external conditions. It has nothing to do with anything that is subject to change.

You can change employment, have other relationships, relocate etc. Those changes come as a result of a radical change within. They are not the means to true happiness. They are the effects of a new, optimistic, enthusiastic mental attitude.

Now you must intend to find true and lasting joy. You were created to experience such bliss and it is possible. And you may even begin right this second by being willing to change your mind about the concept of happiness.

You know growing up we have dressed up ourselves with different personalities based on multiple factors. We have been affected by the environment we grew up in, the family we were raised in, our geographical location, perhaps the religion we believed in or the education we have received. Our soul, the emotional aspect of our beingness, is the accumulation of those ideas.

The truth is though we may have come to certain experiences due to our individual consciousness or belief system, the divine life in us is unchanged and unchangeable. It is the real source of happiness.

If you are still experiencing unhappiness because of ups and downs or mood swings, confusion and the likes, the Spirit of God is calling you home. If you are quick to lose your peace because of what you think ‘others’ do or are doing to you, if you are quick to judge, condemn yourself others or life all together now is the time to begin to adjust your mind to the Divine in you. Even if you begin by saying with absolute conviction: "my happiness comes from me". Say it until your heart believes it's true.

Today answer the Spirit Call and begin to make the journey to true peace and happiness.

The Spirit is always willing only if you would answer His call. Do it now, don’t delay for your happiness truly comes from You.

In Him,

A. Danielle Dagba
Thursday, May 7, 2009

Why You are Here - Part III

You are here to help make this planet a better place to live. Any divine purpose or manifestation is to ultimately serve humanity at any capacity and level. You are here for others and in truth for God. Without God you are not and without you God cannot. We are the vessels through which God pours out his infinite goodness and Power unto the human race and the entire universe. Our physical bodies are truly the embodiment of God's loving power and peace. It is the means through which we demonstrate God’s presence and his power to heal and to give; thus making our world a much happier place to live.

Why are you here? You are here to take action, to start something new, anything that will benefit anyone. Not to only be part of something great, but to also become great in something. This means that you don’t have to feel compelled to join some kind of organizations, groups, or any religious affiliations. Neither does it mean that you need some kind of degrees or titles. Or wait until you experience as some people put it a ‘total restoration or perfection’ in order to be used by God. This is false humility in fact. True humility is to accept the truth that you are already perfect as God created you.

The world is suffering and the seeming power of darkness is invading our nations and our homes. Our world needs you and cannot afford to wait much longer. Now is the time to take action. There is something you came to give, in a way that only you can. It is your natural giftedness and your individual calling. It is a natural inclination to think or to do a certain thing. It is already in you, you don’t have to go to school in order for it to be expressed. No one has to pull it out of you. It is not something to learn, or some kind of power that someone or some force outside of you will impart into you.

You were born with it. You simply need to boldly say as Jesus did: A body you prepared for me, here I am to do your will father and to fulfill that which was written concerning me in the book of life.

The script is already in you. Accept it to be so. Trust the divine power and wisdom in you to show you the way you should go each and every day. And ask the Holy to guide and order your steps every moment of every day. Learn to rely on Him for your every move even if it is something that may seem unimportant or insignificant. Learn to say 'where should I go?, what shall I do? What shall I say, how or to whom. Remember you are an agent for the force, but you are not the force; you must therefore cooperate with the Holy Spirit.

You are Christ ambassador. Christ is the wisdom and the power of God in you. You are the vessel through which that power is activated to bless others either through prayers, acts of kindness and goodness or any other means necessary as you are compelled within to act, and to do.

This is what is required of you: to simply trust the power of God in you to work through you and to be in constant conversation with God. This power in you is what many calls the anointing. In the morning as soon as you awake make this affirmative prayer. Here I am to do your will O Father, show me the way to go in my thoughts and deeds.

You can be proactive in your own mind and your personal devotion and prayer to God. It is good to be a helping hand, sometimes it is even better to be a 'helping mind' so to speak.

You and God are majority. You don’t need a group of people to back you up or to approve of you in order to fulfill your divine purpose and destiny. Or in order to serve and to love humanity. Simply enter the closet prayer within and send vibrations of love, peace and harmony throughout the whole earth. Begin there and if the Spirit compels you to do a certain thing or make a certain move then you must be obedient.

Now is time to take action and to find the true meaning to your life. The longer you wait the more miserable you will be. Wherever you may be in your work place, at home, with your spouse, children, roommates, loved ones, co-workers or complete strangers; start by believing that you are in the perfect place and in the right environment.

This is your real stage or your platform, the script is already written in your heart. Now is the time, allow your giftedness to bless those that are near and even those that are in far distance. Whether it is through words of encouragement, by sending good vibrations and loving thoughts unto others. This is your ministry. This is your purpose here and now. That is why the spirit of God is journeying through your physical body. This is why you are here to fulfill that which was written concerning you in the book of life. That book is in your heart. Look always within and read your personal script.

In Him,

I would love to hear from you :-)

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