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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Why You are Here - Part II

We are here to find the true meaning to life. Not the meaning we have been taught or have given to it ourselves from our own interpretation of the different realities we may be facing. However beyond everything we may have experienced thus far there is an ultimate reality, the original consciousness, the divine Mind from which all things emanate, exist and consist.

This original consciousness is God, the source to everything. It is the indwelling presence of God within each one of us. It is the Spirit in us, the breath of God in us. The ever-present Teacher within, the substance of all that Is. With this understanding we now know that at any given moment we may focus our attention within in order to connect to reality. Understanding gives light, with this new light you may find the way to the connection and the unfoldment of Truth within, if you desire.

In order than to connect to ultimate reality, namely God, we must therefore be willing to seek it where it may be found. We must also be willing to redefine what we once thought as truth or reality and thus finding the true meaning of everything.

So one may ask where do we begin. We have learned so much and so many different things have been impressed into our minds from the time we were born. Where does the search for Truth, for Reality or God begin. It begins with desire. The desire to discover and to know for ourselves the truth about God, about everything and everyone that exists. It is an individual search, which At first may seem a bit complex. Because for centuries as we know many have made the attempt to find the truth about creation, man and God.

Though it may seem difficult or even overwhelming at first, it is only an impression. God himself said if you seek me with all your heart I will be found by you. Moreover the truth eagerly awaits your recognition in other to reveal himself to and through you. It is a promise, you must necessarily find the truth if you persist and insist.

Some of us have merely accept as truths what has been taught over the centuries whether through science or religion. And are contented with just those facts, though the truths they believe that they know is not able to make them free. Whereas Jesus taught that the truth that we know will make us free.

There is intellectual (head knowledge) and there is experiential (substantial knowledge). Head knowledge will only allow you to operate in limited consciousness, whereas experiential knowledge goes beyond the limitations set by Man and connect him to the perpetual, abundant and limitless current of life. Substantial knowledge goes beyond the physical to the eternal.

The life of God in us is everlasting and this is why we have a hard time to accept the concept of death. And the lack of knowledge of truth has darkened our understanding of many concepts and not just death. Though this ignorance alone is the root cause of many others.

Thus finding the true meaning to life, life as substantial reality, the living and active force in which all things consist and hold together must be our first priority, our ultimate desire. This Life is what the Bible refers to as being the Word, the Logos or the Christ within. It is man’s true image, the divine in each one us, the One and true Self of everything and everyone that exists.

This is the truth that will make you free my friend. The discovery of your true Self. In order to discover it however you must be willing to transcend the false self, or negative ego or image you have erected in your consciousness so that you may come to the wonderful truth of being and be free at last.

Until next time, keep pondering. A mind that does not think is dead though alive.

In Him,

A. Danielle Dagba
Monday, April 20, 2009

Understanding Why You are Here - Part I

We are here for none other reason but to learn. Learning about oneself, his true nature, origin and purpose, is to acquire higher knowledge. We can learn about many things in life but unless we discover who we truly are we haven't really learned a single thing.

Jesus puts it this way: "And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul? [ Or your self?] Is anything worth more than your soul?"

If we don't discover our Self, the Christ in us, the Divine in Us, the image of God in us, we will inevitably lose it. And that is the reason why we suffer many troubles and this is the main cause of our bondage. It is Ignorance.

Someone puts it this way: "the biggest bondage for man is ignorance because of which he does not know his own nature. So long as such ignorance remains with him he cannot get rid of sorrow."

We are here to experience God, the divine in us, who is the real source of happiness, bliss, and eternal life. And most importantly he is our real image for we are created in his image as we have read in many spiritual texts. Well what does that really mean?

The bible says male and female created He (God)them. God is Spirit, so in truth we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. What is Spirit? Spirit is Mind, Mind thinks, Mind also feels. Spirit is unlimited. We can think or imagine whatever we want. There is a popular saying that goes if we can conceive it in mind we can achieve it. Mind is thus a vast field of endless possibilities.

The knowledge of oneself or God or the divine in us triggers many questions; Some of which men or scientists and various religions have attempted to answer from the beginning of time. Questions such as 'where do we come from', why are we here, and where we are going', are still ambiguous to many. And some have tried several means for self identification, meaning and purpose in life, but yet still remain unfulfilled deep within.

In order to understand the things of Spirit or God one's mind must first be quickened from within. He must be awakened to the invisible or unseen realm. What we feel, hear, touch, smell, and see through our physical senses help us to experience the physical realm. In other to tap unto the realm of Mind or God it is necessary to open the eye of our understanding as Apostle Paul puts it. The Mind's eye.

The realm of Spirit, the realm of Mind, which is Reality is an eternal revelation of our true Self, Christ in us, God. How much do you want to know? How much is enough? Who is the Teacher?

Stay tune for more insights in next article. In the meanwhile pose your Self some questions, Ponder on things, think.

Until next time 'Peace be with you',

A. Danielle Dagba

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