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Friday, March 27, 2009

Why everything you think you see is meaningless

Everything seems meaningless because of the meaning you give to everything. Your perception is the projection of your own thoughts patterns. If your thoughts are contrary to the thoughts of God they are therefore based on error and not on truth.

The thoughts that you think with God are first of all peaceable and loveable. If your habit of thinking usually brings you heartache and turmoil you are thinking amiss. Those are not your real thoughts and you must let them go immediately. Or else the false ego will convince you that they are true and you will inevitably try to justify them by condemning others and make everything and everyone you can think of your adversaries.

Those patterns create within your consciousness some personalities and those personalities rule your lives. They basically posses your soul.

Are you seeing everything through your own eyes (the illusive sight of the ego) or are you seeing everything through God’s eyes. If you are perceiving life from reality stand point meaning through the eyes of God you are seeing right, and if not you are seeing amiss. Thus seeing an illusion of reality. And that is why what you see really has no meaning. It is nothing. And how can you try to make sense out of nothingness? And that is why you must let go of the illusive sight of the false ego personalities in your consciousness, which has given you a false perception.

Are you willing to let go of your eyes for God’s eyes? Are you willing to let go of the false judgments that have kept you in darkness and sorrow? Today is your declaration of independence. This is the first step in freeing your soul from the grip of the false ego that has ruled your consciousness up to this point. You must be willing to let go completely of how you have perceived everything in the past. Allow the light of Christ to reveal and dispel those darkened areas of the soul.

You must therefore make room for the light by refusing to judge any situations, anyone, or yourself according to how you have perceived them in the past. If you are not able to judge righteously leave all judgments to God. That is how you align your mind with divine mind, and that is how you return to your Source that you may continually drink from Him.

You may say ‘my life has no meaning’. Do you have a life that is apart from the God-life? Have you created something called ‘life’ that you can call your own? Who is telling you that your life is meaningless? Who is the judge? Where does that voice come from? If you are listening then who is speaking in your head? So you see, you are not thinking in truth, for there is but one life, it is divine and infinitely good. The voice for God speaks only truth, love and unity. The voice of the liar in your head only speak lies and discord.

Today try your very best to recall everything, everyone and every situation you have wrongly perceived and judged in the past because of your own erroneous thought-patterns. Bring those images in your mind and ask for forgiveness, meaning repent by refusing to no longer see them through a false light and that you will make every effort to see them through the light of Christ from now own. You are making a vow to God to never leave 'home' again;God's bosom where peace and love abide infinitely. As the diverse images begin to flood your mind you may say 'I no longer want to see you or judge you in the past, I am willing to see you differently'. And thy will be done.

In Him,

A. Danielle Dagba

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

When Nothing Makes Sense, Make sense of everything

When life seems to be meaningless or nothing seems to make sense it is time to make sense of everything. And right now, right this minute is the proper time and that is why you are reading this this holy instant.

Every now and then you may experience this emptiness or a state of complete confusion. It is a state of mind where one may wonder; ‘what is the purpose of my life or what have I done with my life or what is the meaning of Life itself. As you begin to reflect on your past or current circumstances, the future may seem pointless or just dark. And everything you may have learned or done thus far may seem meaningless, because in your heart you may falsely believe that they are unable to take you to where you desire to be; which is a state of bliss and perfect peace. And at times you may be tempted to give up the journey, the journey to true happiness.

Well our real purpose here in this physical body is to learn, how else would we have learned have we not done or experienced what we have thus far. The journey to happiness is a learning process; we must enjoy the process rather than anticipating total enjoyment at the end. Happiness is in the here and now, it only requires a shift in perception.

You see we are not who we think we are and until we realize who we truly are our soul will incessantly remind us of our true purpose on earth, which is to realize Christ, our higher self and our true nature. We often hear this speaking of the human race: ‘we are not human beings having a spiritual experience, but rather we are spiritual beings having a human experience’. Well what does that really mean? Do we really ponder on this?

We are raised in a society that has taught us to rely on outside means and resources and we are accustomed to seeking happiness where it is not. We have also believed in human limitations and the idea that we are spirit beings with inherent divine potentialities is almost impossible to conceptualize.

So many of us have simply given up on that idea and thus become powerless in finding true happiness or God realization. However unless we get a full grasp of what it means to realize God or happiness within, our soul will continually remind us of our true purpose on earth. And that is why we experience those confusing times and it really is a good thing. Our soul is calling us to a higher state of consciousness by detaching ourselves to the material and entering the spiritual realm; the realm of the mind.

The bible says there is a spirit in man and the breath of the Almighty gives him understanding. The Supreme teacher the voice for truths is ever present within our hearts and is ready to lead us unto all truths. It is the incorporation of these truths that will dispel the error that has kept us in bondage and ignorance of our true self.

My advice to all of us is to keep pressing on, keep seeking for divine truths and understanding and whatever you may be currently experiencing right now is simply a reminder of your real purpose of your soul’s journey in this physical realm. Seek to know your true self, which is the invisible aspect of you in the realm of Mind. Through your own thinking and seeking you will inevitably awaken the Voice for God within, the Holy Spirit.

There is only one life, the life of God expressed in diverse forms and different individuals. Connect to the source of Life and stay connected so that you may continually drink from the everlasting current of happiness, contentment and success.

When nothing makes sense, make sense of everything starting right this instant.

In Him,

A. Danielle Dagba
Thursday, March 12, 2009

Healing our emotional wounds

Every now and then certain thoughts or images will arise from our subconscious mind that will cause some adverse reactions. We may feel pain, suffering which may result in a sense of fear, lack or loss.

It could be that in your childhood or during your upbringing you may have experienced some difficult times and those memories would come back once in a while and play the drama of all that took place in the past.

Perhaps you were involved in an abusing relationship, or maybe you grew up in a dysfunctional environment. Whatever it maybe our integrity, our soul which comprises all that we have experienced in this lifetime thus far, will cry out for help, for salvation.

I have heard someone once says: “life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it”. Some things happened to us that may have been entirely out of our control. However it is up to us to take charge and responsibility for our lives by how we react to them.

Some things do happen to us however that somehow we have attracted into our life experiences. Those things are the ones we tend to ignore the most because the ego would rather keep us enslaved by not recognizing the part we have played so that we may blame, accuse and find others guilty.

The ego’s sole purpose is to keep us in darkness through unawareness. It does not want us to become aware of the truths that will make us free. And unfortunately many people have fallen into its trap. They are experiencing many emotional hurts and sufferings as a result of past events or circumstances but are unable to change their current life conditions. They feel disempowered because they are not aware of the true cause of their pain; for they are looking for it where it cannot be found.

The truth is we all have been affected by one enemy. It is the same ego that multiplies itself through diverse personalities in different individuals. It is this false personality that has made us blind to our true nature; first in us then in others. This is the ego we must transcend in order to allow our true essence to arise.

You can heal yourself, thus save yourself. First you must recognize that whatever it is that you think others may have done to you, they have done out of ignorance, for they too have been deceived by the voice of the liar in their heads, which is the voice of the false personality. Whatever you acknowledge you may have done to cause pain and sufferings in your own life experiences you also have done out of ignorance.

You can repent through this acknowledgement and forgive and heal yourself. You may also ask the infinite source of wisdom and love within to lead you and guide you from now on in all your decisions making.

Secondly you must release everyone from your heart, thus releasing yourself from the ego’s grasp. Commit them to divine grace and wish them well by sending positive vibrations towards them through your thoughts and prayers. Trust infinite spirit to lead them to the way of true salvation and perfect happiness.

Thirdly focus on saving your own soul. That is the sole purpose of your soul journeying on earth. You are here to make yourself happy, to realize your true self. This is your destiny; this is your life’s purpose. You can’t be happy if you are not free. Your divine nature, your true self, your integrity will continuously seek for salvation until it is set free. It awaits your awareness and your awakening. You know what you must do, simply do it and be free.

A. Danielle Dagba

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