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Monday, February 23, 2009


Believe and Expect a miracle today. After all why not? You have got absolutely nothing to lose. We invest our faith every day in the things of this world. Why not use this innate capacity in believing in the things of Spirit. What is stopping you from believing in the miraculous power of God today?

Are you more aware of your problems, your bills, or your sickness than of God?

What is the nature of your thoughts? Are they creating more anxiety and fear in your life experiences rather than peace of mind?

If you answer yes to any of these questions you are in need of a miracle, or several ones.

A miracle by definition is a supernatural act of a divine power in the external world. Miracles define the law of nature and science. Nowadays people no longer believe in miracles but yet many pray to God in desperate needs of his divine intervention in their lives and affairs or those of loved ones. Yet others wonder how come God does not intervene or show forth his power as they picture him sitting in some far away place called heaven beyond the clouds and simply watches the many unfortunate disasters the world suffers.

We fail to see the manifestations of God's power in our lives and the lives of others simply because we don't have faith in God and don't believe in his divine interventions in our lives. The visible things have completely blocked our awareness to their substantial invisible nature; which is GOD.

People don't expect miracles because they don’t believe in God. They don't believe in Him because they don't know him. And they don't know him because they have a false image of Him. We perceive God through our own perception of what or who we think God is based on what we think we are. We see ourselves confined in a body and limited by time, space, nature or science. This is the image that we have of ourselves and that is the image we attribute to God.

Through this erroneous conceptualization of God it is impossible to believe in his divine power or come to the perfect knowledge of his divine nature. And unless we understand God’s nature and enter into a personal relationship with Him in our daily life experiences we won’t have faith in Him. Faith is the real substance that is needed in order to see miracles in our lives and affairs.

In truth everything our eyes behold is an emanation of God or an expression of Love for God is love. Everything in all creation comes from God. He is the Supreme being or Divine consciousness that created all things. The bible says everything was made by him and without him nothing was made that has been made. God is therefore the ever-present, the all-pervading life principle in all things. It is through this operative, informative, creative power that all things came into existence. This is the Universal aspect of God.

The God life in all creatures is at the core of everything; because without that divine substance nothing would exist today. God is therefore omnipresent. Those who have known God personally described him as being love. Love is one of the main characteristics or natures attributed to God. The power of his love is the vibrational energy or life force that harmonizes everything throughout the entire creation from the greatest elements of the universe to the smallest particles in our bodies.

This knowledge brings us to the awareness of his omnipresence, omniscience and omnipotence. We simply can't ignore the fact that there is a divine intelligence within every creature that is directing the life principle within it to assure perfect functioning. This is why the sun, the moon, the seasons know to alternate and each seed knows the specific kind of fruits to produce through their respective interaction with the soil. The organs in our body know also how to function on their own without our command. This is powerful and this is the power and effects of love.

Now we can experience miracles in our personal lives through an intimate relationship with God as we seek to daily commune with him. It all begins with a genuine thirst to know God personally by renewing our minds in Truth, thus liberation our souls. The heart is the seat of the soul. This is the source of our connection to God, to love and to experience God's miraculous power in our lives.

Miracles are all around us we simply don’t have eyes to see. The presence of God surrounds us but our mind’s eyes are not quickened to see in the spiritual realm. Our body eyes are the real block to divine awareness. Our minds are so preoccupied with things that seem urgent that they fail to become aware of the things that are vital. These are the things that are eternal. They are pure, unadulterated expressions of love.

You can become aware of God/of love by noticing the simple beauty of nature, a flower blossoming, the innocent smile from a child, an act of kindness from a dear friend, and so on. These are the miracles that pass us day after day.

You want to see or experience a miracle? You must therefore look for it. Expect it. And it will be so. However you can only find it where it must be found; in the presence of God. Your acknowledgment and conviction that God is omnipresent, all powerful and all-knowing is the fundamental knowledge that will connect you to his divine presence.

This pure consciousness will activate the pure energy of the divine essence from your heart, which will allow you to see everything in a new light, thus expanding and expressing God's divine presence in and through you unto others. Miracles will inevitably follow. For where God presence is there is also power.

You heart is your connection to God's divine presence in you. It is your integrity. It is the part of you that knows the truth about you, your maker, your origin and identity. It is in the heart that we feel and believe, therefore allow yourself to feel the presence of God without fear, for Love drives out all fears. Believe that this pure energy, this divine power upholds, protects and surrounds you, there is nothing to fear for love is all encompassing.

You may say "I trust God's perfect power in me to draw to me all that I need in order to become more aware of his divine presence in me and in everything that was created".

You may also say "Today I interfere not with the free flow of God's life/ divine energy in me". "I let God find perfect expression through me, now and forevermore".


In Him,

A. Danielle Dagba


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