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Thursday, February 26, 2009


You know you are free when you no longer find it hard to forgive, to give or to love. And when you can do these sacred things without expecting anything in return you can truly say that you are in the true path to freedom. And when the practice of these things becomes your second nature you can then declare total emancipation. Your soul is completely liberated. And only then does love find perfect expression through you. However forgiveness is the gateway to real freedom.

When we hold grudges or have attack thoughts towards others or ourselves we are walking in darkness. This darkened stage of consciousness enslaves our souls and causes us to deny our true nature, which is love.

The soul is our inner-man; it is where everything really takes place. The invisible affects the visible. Your outward expressions come from your soul. If your soul is darkened so will be your acts, your thoughts and your words. Those negative vibrations will only attract negative circumstances in your life and affairs and even cause sickness in your body. Holding people in our hearts darkens and enslaves the soul. This erroneous practice affects our lives and the lives of others.

Won’t you choose freedom over resentment, hatred, and the likes? Won’t you free your soul completely today? Do yourself a favor; forgive yourself and forgive everyone you believe have wronged you in the past.

Open your heart and allow your true Self to find perfect expression by bringing the images of those you have judged or condemned in the past. Hold firm to that image until the light of Christ reveals their divinity to you. Like Jesus demonstrated true forgiveness on the cross you can also say Father forgive him/her for they know not what they have done. No one in his or her right mind will purposely hurt anyone.

If you were walking down the street and a mad person says something offensive to you, would you not just ignore him/her and keep on walking thinking, ‘this person is just mad’. Or if a baby innocently makes a mess would you not think it is funny or cute and just clean it up.

You must realize that some of us are not yet fully awakened to our True (Christ self) and therefore they don’t know how to behave any better until they come to the true light that reveals the God-Life in them. Also realize that some people may do certain things innocently and not realizing what they have done or the pain they may have caused. Therefore treat them with gentleness, kindness and patience while allowing your light to shine upon them, thus awakening them to their divinity.

Walk in total freedom today, this is the life of dominion we are entitled to.

To your complete freedom,

A. Danielle Dagba


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