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Friday, December 11, 2009

Marriage - (part two)

For many people 'I want to be married' can be understood as 'I want to be happy'. Whether they realize this or not, they think that their current life condition is unbearable and the idea of joining their lives or uniting their souls with another sounds 'very dreamy'. They are looking for a way out of their current life situation, the soul is looking for salvation, which in itself is a very good thing. But when our soul begins to look for happiness in some future experiences, happiness becomes unattainable; because Happiness is here and now and so is salvation.

The fount of Joy is right inside of you and is accessible to you right now. Nothing later guarantees anything better, it is an illusion. Now is really all that you have.

The reason why a lot of people are unhappy in their marriage is because they are mainly disappointed. The soul is unsatisfied because it sought for happiness where it could never be found. Happiness is not found in the idea of marriage but in the substance of it. What they did find however is more pain, more suffering.

The world without suggests many ways to ease that pain, but it is like applying a band-aid over an infected wound. It covers up the affected area but it does not have the capacity to heal it.

With disappointment come blame, guilt and condemnation. If you cannot make me happy then something is obviously wrong with you, if I believe that you have wronged me in anyways, then that means you deserve to be punished. Those are unfortunately the negative energies that are now destroying many relationships.

Loneliness is another main reasons why poeople want to be married. And unless we find the root cause of that loneliness we cannot overcome it. People do a lot of things because they feel alone. Thus the saying: it is not good for man to be alone, meaning it is not good for the human soul to function apart from the divine light . In Job 32:8 we read: "But [there is] a spirit "IN" man: and the inspiration of the Almighty gives them understanding".

The disharmonies that we feel within are the direct results of our disconnection from the Spirit of God in us. Without divine wisdom and inspiration, we lack divine guidance and end up making a lot of wrong choices and decisions. We must therefore unite our soul with the Christ within if we are to experience true happiness. Apostle Paul in one of his letters to the Corinthian church, wrote: "I promised you to one husband; to Christ". It is a perfect union. It is the unification of our mind with the Divine. This marriage is a celebration of Life. It is the return of the prodigal son to his father’s house. Where the soul lacks nothing and is fully supplied with divine strength, power, wisdom and love.

Without this unification, the soul continuously longs for more happiness, more joy, more fulfillment through incessant demands, desires and longings. The tendency is to have all of these met through ‘a love relationship’. But all that comes from the wisdom of this world, because true fulfillment is found within and only through our oneness with God in Christ. All that we wish to have, experience or accomplish can all be realized if we make God our first realization. This means our primary goal should be to first desire God and him alone.

Once this desire becomes your primary focus you will inevitably realize all your life dreams as well. This is what Jesus meant when he said: “But seek ye first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things (all your desires) shall be added unto you".

If you aspire to be married, save yourself some 'drama'; do the inner work first. Open your heart and allow the divine light within to reveal, and expose all the hidden, darkened areas of your consciousness. Let that light also heal any old wounds from past experiences. Then consciously yield your soul to the substance of love within, which is your true nature. When you continuously drink from that source of love within, you become one with it. Love seeks to give and makes no demands, it pours itself lavishly upon others and expects nothing in return. Pure, undiluted love is a substance for a happy marriage.

If you are currently married, do the inner work as well, but in addition you need to come to a place of complete surrender. Deep from your heart commit yourself, your spouse and your children (if any) to God. He is the one to ‘fix’ your marriage, not yourself or your spouse. Your only job is to allow him to do it through you.

Most importantly if you have been blaming your partner, yourself or anyone else for that matter for any of your current conditions you must stop right now. Blaming will only attract more pain. Instead turn all your senses inward, and invoke the Spirit of God in you until your soul is completely and unreservedly merged into the Light of Christ within.

I wish you peace, right now.
Monday, December 7, 2009


The human soul naturally longs for love, companionship and wholeness. This is one of the main reasons why so many people get married. But to their big disappointment they realize sooner or later that their so called soul mate cannot satisfy the deep thirst of the soul.

The truth is the soul can only be satisfied with divine substance. Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God, Jesus said. This word is written in our hearts. There is a fountain of divine life in every man. Within that divine life there is divine wisdom (light). The light and the life of God in us constitute the Word or the Christ, who is the power of God into salvation.

The soul needs to be saved from the false beliefs that have caused the life of God in us to become dormant. In its dormant stage the soul has many desires, longings and even cravings. And it often turns to means outside of itself in order to feel relieved.

Very few people have discovered the perfect power within. Most are simply unaware of the Truth that lies beyond the incessant demands of the soul. They are so consumed by trying to fulfill those needs through worldly means that they completely ignore the divine light within. By worldly means I mean things like possessions, titles, relationships and the likes.

These are great gifts, but to rely on those solely as the source of our joy is the same as trying to leave by bread alone. When God breathed his very essence (his life) in us, he has also equipped us with his Divine Spirit. That life is complete and lacks no-thing, as long as it works in sync with the light of God within. Without divine wisdom we are unable to control or to properly direct the life current of God in us.

The soul which is the seat of our emotions, operates in complete darkness when it is being fed on wordly substance alone, which gives birth to a false light. When we acquire spiritual knowledge and aspire to God realization, the truths that we have learned become substance in us. And once we continually apply them in our daily experiences that substance turns into wisdom (God's light).

In our core we are perfect. We only need to acknowledge that we are perfect as God created us. To realize our perfection we must however realize God, who is the underlying Cause of our very existence.

How do you realize God? First you must come to a place in your life where you are determined to find real peace and love, which awaken happiness and joy. This awakening will be a direct result of your devotion to and communion with God. It is an inner work. And it requires, all of your soul, mind and body.

Stay tuned for part II, in which I will write about how to prepare yourself spiritually prior to getting married. How to experience joy and peace in your current marriage. And most importantly how to not only recognize the root cause of the disharmony many couples experience, but also how to overcome it.

Until then may the peace of God be with you.

PS: Remember to pass this on to someone you believe might enjoy it.

Monday, November 30, 2009


We often hear people talk about how they wish their life situations were different. Some even proceed to make minor, and in some cases major life changes with the hope they will bring more pleasurable experiences.

What many fail to realize is this: any real and lasting changes first require a shift in perception. This is what the bible terms the renewal of the mind. Therefore If you are serious about making some permanent changes in your life you must first begin in the mind. In other words become inward focus.

We are born in a world that has taught us since eon how to think, feel and act. Since then the human race has been subject to a collective thought pattern and system. This system is destructive and is the cause of the countless misfortunes and sufferings many people are currently facing globally and individually. The only way to overcome the world is by renewing the mind in Truth. In other words if you want to experience true Joy and Peace you must not conform yourselves to the pattern of this world.

There are many things in this world that give an appearance of some kind of enjoyment. But in essence, they lack the substance of Pure Joy. That substance only comes from understanding the Truth that lies beyond everything we can feel, touch, hear, see and smell. Deep in your core, that is to say in the deep recesses of the mind there is salvation, there is peace and there is joy. But unless you are willing to look deep within yourself you will not discover the many treasures that are hidden inside.

There is a vast field of infinite realities within each one of us. The unfoldment of these realities or truths give us a new understanding so that we may interpret our current situations and everything that we experience through our senses in a new light (divine wisdom). In the parable of the hidden treasure Jesus compared this field to the kingdom of heaven. He proceeded to say: “when a man found it (this field), he hid it again, and then in his joy went and sold all he had and bought that field” (Matthew 13:44).

Maybe you are not really seeking for a permanent way out of your troubles. Meaning you are not actively looking for the field. Perhaps you have found the field but did not hide it. This is to say you have on occasions experienced a deep sense of Self and purpose, but did not cherish those moments enough to the point that you are looking forward to experience them over and over again.

Perhaps you fall among those who have found the field, hid it, but yet have not sold everything to possess it. Selling everything means to completely lay down your old life. It also means to let go of the former way of thinking and perceiving and to be willing to see things differently. At this point the egoic mind, which is the false self that has been born of the erroneous thought patterns of this world, will begin to fight with all its might in an effort to continue to live off of you. And this is pricisely why you are experiencing some strong inner resistance at this time.

You are experiencing those inner conflicts because you have sought Truth (God) with all your heart and have genuinely and diligently devoted yourself to finding true joy and purpose. Everything you are going through right now is all part of the process. Therefore do not fret because you are very close to experiencing the deep inner transformation that will radically change your life. And it can happen right this second and at the twinkling of an eye.

Change your mind, change your life for good.
Friday, November 6, 2009

Answering God's Call

You know that God is calling you because there is an incessant desire in your heart to know God. The desire to know God must precede the desire to serve Him. The latter comes only after. Sometimes the simple thirst to know God leads the seeker into the service of God, almost unconsciously. The service of God, however, must flow out of the knowledge of God.

The celestial calling is to all of us. Everyone has received the same call, which is essentially to know God. Once we venture ourselves into this quest of knowing God, the desire to know him turns into the love we have for him.

The truth is we cannot serve what we do not know. We cannot serve until we love. To serve God is actually to love him in every soul. It’s God we serve in others. Service and love are the same. However, you cannot love God until you know him. This is why Jesus told the Samaritan woman: “we know what we worship.”

If your desire to serve God does not come from the desire to know him, your service or ministry could easily be corrupted by selfish motives and egoistic intentions. First and foremost God is calling us to oneness with Christ, and this is precisely where the desire to know God will lead you to. For no one can really serve God except his Son.

It is the Christ in us who does the service. Those who are one with the Christ in consciousness are the elected. “Many are called, but only a few are elected“, meaning very few people answer the call the right way. It is the way to peacefulness and happiness.

Only the son of God in us could perform a selfless service. This selfless service is the substance of true ministry. Answering the call is to put other people needs before your own. This is the grace that will guarantee your steadfastness in the things of God. Considering others needs prior to your own is practicing pure love.

In conclusion, answering the call does not mean to run and do anything without; meaning changing your current life situations or running to start ministry. There is an inner work that first must be done. In the deep recesses of your mind there must be a transformation. This transformation is the result of your oneness with the Christ within. This occurs only when you desire to know God personally and to experience Him deep within your heart.

Once you focus on the within your without will naturally fall into place. And once you able to see God in every person regardless of their behaviors, personal beliefs, race, or religion, you have answered the call. And only now are you ready to serve Him.
Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Making Peace with Yourself

"Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid". Christ Jesus. (john 14:27)

Making peace with yourself first involves becoming aware of yourself. The majority of us is living unconsciously, (meaning not being fully present). As a result we often feel divided and conflicted inside. And these negative feelings or vibrations affect not only our bodies but also our affairs.

Doing our daily routines, taking care of ourselves or loved ones, working towards some long term goals, and squeezing some vacations here and there or some other forms of enjoyment, may at first glance give the impression that we are consciously living. The truth is in spite of all these ‘doings’ many of us still miss the mark of truth; which is the essential thing: being fully present.

To be present is to enter into a state of oneness with oneself that guarantees peacefulness. It is the acknowledgement of LIFE, the essence behind and beyond everything and everyone. It is practicing the consciousness of being one with the eminent presence of God within you and everything while performing your daily activities.

Because we ignore life we cannot enjoy it, thus we often go against the law of life, which is love. This ignorance of life, or this state of unconsciousness is the source of unhappiness and misfortunes. Consequently we begin to despise our lives because we deny Our true Self, and nature wich is love and our natural state of consciousness which is peacefulness. But you can begin now to shift your full attention to what is going on right now, yes at this very moment. It is not what you do that brings peace or fulfillment, but rather your state of consciousness as you do what you do.

This is the beginning of freedom. What I mean by freedom here is to come to a place in your life where no matter what goes on without, that is in your life experiences and affairs, you are undisturbed.

If you can practice Self awareness while being conscious of Life, which is represented by the presence of love within; this love that you is capable of solving all the conflicts you may be currently experiencing. But it is a practice just like many other spiritual principles.

Feeling conflicted inside is not a problem, however suppressing or denying that feeling is. It will be helpful if you would simply pay attention to your heart.
You must acknowledge those ’problem areas’ as they surface and deal with each of them, or they will pop out again in your experiences sooner or later. You cannot run away from yourself, therefore make peace, and make peace now. The solution is not to get into another relationship, another job, to relocate, or to make more money. Sometimes it is a character issue.

The minute you are feeling disturbed deep within your heart, it is your cue to pause and silent the conscious mind and become aware. God does speak to man. He continuously invites us to commune with him. Every inner conflict is an opportunity to unite your mind with the divine. As Jesus admonishes us, you must enter the prayer closet within when you pray. This is what will lead you to oneness with your heavenly father. This communion will allow you to create this state of consciousness, which is your true state of being and of peacefulness.

Profound Blessings,

A. Danielle Dagba
Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Live your life right NOW.

We have the tendency to wait on something, someone or some future events in order to fulfill a void, or something in the present moment that seems unbearable or unpleasant. The truth is the source of our unhappiness lies precisely in this waiting period.

If you pay close attention to your mind you would realize that it is usually thinking in the past or fast forwarding to the future. This mental behavior is what steals the joy of the now. And it is really insane. Because if you think about it each present moment becomes a thing of the past or some thing to look forward in the future.

The question is when are you going to start living? Living in the past or the future is living in the shadow of death. That kind of life is no life at all. What can one really expect from past regrets or living with some hope that maybe one day everything will be all right. The next question is what are you really doing NOW in order to produce the kind of experiences that you are hoping for?

The minute you become aware of the fact that Now is all that you really have, all the other times, meaning past and future, will cease to exist.

Once you learn the reality of the present moment you will cherish it and make the best of it. It is your true gift from above.

It is true that we sometimes come accross challenging situations that seem to disrupt the flow of our existence. Some things are out of our control such as the death of a loved one. Other things we have control of such as our health and our overall well-being.

The truth is no matter what is happening in your life circumstances, your essence, the divine life in you is unbreakable. It is not and can never be affected by challenges, births or deaths, financial crisis or any other situations you may be facing. The problem is we rarely stop to think about the divine in us. This is due to the fact that we merely stop to think or ponder about eternal truths. And these are the truths Jesus said will make us free once we know them.

When we become aware, meaning once we take the time to look within ourselves instead of focusing on our ‘problems’, we tap into the invisible realm. We escape the illusive realities of troubles and problems and connect to eternity. The bible teaches that eternity is in the heart of man. Furthermore it states that all things shall pass away and only the Word remains, the word also known as the Christ and the Christ is in you.

In that divine awareness suddenly your problems become small, surmountable or they simply vanish. Something happens when you learn to abide in that consciousness; that is the pure acknowledgement that now is your gift from God, now is all that matters. Only in the now can you truly open your heart to God and commune with him. This is your act of worship. This is prayer.

Moreover being in the now helps you have control of your mind, thus your life experiences. It gives you the opportunity to surrender the things that seem uncontrollable and the strength to accept the things that you cannot change, at least not right NOW.

You want to change your life experiences? Do something about it and do it now, not later or some time in the distant future. It is a big mistake to believe so. Right now, right this minute is all it takes to make a difference in your life situation. Do something different today. Open your heart right now to God and let go of the things of the past, let go of anyone and any offenses. Surrender everything, give it all to him and trust him all over again.

And each time your problems seem to get out of hand. Don’t hesitate you can do it all over again. Simply bring your awareness to the present moment and commune with your heavenly father, because your strength, your freeedom and your happiness depend on this. Do it now.

In His loving care,

A. Danielle Dagba
Monday, June 8, 2009

Have you lost your mind?

We hear that question quite often. But taken literally what does it really imply; to lose one’s mind? We usually use this expression when we are in disbelief or in shock about one’s behavior, action or reaction concerning a particular situation. But in truth one may wonder has the human race gone mad or insane? Have we lost our mind or the right use of it?

Just when you think you have heard it all, you would soon hear something crazier or more insane than what you have heard from the day before, whether it is through the media or a friend, whether it is about someone you know or some total stranger we hear some unbelievable news and you wonder how could it be? Than we generally leave it as that as we attempt to move on with our lives. But that does not really change anything, does it?

In our inner core we know this is true. Every negative thing we may have heard or experienced, if not dealt properly, will eventually create fear in our lives. Subconsciously we will begin to feel apprehensive about making certain decisions, going to certain places or doing certain things which can hinder our joy, freedom and peace of mind.

This is why we must learn to properly or righteously treat our own mind so we may become unaffected by the things we have heard, imagined, or seen. In doing so we are also sending positive vibrations to the world collective’s consciousness, thus helping it get rid of some negative vibrations that are the roots of many evils.

There are many situations around the world and some even in our own personal lives and surroundings to consider that one may get a feeling of disempowerment and discouragement. And one may wonder is there any hope? Can anything really make a difference? Or is it even worth making any attempts in helping to make the world a better place to live.

But yes you can make a difference by touching one’s soul at a time, beginning with your very own. And it all starts with the mind and learning to make the right use of it.

Have you thought what is the mind, or what has been on my mind or what have I been thinking? We make several references about the use of the mind each and every day, but yet have we stopped to ponder on what it is and how we can make it work for us and not against us.

Yes there maybe a lot going on around the world as we watch the news, or reading the newspapers. Maybe you are presently facing some challenges in your personal life due to some unfortunate situations or conditions. Perhaps you are concerned about a loved one. Maybe you are trying to make sense of everything for yourself and do not really know where to turn to or what to do anymore with your life. Maybe your relationships are not going as well as you would like them to.

If so, it is probably a good time to focus your mental energies inwardly by escaping the external world thru prayer and devotion. There is a quiet place within your heart and you can escape there anytime you would like. This is a place of refuge or a secret place where you may commune freely with your Father who knows you and loves you and is eagerly waiting for you.

There is a whole new world within that the Light of Christ is able to reveal to you if you are willing to make the shift inward.

Today, better yet right now take a moment, surrender it all, trust the divine life in you to lead you and direct your every step. There is a fountain of unconditional love, support and goodness within you, make that step and believe in the power of God in you, thus making the right use of your mind by giving it all to God and starting over with renewed strength, determination and courage.

Peace be with you,

A. Danielle Dagba
Friday, May 29, 2009

We are in this together

There is but One God, the Father of all. There is but One Love, the divine essence in everything that exists and everyone. There is but one Self, experiencing himself through various means and bodies. We are having this life experience in order to learn the true meaning of love. However this can only be done with the consciousness that we are One and we are in this, meaning this life journey, together.

There are no others. We tend to identify ourselves with our different personalities. This false identification will cause separation and division, which is the root of many evils. Once we identify ourselves completely with our essence and immerse ourselves unreservedly in the great sea of oneness we will no longer think such things as this is my life, this is my purpose and this is my goal for we are in fact parts of a whole. We are one. And together we can achieve higher purposes and goals thus making the planet earth a better place to live.

Our essence, the breath of God in us which is the divine spark within everyone is one and the same. It is the divine energy within our soul, mind, body and spirit that makes us whole. Though genetically, biologically or in appearance we may look as if we have different lives, separate bodies, different characteristics , and even various personalities, however in our core we are one and the same.

Many of us have failed to see that because we are judging things by appearance alone and have been affected by the illusive sight of the body eyes; which cannot see at all. It does not see Reality; meaning it is unable to see things as they truly are according to divine Mind.

As long as you are thinking of ‘others’ as separated beings, or as long as you consider your brother as different from you, you are missing the mark of truth and it will be impossible to truly love anyone. This is the meaning of “For anyone who does not love his brother, whom he has seen, cannot love God, whom he has not seen”. God is reality, God is love, God is the essence within and behind everything and unless you come to that consciousness you cannot see God in others because you cannot see God in you.

It is that which you see in you that you project towards others. Once you are awakened to the Christ in you, the divine seed in you, you can then awaken it in others. Christ is the light that reveals our true essence and enables us to see in Reality.

Today you may begin to ascend to the Christ self in you, which is your true self. Identify yourself with your essence by transcending the personalities you may have attributed to yourself. Know that the divine life in you is able to make you whole and complete. It is the power of your salvation. It is the divine light that is able to lead you unto all truths. Become aware of God’s presence within and trust his guidance as you surrender your thoughts and commit your mind to learning; thus blessing yourself, everyone and all creation.

In Him,

A. Danielle Dagba
Thursday, May 28, 2009

Have you had enough yet?

You know throughout our many experiences in this earthly realm the Spirit keeps calling us home. All of us are called but yet only a few are chosen, meaning only a few say yes to the spirit call. The spirit call is a subtle voice within our consciousness that is continually calling us higher; many miss it because they are simply unaware of it. However the call to become a better person, to live a better life, to improve our relationships or to find true happiness still stands.

Some people answer the Spirit’s call when they have hit rock bottom. Others when they have had enough. Enough of the material world, enough of temporary enjoyments and their soul begins to look for something more meaningful, something eternal. They are seeking to find the way back to the place whence they originate; a place of love, peace and oneness.

A lot of us like the prodigal son have wasted our substance, our essence, our innocence on temporal things and have strayed away from home, from our source and first cause and have embarked in this lonely journey called life without the spirit’s guidance. And sadly enough the majority of us have experienced or are currently going through some ups and downs due to ignorance of our origin and purpose. Some negative experiences are also due to some erroneous beliefs and concepts that have been impressed upon us as we were growing up and are now stopping us from expressing and being our best.

The good news is at any given time in our lives, at any given moment we can choose to see things differently, we can seek refuge in God through prayers as we learn to surrender everything to Him. The bible says it is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in man. And that also means ourselves.

Don’t believe the thoughts and feelings that are arising from your heart and mind if they are not causing you to arise in a higher consciousness of love, goodness and service.

If your thoughts and feelings are based on fear, division, hatred and the likes they are not of Truth. Therefore it is better to seek spiritual guidance through prayer, meditation or commit yourself to reading and studying spiritual texts than to trust on your own judgment or interpretations of facts.

If you are feeling burdened by anything, it could be something that has been on your mind and heart and maybe you have been ignoring for some time now. Perhaps you may not know how to deal with it. Or a particular situation may seem overwhelming. Hear the spirit call, it is the Voice for Truth, the Holy Spirit and your true guide to a place of serenity and peace, if you would only open your heart and trust the infinite wisdom within to lead you and show you the way you should go.

There is nothing the power of god in you cannot do, if you would simply and completely trust and surrender to divine will and purpose. Remembering that God’s love encompasses the well being of everyone. And that God looks on all as One. Be sure to pray and believe that Divine Mind knows how to bring about the perfect solution that will supply the need of everyone involved, if any. Therefore think also of others and their well being as well.

So have you had enough yet, are you ready to come home. Do it and do it now. Commune to God and cast every burden upon him and watch the salvation of the Lord. Now is a good time to pray.

In Him,

A. Danielle Dagba
Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"I am happy with me"

I know you have been led to believe that there is something outside of you that is capable of fulfilling that emptiness you feel at times in your heart, or the crying for help that comes from the soul. Perhaps you believe in some source outside of yourself that is able to answer life’s many questions or resolve all your problems, thus giving you peace and happiness.

This belief has become a stronghold, for it has kept you in captivity and has imprisoned your soul, and your heart is still longing for that state of peace and bliss no matter what you have tried. But yet you refuse to let go and completely detach of the things that have provided only some temporary relief or enjoyment. These are the things you have clung yourself to and may seem difficult to let go.

But now is the time for your deliverance. Here and now you can make a decision to be happy and content with you.

It does not matter what you believe you have been through. It does not even matter if you have given up hope of finding true happiness, because happiness is longing after you and knocking at the door of your heart even right this moment. Therefore simply allow it to flow. Feel a sense of contentment right here and right now. Contemplate the life that you now live and believe that it is perfect just as it is.

Now your conscious mind may try to reason and say “well I am not happy with my current job, my living situation, my current relationships" or whatever other conditions or situations you may be facing. It may be even some health related issues. But you see true happiness has nothing to do with external conditions. It has nothing to do with anything that is subject to change.

You can change employment, have other relationships, relocate etc. Those changes come as a result of a radical change within. They are not the means to true happiness. They are the effects of a new, optimistic, enthusiastic mental attitude.

Now you must intend to find true and lasting joy. You were created to experience such bliss and it is possible. And you may even begin right this second by being willing to change your mind about the concept of happiness.

You know growing up we have dressed up ourselves with different personalities based on multiple factors. We have been affected by the environment we grew up in, the family we were raised in, our geographical location, perhaps the religion we believed in or the education we have received. Our soul, the emotional aspect of our beingness, is the accumulation of those ideas.

The truth is though we may have come to certain experiences due to our individual consciousness or belief system, the divine life in us is unchanged and unchangeable. It is the real source of happiness.

If you are still experiencing unhappiness because of ups and downs or mood swings, confusion and the likes, the Spirit of God is calling you home. If you are quick to lose your peace because of what you think ‘others’ do or are doing to you, if you are quick to judge, condemn yourself others or life all together now is the time to begin to adjust your mind to the Divine in you. Even if you begin by saying with absolute conviction: "my happiness comes from me". Say it until your heart believes it's true.

Today answer the Spirit Call and begin to make the journey to true peace and happiness.

The Spirit is always willing only if you would answer His call. Do it now, don’t delay for your happiness truly comes from You.

In Him,

A. Danielle Dagba
Thursday, May 7, 2009

Why You are Here - Part III

You are here to help make this planet a better place to live. Any divine purpose or manifestation is to ultimately serve humanity at any capacity and level. You are here for others and in truth for God. Without God you are not and without you God cannot. We are the vessels through which God pours out his infinite goodness and Power unto the human race and the entire universe. Our physical bodies are truly the embodiment of God's loving power and peace. It is the means through which we demonstrate God’s presence and his power to heal and to give; thus making our world a much happier place to live.

Why are you here? You are here to take action, to start something new, anything that will benefit anyone. Not to only be part of something great, but to also become great in something. This means that you don’t have to feel compelled to join some kind of organizations, groups, or any religious affiliations. Neither does it mean that you need some kind of degrees or titles. Or wait until you experience as some people put it a ‘total restoration or perfection’ in order to be used by God. This is false humility in fact. True humility is to accept the truth that you are already perfect as God created you.

The world is suffering and the seeming power of darkness is invading our nations and our homes. Our world needs you and cannot afford to wait much longer. Now is the time to take action. There is something you came to give, in a way that only you can. It is your natural giftedness and your individual calling. It is a natural inclination to think or to do a certain thing. It is already in you, you don’t have to go to school in order for it to be expressed. No one has to pull it out of you. It is not something to learn, or some kind of power that someone or some force outside of you will impart into you.

You were born with it. You simply need to boldly say as Jesus did: A body you prepared for me, here I am to do your will father and to fulfill that which was written concerning me in the book of life.

The script is already in you. Accept it to be so. Trust the divine power and wisdom in you to show you the way you should go each and every day. And ask the Holy to guide and order your steps every moment of every day. Learn to rely on Him for your every move even if it is something that may seem unimportant or insignificant. Learn to say 'where should I go?, what shall I do? What shall I say, how or to whom. Remember you are an agent for the force, but you are not the force; you must therefore cooperate with the Holy Spirit.

You are Christ ambassador. Christ is the wisdom and the power of God in you. You are the vessel through which that power is activated to bless others either through prayers, acts of kindness and goodness or any other means necessary as you are compelled within to act, and to do.

This is what is required of you: to simply trust the power of God in you to work through you and to be in constant conversation with God. This power in you is what many calls the anointing. In the morning as soon as you awake make this affirmative prayer. Here I am to do your will O Father, show me the way to go in my thoughts and deeds.

You can be proactive in your own mind and your personal devotion and prayer to God. It is good to be a helping hand, sometimes it is even better to be a 'helping mind' so to speak.

You and God are majority. You don’t need a group of people to back you up or to approve of you in order to fulfill your divine purpose and destiny. Or in order to serve and to love humanity. Simply enter the closet prayer within and send vibrations of love, peace and harmony throughout the whole earth. Begin there and if the Spirit compels you to do a certain thing or make a certain move then you must be obedient.

Now is time to take action and to find the true meaning to your life. The longer you wait the more miserable you will be. Wherever you may be in your work place, at home, with your spouse, children, roommates, loved ones, co-workers or complete strangers; start by believing that you are in the perfect place and in the right environment.

This is your real stage or your platform, the script is already written in your heart. Now is the time, allow your giftedness to bless those that are near and even those that are in far distance. Whether it is through words of encouragement, by sending good vibrations and loving thoughts unto others. This is your ministry. This is your purpose here and now. That is why the spirit of God is journeying through your physical body. This is why you are here to fulfill that which was written concerning you in the book of life. That book is in your heart. Look always within and read your personal script.

In Him,
Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Why You are Here - Part II

We are here to find the true meaning to life. Not the meaning we have been taught or have given to it ourselves from our own interpretation of the different realities we may be facing. However beyond everything we may have experienced thus far there is an ultimate reality, the original consciousness, the divine Mind from which all things emanate, exist and consist.

This original consciousness is God, the source to everything. It is the indwelling presence of God within each one of us. It is the Spirit in us, the breath of God in us. The ever-present Teacher within, the substance of all that Is. With this understanding we now know that at any given moment we may focus our attention within in order to connect to reality. Understanding gives light, with this new light you may find the way to the connection and the unfoldment of Truth within, if you desire.

In order than to connect to ultimate reality, namely God, we must therefore be willing to seek it where it may be found. We must also be willing to redefine what we once thought as truth or reality and thus finding the true meaning of everything.

So one may ask where do we begin. We have learned so much and so many different things have been impressed into our minds from the time we were born. Where does the search for Truth, for Reality or God begin. It begins with desire. The desire to discover and to know for ourselves the truth about God, about everything and everyone that exists. It is an individual search, which At first may seem a bit complex. Because for centuries as we know many have made the attempt to find the truth about creation, man and God.

Though it may seem difficult or even overwhelming at first, it is only an impression. God himself said if you seek me with all your heart I will be found by you. Moreover the truth eagerly awaits your recognition in other to reveal himself to and through you. It is a promise, you must necessarily find the truth if you persist and insist.

Some of us have merely accept as truths what has been taught over the centuries whether through science or religion. And are contented with just those facts, though the truths they believe that they know is not able to make them free. Whereas Jesus taught that the truth that we know will make us free.

There is intellectual (head knowledge) and there is experiential (substantial knowledge). Head knowledge will only allow you to operate in limited consciousness, whereas experiential knowledge goes beyond the limitations set by Man and connect him to the perpetual, abundant and limitless current of life. Substantial knowledge goes beyond the physical to the eternal.

The life of God in us is everlasting and this is why we have a hard time to accept the concept of death. And the lack of knowledge of truth has darkened our understanding of many concepts and not just death. Though this ignorance alone is the root cause of many others.

Thus finding the true meaning to life, life as substantial reality, the living and active force in which all things consist and hold together must be our first priority, our ultimate desire. This Life is what the Bible refers to as being the Word, the Logos or the Christ within. It is man’s true image, the divine in each one us, the One and true Self of everything and everyone that exists.

This is the truth that will make you free my friend. The discovery of your true Self. In order to discover it however you must be willing to transcend the false self, or negative ego or image you have erected in your consciousness so that you may come to the wonderful truth of being and be free at last.

Until next time, keep pondering. A mind that does not think is dead though alive.

In Him,

A. Danielle Dagba
Monday, April 20, 2009

Understanding Why You are Here - Part I

We are here for none other reason but to learn. Learning about oneself, his true nature, origin and purpose, is to acquire higher knowledge. We can learn about many things in life but unless we discover who we truly are we haven't really learned a single thing.

Jesus puts it this way: "And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul? [ Or your self?] Is anything worth more than your soul?"

If we don't discover our Self, the Christ in us, the Divine in Us, the image of God in us, we will inevitably lose it. And that is the reason why we suffer many troubles and this is the main cause of our bondage. It is Ignorance.

Someone puts it this way: "the biggest bondage for man is ignorance because of which he does not know his own nature. So long as such ignorance remains with him he cannot get rid of sorrow."

We are here to experience God, the divine in us, who is the real source of happiness, bliss, and eternal life. And most importantly he is our real image for we are created in his image as we have read in many spiritual texts. Well what does that really mean?

The bible says male and female created He (God)them. God is Spirit, so in truth we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. What is Spirit? Spirit is Mind, Mind thinks, Mind also feels. Spirit is unlimited. We can think or imagine whatever we want. There is a popular saying that goes if we can conceive it in mind we can achieve it. Mind is thus a vast field of endless possibilities.

The knowledge of oneself or God or the divine in us triggers many questions; Some of which men or scientists and various religions have attempted to answer from the beginning of time. Questions such as 'where do we come from', why are we here, and where we are going', are still ambiguous to many. And some have tried several means for self identification, meaning and purpose in life, but yet still remain unfulfilled deep within.

In order to understand the things of Spirit or God one's mind must first be quickened from within. He must be awakened to the invisible or unseen realm. What we feel, hear, touch, smell, and see through our physical senses help us to experience the physical realm. In other to tap unto the realm of Mind or God it is necessary to open the eye of our understanding as Apostle Paul puts it. The Mind's eye.

The realm of Spirit, the realm of Mind, which is Reality is an eternal revelation of our true Self, Christ in us, God. How much do you want to know? How much is enough? Who is the Teacher?

Stay tune for more insights in next article. In the meanwhile pose your Self some questions, Ponder on things, think.

Until next time 'Peace be with you',

A. Danielle Dagba
Friday, March 27, 2009

Why everything you think you see is meaningless

Everything seems meaningless because of the meaning you give to everything. Your perception is the projection of your own thoughts patterns. If your thoughts are contrary to the thoughts of God they are therefore based on error and not on truth.

The thoughts that you think with God are first of all peaceable and loveable. If your habit of thinking usually brings you heartache and turmoil you are thinking amiss. Those are not your real thoughts and you must let them go immediately. Or else the false ego will convince you that they are true and you will inevitably try to justify them by condemning others and make everything and everyone you can think of your adversaries.

Those patterns create within your consciousness some personalities and those personalities rule your lives. They basically posses your soul.

Are you seeing everything through your own eyes (the illusive sight of the ego) or are you seeing everything through God’s eyes. If you are perceiving life from reality stand point meaning through the eyes of God you are seeing right, and if not you are seeing amiss. Thus seeing an illusion of reality. And that is why what you see really has no meaning. It is nothing. And how can you try to make sense out of nothingness? And that is why you must let go of the illusive sight of the false ego personalities in your consciousness, which has given you a false perception.

Are you willing to let go of your eyes for God’s eyes? Are you willing to let go of the false judgments that have kept you in darkness and sorrow? Today is your declaration of independence. This is the first step in freeing your soul from the grip of the false ego that has ruled your consciousness up to this point. You must be willing to let go completely of how you have perceived everything in the past. Allow the light of Christ to reveal and dispel those darkened areas of the soul.

You must therefore make room for the light by refusing to judge any situations, anyone, or yourself according to how you have perceived them in the past. If you are not able to judge righteously leave all judgments to God. That is how you align your mind with divine mind, and that is how you return to your Source that you may continually drink from Him.

You may say ‘my life has no meaning’. Do you have a life that is apart from the God-life? Have you created something called ‘life’ that you can call your own? Who is telling you that your life is meaningless? Who is the judge? Where does that voice come from? If you are listening then who is speaking in your head? So you see, you are not thinking in truth, for there is but one life, it is divine and infinitely good. The voice for God speaks only truth, love and unity. The voice of the liar in your head only speak lies and discord.

Today try your very best to recall everything, everyone and every situation you have wrongly perceived and judged in the past because of your own erroneous thought-patterns. Bring those images in your mind and ask for forgiveness, meaning repent by refusing to no longer see them through a false light and that you will make every effort to see them through the light of Christ from now own. You are making a vow to God to never leave 'home' again;God's bosom where peace and love abide infinitely. As the diverse images begin to flood your mind you may say 'I no longer want to see you or judge you in the past, I am willing to see you differently'. And thy will be done.

In Him,

A. Danielle Dagba

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

When Nothing Makes Sense, Make sense of everything

When life seems to be meaningless or nothing seems to make sense it is time to make sense of everything. And right now, right this minute is the proper time and that is why you are reading this this holy instant.

Every now and then you may experience this emptiness or a state of complete confusion. It is a state of mind where one may wonder; ‘what is the purpose of my life or what have I done with my life or what is the meaning of Life itself. As you begin to reflect on your past or current circumstances, the future may seem pointless or just dark. And everything you may have learned or done thus far may seem meaningless, because in your heart you may falsely believe that they are unable to take you to where you desire to be; which is a state of bliss and perfect peace. And at times you may be tempted to give up the journey, the journey to true happiness.

Well our real purpose here in this physical body is to learn, how else would we have learned have we not done or experienced what we have thus far. The journey to happiness is a learning process; we must enjoy the process rather than anticipating total enjoyment at the end. Happiness is in the here and now, it only requires a shift in perception.

You see we are not who we think we are and until we realize who we truly are our soul will incessantly remind us of our true purpose on earth, which is to realize Christ, our higher self and our true nature. We often hear this speaking of the human race: ‘we are not human beings having a spiritual experience, but rather we are spiritual beings having a human experience’. Well what does that really mean? Do we really ponder on this?

We are raised in a society that has taught us to rely on outside means and resources and we are accustomed to seeking happiness where it is not. We have also believed in human limitations and the idea that we are spirit beings with inherent divine potentialities is almost impossible to conceptualize.

So many of us have simply given up on that idea and thus become powerless in finding true happiness or God realization. However unless we get a full grasp of what it means to realize God or happiness within, our soul will continually remind us of our true purpose on earth. And that is why we experience those confusing times and it really is a good thing. Our soul is calling us to a higher state of consciousness by detaching ourselves to the material and entering the spiritual realm; the realm of the mind.

The bible says there is a spirit in man and the breath of the Almighty gives him understanding. The Supreme teacher the voice for truths is ever present within our hearts and is ready to lead us unto all truths. It is the incorporation of these truths that will dispel the error that has kept us in bondage and ignorance of our true self.

My advice to all of us is to keep pressing on, keep seeking for divine truths and understanding and whatever you may be currently experiencing right now is simply a reminder of your real purpose of your soul’s journey in this physical realm. Seek to know your true self, which is the invisible aspect of you in the realm of Mind. Through your own thinking and seeking you will inevitably awaken the Voice for God within, the Holy Spirit.

There is only one life, the life of God expressed in diverse forms and different individuals. Connect to the source of Life and stay connected so that you may continually drink from the everlasting current of happiness, contentment and success.

When nothing makes sense, make sense of everything starting right this instant.

In Him,

A. Danielle Dagba
Thursday, March 12, 2009

Healing our emotional wounds

Every now and then certain thoughts or images will arise from our subconscious mind that will cause some adverse reactions. We may feel pain, suffering which may result in a sense of fear, lack or loss.

It could be that in your childhood or during your upbringing you may have experienced some difficult times and those memories would come back once in a while and play the drama of all that took place in the past.

Perhaps you were involved in an abusing relationship, or maybe you grew up in a dysfunctional environment. Whatever it maybe our integrity, our soul which comprises all that we have experienced in this lifetime thus far, will cry out for help, for salvation.

I have heard someone once says: “life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it”. Some things happened to us that may have been entirely out of our control. However it is up to us to take charge and responsibility for our lives by how we react to them.

Some things do happen to us however that somehow we have attracted into our life experiences. Those things are the ones we tend to ignore the most because the ego would rather keep us enslaved by not recognizing the part we have played so that we may blame, accuse and find others guilty.

The ego’s sole purpose is to keep us in darkness through unawareness. It does not want us to become aware of the truths that will make us free. And unfortunately many people have fallen into its trap. They are experiencing many emotional hurts and sufferings as a result of past events or circumstances but are unable to change their current life conditions. They feel disempowered because they are not aware of the true cause of their pain; for they are looking for it where it cannot be found.

The truth is we all have been affected by one enemy. It is the same ego that multiplies itself through diverse personalities in different individuals. It is this false personality that has made us blind to our true nature; first in us then in others. This is the ego we must transcend in order to allow our true essence to arise.

You can heal yourself, thus save yourself. First you must recognize that whatever it is that you think others may have done to you, they have done out of ignorance, for they too have been deceived by the voice of the liar in their heads, which is the voice of the false personality. Whatever you acknowledge you may have done to cause pain and sufferings in your own life experiences you also have done out of ignorance.

You can repent through this acknowledgement and forgive and heal yourself. You may also ask the infinite source of wisdom and love within to lead you and guide you from now on in all your decisions making.

Secondly you must release everyone from your heart, thus releasing yourself from the ego’s grasp. Commit them to divine grace and wish them well by sending positive vibrations towards them through your thoughts and prayers. Trust infinite spirit to lead them to the way of true salvation and perfect happiness.

Thirdly focus on saving your own soul. That is the sole purpose of your soul journeying on earth. You are here to make yourself happy, to realize your true self. This is your destiny; this is your life’s purpose. You can’t be happy if you are not free. Your divine nature, your true self, your integrity will continuously seek for salvation until it is set free. It awaits your awareness and your awakening. You know what you must do, simply do it and be free.

A. Danielle Dagba
Thursday, February 26, 2009


You know you are free when you no longer find it hard to forgive, to give or to love. And when you can do these sacred things without expecting anything in return you can truly say that you are in the true path to freedom. And when the practice of these things becomes your second nature you can then declare total emancipation. Your soul is completely liberated. And only then does love find perfect expression through you. However forgiveness is the gateway to real freedom.

When we hold grudges or have attack thoughts towards others or ourselves we are walking in darkness. This darkened stage of consciousness enslaves our souls and causes us to deny our true nature, which is love.

The soul is our inner-man; it is where everything really takes place. The invisible affects the visible. Your outward expressions come from your soul. If your soul is darkened so will be your acts, your thoughts and your words. Those negative vibrations will only attract negative circumstances in your life and affairs and even cause sickness in your body. Holding people in our hearts darkens and enslaves the soul. This erroneous practice affects our lives and the lives of others.

Won’t you choose freedom over resentment, hatred, and the likes? Won’t you free your soul completely today? Do yourself a favor; forgive yourself and forgive everyone you believe have wronged you in the past.

Open your heart and allow your true Self to find perfect expression by bringing the images of those you have judged or condemned in the past. Hold firm to that image until the light of Christ reveals their divinity to you. Like Jesus demonstrated true forgiveness on the cross you can also say Father forgive him/her for they know not what they have done. No one in his or her right mind will purposely hurt anyone.

If you were walking down the street and a mad person says something offensive to you, would you not just ignore him/her and keep on walking thinking, ‘this person is just mad’. Or if a baby innocently makes a mess would you not think it is funny or cute and just clean it up.

You must realize that some of us are not yet fully awakened to our True (Christ self) and therefore they don’t know how to behave any better until they come to the true light that reveals the God-Life in them. Also realize that some people may do certain things innocently and not realizing what they have done or the pain they may have caused. Therefore treat them with gentleness, kindness and patience while allowing your light to shine upon them, thus awakening them to their divinity.

Walk in total freedom today, this is the life of dominion we are entitled to.

To your complete freedom,

A. Danielle Dagba
Monday, February 23, 2009


Believe and Expect a miracle today. After all why not? You have got absolutely nothing to lose. We invest our faith every day in the things of this world. Why not use this innate capacity in believing in the things of Spirit. What is stopping you from believing in the miraculous power of God today?

Are you more aware of your problems, your bills, or your sickness than of God?

What is the nature of your thoughts? Are they creating more anxiety and fear in your life experiences rather than peace of mind?

If you answer yes to any of these questions you are in need of a miracle, or several ones.

A miracle by definition is a supernatural act of a divine power in the external world. Miracles define the law of nature and science. Nowadays people no longer believe in miracles but yet many pray to God in desperate needs of his divine intervention in their lives and affairs or those of loved ones. Yet others wonder how come God does not intervene or show forth his power as they picture him sitting in some far away place called heaven beyond the clouds and simply watches the many unfortunate disasters the world suffers.

We fail to see the manifestations of God's power in our lives and the lives of others simply because we don't have faith in God and don't believe in his divine interventions in our lives. The visible things have completely blocked our awareness to their substantial invisible nature; which is GOD.

People don't expect miracles because they don’t believe in God. They don't believe in Him because they don't know him. And they don't know him because they have a false image of Him. We perceive God through our own perception of what or who we think God is based on what we think we are. We see ourselves confined in a body and limited by time, space, nature or science. This is the image that we have of ourselves and that is the image we attribute to God.

Through this erroneous conceptualization of God it is impossible to believe in his divine power or come to the perfect knowledge of his divine nature. And unless we understand God’s nature and enter into a personal relationship with Him in our daily life experiences we won’t have faith in Him. Faith is the real substance that is needed in order to see miracles in our lives and affairs.

In truth everything our eyes behold is an emanation of God or an expression of Love for God is love. Everything in all creation comes from God. He is the Supreme being or Divine consciousness that created all things. The bible says everything was made by him and without him nothing was made that has been made. God is therefore the ever-present, the all-pervading life principle in all things. It is through this operative, informative, creative power that all things came into existence. This is the Universal aspect of God.

The God life in all creatures is at the core of everything; because without that divine substance nothing would exist today. God is therefore omnipresent. Those who have known God personally described him as being love. Love is one of the main characteristics or natures attributed to God. The power of his love is the vibrational energy or life force that harmonizes everything throughout the entire creation from the greatest elements of the universe to the smallest particles in our bodies.

This knowledge brings us to the awareness of his omnipresence, omniscience and omnipotence. We simply can't ignore the fact that there is a divine intelligence within every creature that is directing the life principle within it to assure perfect functioning. This is why the sun, the moon, the seasons know to alternate and each seed knows the specific kind of fruits to produce through their respective interaction with the soil. The organs in our body know also how to function on their own without our command. This is powerful and this is the power and effects of love.

Now we can experience miracles in our personal lives through an intimate relationship with God as we seek to daily commune with him. It all begins with a genuine thirst to know God personally by renewing our minds in Truth, thus liberation our souls. The heart is the seat of the soul. This is the source of our connection to God, to love and to experience God's miraculous power in our lives.

Miracles are all around us we simply don’t have eyes to see. The presence of God surrounds us but our mind’s eyes are not quickened to see in the spiritual realm. Our body eyes are the real block to divine awareness. Our minds are so preoccupied with things that seem urgent that they fail to become aware of the things that are vital. These are the things that are eternal. They are pure, unadulterated expressions of love.

You can become aware of God/of love by noticing the simple beauty of nature, a flower blossoming, the innocent smile from a child, an act of kindness from a dear friend, and so on. These are the miracles that pass us day after day.

You want to see or experience a miracle? You must therefore look for it. Expect it. And it will be so. However you can only find it where it must be found; in the presence of God. Your acknowledgment and conviction that God is omnipresent, all powerful and all-knowing is the fundamental knowledge that will connect you to his divine presence.

This pure consciousness will activate the pure energy of the divine essence from your heart, which will allow you to see everything in a new light, thus expanding and expressing God's divine presence in and through you unto others. Miracles will inevitably follow. For where God presence is there is also power.

You heart is your connection to God's divine presence in you. It is your integrity. It is the part of you that knows the truth about you, your maker, your origin and identity. It is in the heart that we feel and believe, therefore allow yourself to feel the presence of God without fear, for Love drives out all fears. Believe that this pure energy, this divine power upholds, protects and surrounds you, there is nothing to fear for love is all encompassing.

You may say "I trust God's perfect power in me to draw to me all that I need in order to become more aware of his divine presence in me and in everything that was created".

You may also say "Today I interfere not with the free flow of God's life/ divine energy in me". "I let God find perfect expression through me, now and forevermore".


In Him,

A. Danielle Dagba
Tuesday, February 17, 2009


We naturally try to avoid situations or people that might cause us pain and sufferings, because by nature the human soul is destined to experience happiness and bliss.

However in this world pain and sufferings seem to be inevitable. But in reality they are a vital part of the human experience.

We must therefore acknowledge our pains, hurts, disappointment and our emotions. In doing so we must avoid asking 'why' has this happened or 'why' must I go through this? We must instead ask 'what' can I make of this? 'What is this current situation revealing about my character? What can I change within? What is this here to teach me?

The 'why's' will only invoke feelings of guilt and condemnation, the 'What's' are the stepping stones to spiritual growth and development.

We must change the way we perceive something in order to overcome it. Painful situations remind us that we are only humans and to be fully human is to fully embrace our human nature. Unless we do so we will not realize our divine nature.

This is why it is important to allow yourself to 'feel' how a particular situation has affected you. However this must be done without judging yourself or anyone else. Then it is equally important to surrender your feelings to God in Silence and let Divine Mind, justice and love be in control. Don't worry you may have to do this several times and this is perfectly ok. Then you need to seek divine guidance as to what to do next. In the meanwhile commune incessantly with God as you surrender and trust in his divine power to work all things out for good.

This spiritual practice maybe difficult at first because the tendency is to worry, doubt, and become fearful by assuming the worst possible outcome. But you must press through and make yourself be still and wait on the Lord.

Maybe you or a loved one is going through a challenging situation or are experiencing some kind of loss or sickness. Perhaps someone you have trusted and loved has caused you some disappointment, Maybe you are experiencing some kind of misfortunes or regrets.

A lot of the things that you are experiencing are the effect of the negative world system. But you must take heart for Christ Jesus has overcome the world and has taught us how you can too. Therefore let the same mind which was in Him be also in you. Christ dwells within your heart. It is your superconscious mind and your access to freedom, divine love, guidance and intelligence. It all begins in the mind.

Challenging situations are opportunities for change. Change your mind, change your world. That is where the real power resides, within you. Nothing outside of you has any real power to affect you. If you change the way you look at your current difficulties they will disappear. And like Florence Shinn says they shall go back to their native nothingness for they are from your vain imaginings.

I know that every time we experience some kind of pain, loss or suffering the tendency is to look without instead of within, which usually results in self-pity, disempowerment and sometimes depression. We often blame God or others for our own misfortunes because the false ego likes to point fingers to judge and condemn. This is the way to perdition and to experiencing more darkness. Won't you come to the light and allow its brightness to lead you to true enlightenment and happiness today and forevermore?

Remember you are in control of your world, if you let your world controls you, then it will be so. However you have the option to take charge and ownership of the direction of your life through your intentions. You can choose to instead speak to those mountains (adverse thoughts, situations or conditions) and tell them how big is your God today! You can arise above the seeming challenges. There is a way out, it has always been there within your own consciousness. The question is are you willing to change? That is the true lesson our challenges are here to teach us; an opportunity for change. Therefore be the change and take control of your life now.

In Him,

A. Danielle Dagba
Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Surrendering to Divine Will for Perfect Manifestations

Unless we learn the true meaning of the term ‘surrender’ we will continuously be afraid of completely yielding our hearts desires, our goals, our intentions and our dreams to God. And unless we learn how to be still and listen to our own hearts where the Voice for God speaks to us we will not properly hear what God’s purpose is for our lives, thus his ultimate will.

Surrendering is trusting in a higher power. In reality there is but one power; the power of God. When we only acknowledge the existence of one Power, we deny evil, for it is the recognition of another source of power outside of God's only power that creates the false reality of 'evil'.

We don’t surrender because we haven’t truly acknowledge the extent of God’s power.

Think about the concept of Infinite power. When we trust in it the power of the universe is made available to us, and there are no limits to what it can do through us and for us. It is important to know that God desires perfect expression through us by the revelation and manifestation of his divine power. However we often interfere with this divine plan for our lives because of fear and lack of trust.

We don’t really believe that God is able to work out everything for the good of those who love him. We love God when we trust his divine plan for our lives and believe in his infinite wisdom to lead and guide us to the perfect ideas that will bring about perfect order in our lives.

When we fail to recognize God’s infinite power and wisdom as our true guide it is impossible for us to trust in Him wholeheartedly. Though we may say we trust or believe in God, however action speaks louder than words. We may say so but in reality we don’t mean it because each time we say we surrender we don’t wait for his divine guidance, we become anxious and impatient and end up taking matters into our own hands. Which may result in us making foolish and unwise decisions out of fear.

To truly surrender is to wait for divine guidance. Though it may seem hard to wait at times because the human mind is accustomed to quick fixes and quick manifestations. God is infinite being and power. You may think of one possible way to reach a certain goal or to manifest a certain desire, though that way may seem logical or realistic in human terms and wisdom, know that God is infinite possibilities and for this reason you must learn to trust his wisdom to lead you always. Doing so will cause you to always be inspired and know what to do next.

To truly surrender is to listen to our heart and allow God's voice and power to lead us.

We know God’s will for our lives through our hearts desires. Many people would say 'I don’t know what God’s will is for my life'. What they are really saying is 'I don’t know how to listen to my self'. Meaning the higher self and not the small egocentric voice of the lower self that is manipulative and controlling. If you listen and obey to that small voice you will attract many disharmonies in your lives and affairs.

You must therefore learn to differentiate from those two voices until you completely recognize the Voice for Truth which speaks of love and seeks to help you realize God’s divine will for your life. Ultimately God desires that we experience unending and complete happiness through perfect love. God’s love encompasses the well being of all.

When you feel compelled to do something to improve the life of others and to make this planet a better place to live know that you are listening to the True voice, which is the indwelling Holy Spirit in you, as he seeks to unfold God’s divine will to and through you.

Therefore learn to Be still and listen to that voice and you will always know what to do and how to do it. Know that the same power that is causing such beauty and harmony in the entire universe is available to you right now and has always been. It is up to you to believe that the same force that is making the seasons alternate, the planets rotate and everything else from the tiniest cells in your body to the greatest elements in the universe in such perfect order can also revolutionize your mind and lead you to perfect God realization and manifestations. This is his divine will, plan and purpose for your life and don't you settle for anything less.

Won’t you trust in that power today and allow it to lead and guide you to your heart’s truest desires? Do so right now. Tomorrow will take care of itself.

Today trust and surrender. There is nothing to fear. Simply look within and around you and acknowledge his infinite and definite power at work in the universe and in you. You may not know as of yet what to do in order to come out of a certain situation or how to solve a particular problem. But know this you can choose to trust God right now to lead you and show you how.

To your divine manifestations,

A. Danielle Dagba
Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Spiritual Ecstasy

We all have experienced such a state at one point or another, though we may not recall. Spiritual ecstasy occurred a lot when we were babies or little children. It is a state of complete innocence, sheer beauty and divine love. It is a time of laughter and joy. We did not have a care in the world; for in such a state there are no worries, no pains, no ills, and no consciousness of evil and lack.

We were at one with pure consciousness, divine love, light and life. And in that reality there were complete wholeness, total well-being and perfect Self-expression. There was nothing to fear, nor anything to resist, there was only divine peace and love.

And later on as we grow up our divine nature slowly begins to get corrupted by our environment and the world thought system; which has caused fear to arise in our consciousness. Fear is the opposite of love and the root of many evils. It is negative faith. Fear is the belief in some opposite force or outside power that can harm us or affect us.

Because of such erroneous belief we slowly attract in our reality negative experiences which in the long run will cause us to deny our true nature and origin. And we begin to conform to the world negative belief in sin, sickness, lack, and poverty. We end up forgetting our real home, the place whence we came from.

Spiritual ecstasy is a spirit call to return home and experience Eden all over again. It is a pure desire to unite our mind with God’s mind. It all begins with a willingness to let go of the false reality this world offers, and to deny the adverse circumstances we may be experiencing, whether it is some type of lack, illness, or bad habits. You must believe that those are the characteristics of the false ego personality; which is the nature that has taken birth due to the world negative consciousness. You must realize that your true nature and your perfect self expression are awaiting on you to manifest. God is waiting on you to make the decision to come home and Christ is eager to take you there.

You haven’t experienced spiritual ecstasy simply because you have denied the Spirit's call. The Spirit is always calling, just as He is calling you right now. If you would only open your heart and simply say 'yes' and allow him to show you the wonders you are made of; your true nature and origin.

You can experience this right now if you would for a moment take a deep cleansing breath and slowly exhale as you become only conscious of God. In that pure awareness think of infinite love and goodness, think of everlasting life, think of complete happiness, and unending joy. Ponder on what it will be like to experience perfect peace and not having a care in the world. Allow yourself to delve into that reality.

Furthermore see all your problems resolved, see no more pain, sickness and lack. Then lose yourself awhile in that visualization. Acknowledge the existence of only ONE Power and it is divine. Let that pure energy overtake your mind, fill your heart and let the feeling of inner peace, security and love enfold and envelope your entire beingness. There is nothing to fear.

This is spiritual ecstasy. It is experiencing heaven on earth. You can experience this as often as you would like and as you are consistent with this practice the Spirit will lead you further to experiencing more wholeness and peace.

In his love,

A. Danielle Dagba
Thursday, January 8, 2009


Love is the essence of all that is. It is therefore all encompassing. It is the power of the universe made manifest through various expressions. Love is the unifying force that brings perfect harmony from the cells of our bodies to the various elements of the universe. It is, however Man’s perfect self-expression. It is the free flow of the divine essence in Man. Love is the underlying cause of all that is.

Love is essentially divine. It is the pure energy that causes us to move, to live and to have our being. Love is of God. It is the original consciousness from which all things and all lives emanate.

Love is the informative intelligent life principle that is currently at work in your body. It is what is causing you to breathe, making your heart beat and directing the movement of every cell, organ and tissue in your body creating perfect bodily function. Love is the invisible force that is causing the trees and the plant to grow, the sun, the moon and the seasons to alternate and the earth to rotate. Love is the every where present principle of Causation that harmonizes everything around us giving us joy and contentment.

Love is you, love is me. It is inherent in our 'beingness'. Love needs to be recognized and not sought after. Love is within and not without. We are the expressions of Love for we are of God. We came forth from love and can only love.

Love is our natural inclination. You will notice that in a case of a natural disaster people are often moved with compassion to donate and to help however they can. However we can allow that free flow of the divine essence to continuously flow through us and not just in certain unfortunate cases. We only need to recognize and remove those things that often block Love's awareness in us and others. Those are envy, jealousy, hatred, unforgiveness and the likes.

The truth is nothing can separate us from the love of God. Apostle Paul wrote:

No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. For I am sure that neither death nor life, nor angels nor rulers, nor things present nor things to come, nor powers, nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Nothing can separate us from the love of God for cause and effect are inseperable. God is our First Cause and we are the emanation of God. Cause and effects are two ends of the same stick. We are truly his image and likeness. In Truth we are not different from God, for we are his likeness. He is love and we are also love.

You can practice love in everything that you do and everywhere you may be. Begin by acknowledging God’s presence within, by paying attention to your breath. Recognize the pure energy that is causing you to inhale and exhale, praise the God-life in you. Acknowledge the same divine presence in others and also in the universe. When you are out in nature, or just out driving or doing errands pay attention to the trees, flowers, and people and recognize the underlying life principle that causes them to exist. These are the expressions of divine love. These are 'you' in multiple forms.

Love breaks the wall of separation and brings unity within the soul that acknowledges its presence. It unites us with God and with every aspect of creation. It causes us to see only good in others, thus awakening them to their divine nature. The more aware we become of this divine essence in us, the more aware we are of God. The more aware we are of God the more we are connected to our source and become like our source.

Today practice Love!

In Him,

A. Danielle Dagba

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