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Thursday, November 6, 2008

What do you, really, really KNOW?

Have you recently pondered on this awhile? Have you asked yourself what do you really know about yourself, others, God or how things work? We can easily misinterpret what we have heard, taught, or read about for what we actually know. I am talking here about acquiring experiential knowledge that leads to practical wisdom. It is what you know and have experienced personally that will set you free from lack of peace and joy.

What do you know besides the apparent reality the world of forms convey? Have you sought to look beyond the appearance and to connect to the underlying cause or nature of things, people, animals, and the universe? Have you wondered about the invisible force, which is the life intelligence that causes the moon and the sun to alternate along with the seasons? Have you thought about the human anatomy and asked yourself about this intelligent and informative life principle in every cell of your body that causes each one to work so harmoniously giving you perfect bodily function?

There is a Teacher within each one of us; He is the Voice of God within. He patiently awaits our inquiries in order to intervene in our lives and lead us to the path of perfect peace. If we don’t find the answers to life many questions it is simply because we haven’t stopped to ask or haven’t paid attention to His Voice. There is a truth to know about everything in life. But only those who diligently seek will find. There is a reality beyond the apparent reality that we perceive through our body eyes. It is the reality of the Kingdom of God within. It is the substantial reality from which all things emanate.

Seek therefore to know and experience the Truth that will make you free from the world of limitations, lack, poverty, sin and sickness the world of forms offer. Be determined to know and adhere to the Truth that will illumine your path to everlasting peace and joy. It is a personal journey. You must not be contented with merely what you have heard, taught, or read. Ponder on things in your own mind; seek to get revelation knowledge from Spirit within. Expand what you believe you already know through meditation and get wisdom.

Make today the beginning of a new personal quest to know the Truth experientially. As you come across some things, or people throughout your daily activities ask: "what do I really know about this thing, or that person?" or you may Say: "I am determined to know the truth that lies beyond the appearance". In this simple practice you are inviting the Spirit of God to quicken the eyes of your understanding. Consequently your mind and heart are opened to receive inspiration from above and to know the true and easy path to unending joy and perfect peace.

To a peaceful Journey!

A. Danielle Dagba


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Awakening Inner Peace & Happiness
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