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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Transcending the ego

The ego in itself is good. It allows us to personally identify our beingness, and it enables us to make some logical distinctions between ourselves and others. For that reason we must not destroy the ego, but rather transcend it.

The ego is first of all concerned with me, myself and I. We naturally think of our best interests and we look out for our own advantages. In other words the ego’ s primary concern is: ‘what’s in it for me’ for it was programmed to primarily function in this manner. And even if it were to fail us the society or the environment we grow up in will surely teach how to look out for oneself, which in the long run can cause dissension and division.

Religion has tried for centuries to unite souls through the bond of genuine love, but in spite of its many efforts, has failed in this endeavor. Breaking the barriers of wrongful egoful desires and ambitions that lead to division and separation is a personal choice and pursuit rather than a collective one. This encompasses the process of spiritualization. It is the soul’s journey to God realization and the true path to inner peace and joy.

When you transcend the ego you are not only concerned about yourself, but you are also mindful of your family, community and the society at large. Your utmost desire is to see others succeed and achieve their dreams and goals. You literally see yourself in everyone and I can even say that you become everyone else for you have destroyed the wall of separateness through consciousness. As a matter of fact you become like God; for God’s infinite love and goodness looks on all as one.

When you transcend the ego you bestow Christ’s love on everyone without judgments and discrimination. For you understand that judging others is judging yourself, since you have united your soul with the heart of your brothers and love them as you love yourself. There is no longer, me, myself and I, but rather you begin to think in terms such as: what’s in it for all of us. Every decision you will make in the future you will think about how it will affect others or how it will impact their lives.

When you transcend the ego you begin to live on purpose. For the real purpose of God’s spirit journeying through and in you is to realize God and this is done by becoming one or by unifying your soul with your brothers through pure love.

In today’s practice look on all as you would look on yourself.
Transcend or look beyond your brother’s ‘sins’ and connect to his soul where the light of Christ shines (perhaps dim.)
Today connect to your ‘enemy’s’ heart where true love exists.
Whatever you desire for one or for yourself also wish it for others.
Rejoice when others rejoice, together we can make this planet a better place to live.

In Love,

A. Danielle Dagba


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Awakening Inner Peace & Happiness
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