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Monday, November 3, 2008

Let God be God!

When God is in control, EVERYTHING is under control!

Our predominant thoughts control our reality. And we are in control of our thoughts. However we become all powerful only when our thoughts are in complete alignment with Universal Mind Power. It is in this POWER do all things consist and hold together. When our intentions are in the same vibrational resonance with Divine Mind, we got God on our side and with Him all things are possible. In that consciousness we no longer see limitations or feel powerless when facing adversities, for we solely rely on God’s invincible power.

We see limitations when we fail to seek God. But when we acknowledge His omnipotence and invoke His omnipresence we unite our mind with the Divine. It is in this oneness that we receive clarity and guidance. We are quickened within and simply know the right actions to take concerning a certain decision, situation or condition.

The problem with the majority of us is this: we become so consumed with the adverse situation or condition that we are currently facing that it begins to cloud our consciousness and the idea of being still and calling upon God for help becomes very distant. However it is precisely in that instance must we use every fiber of our being and cry out to God, who is an ever-present help in time of need.

Today no matter what the challenge maybe, know that you and God are majority. You only need to make a firm decision to cast the burden that has been weighing you down upon the Christ within, for He cares for you. Perhaps you or a loved one is going through a tough time. Instead of pondering on the problem in your own mind surrender it to God. Let Him be in control.

God knows exactly what need to be done, and the best way to carry it out into completion. His divine love encompasses all that concerns you and your loved ones. Then once you have completely surrendered, learn to let go and let God. If after you have completed all these steps you feel lead within to take any necessary actions, then be sure to follow your intuitive lead, who is the Voice of the Spirit of God within and your unerring guide. Otherwise do not interfere with the activities of the Spirit of God in your life or the lives of your loved ones. In other words let God be God. Let Him be in control and everything will be under control.

You may say: "in the situation involving (name person or situation)I choose to let God be God" or
"I will not interfere with the Activities of Spirit in my life or in the life of my loved one (name loved one)"

Make today a Peaceful one!

A. Danielle Dagba


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Awakening Inner Peace & Happiness
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Awakening Inner Peace & Happiness

Awakening Inner Peace & Happiness
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Divine Peacefulness
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