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Monday, November 24, 2008

The Best is yet to Come!

Embracing Life’s many challenges

To embrace a negative situation is to have complete dominion over it. You control the situation instead of letting it take over your life. Pondering about the situation over and over in your own mind alone will cause anxiety and will inevitably make it worse. As soon as a challenge arises it is better to surrender it to God immediately through prayer and spiritual meditation.

It is also very good to have a couple of positive affirmations in mind when fear and doubt wants to creep in your mind, such as: this too shall pass and I am on my way to it. Or thinking about the situation you may say: the best is yet to come; you may add: God is aware of this situation and his love upholds, prospers and protects everyone involved and myself.

Another way to embrace life challenges is to stop thinking that fate has dealt you a bad hand. People surrender to a life of pain and suffering because they refuse to embrace life challenges. Difficult situations will arise. This is inevitable. The difference is in how we perceive and handle them. We have the power to change any circumstances when we change the way we look at them. You can change the character of any challenges by changing your mental attitude about them. The ball is always in your court!

Some people when a challenging situation arises instead of thinking positively and imaging the best possible outcome they assume and picture the worst. What they fail to understand is the power of the imaging faculty. Florence Shinn refers to the imaging faculty as the scissors of the mind; always cutting the images that are found there and sooner or later out picture them in our bodies and affairs.

Apostle James, one of the writers of the New Testament wrote: consider it pure joy when you face trials of many kinds. One will wonder how is this possible? He is teaching us how to have mastery over life circumstances. Think about this not just one trial, but many trials of many kinds. You could be facing many different crises right now in your life but what will make the difference at the end is how you look at them.

Two people could be facing the same challenges but are handling them differently; they will undoubtedly have two different outcomes. It all broils down to your mental attitude. All begins in Mind and everything is mental. Our thoughts and feelings affect everything in our lives and attract in our daily experiences situations and people that are in same vibrational match to our beliefs system. You must believe that life is designed to be good and that whatever challenges you may be currently facing are here to teach you something new.

Life is your teacher, be a good student. Be willing to learn and Instead of being downcast, railing and condemning your life or the people therein you should bless it and affirm that it is good. Furthermore see every challenge as an opportunity to learn new truths and to develop spiritual. Ask: what can I learn through this situation, what is life teaching me right now? Be open to learn and be a happy learner. Stay positive even if things seem to get worse. No matter what don’t lose your joy. Pure joy has nothing to do with outside circumstances. It is a mental decision to use your innate ability to find a quiet refuge within no matter what is going on without.

In love,

A. Danielle Dagba


Divine Source Ministries said...

simple, clear, and practical lesson. Thank you.

Minister Guerdy Seddoh said...

Wow! I am encouraged. This article, even the title lifted up my spirits. Thanks for the affirmations. Yes, we are more then conquerors!! Hallelujah!! Glory to God!!
Thank You.

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