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Monday, November 24, 2008

The Best is yet to Come!

Embracing Life’s many challenges

To embrace a negative situation is to have complete dominion over it. You control the situation instead of letting it take over your life. Pondering about the situation over and over in your own mind alone will cause anxiety and will inevitably make it worse. As soon as a challenge arises it is better to surrender it to God immediately through prayer and spiritual meditation.

It is also very good to have a couple of positive affirmations in mind when fear and doubt wants to creep in your mind, such as: this too shall pass and I am on my way to it. Or thinking about the situation you may say: the best is yet to come; you may add: God is aware of this situation and his love upholds, prospers and protects everyone involved and myself.

Another way to embrace life challenges is to stop thinking that fate has dealt you a bad hand. People surrender to a life of pain and suffering because they refuse to embrace life challenges. Difficult situations will arise. This is inevitable. The difference is in how we perceive and handle them. We have the power to change any circumstances when we change the way we look at them. You can change the character of any challenges by changing your mental attitude about them. The ball is always in your court!

Some people when a challenging situation arises instead of thinking positively and imaging the best possible outcome they assume and picture the worst. What they fail to understand is the power of the imaging faculty. Florence Shinn refers to the imaging faculty as the scissors of the mind; always cutting the images that are found there and sooner or later out picture them in our bodies and affairs.

Apostle James, one of the writers of the New Testament wrote: consider it pure joy when you face trials of many kinds. One will wonder how is this possible? He is teaching us how to have mastery over life circumstances. Think about this not just one trial, but many trials of many kinds. You could be facing many different crises right now in your life but what will make the difference at the end is how you look at them.

Two people could be facing the same challenges but are handling them differently; they will undoubtedly have two different outcomes. It all broils down to your mental attitude. All begins in Mind and everything is mental. Our thoughts and feelings affect everything in our lives and attract in our daily experiences situations and people that are in same vibrational match to our beliefs system. You must believe that life is designed to be good and that whatever challenges you may be currently facing are here to teach you something new.

Life is your teacher, be a good student. Be willing to learn and Instead of being downcast, railing and condemning your life or the people therein you should bless it and affirm that it is good. Furthermore see every challenge as an opportunity to learn new truths and to develop spiritual. Ask: what can I learn through this situation, what is life teaching me right now? Be open to learn and be a happy learner. Stay positive even if things seem to get worse. No matter what don’t lose your joy. Pure joy has nothing to do with outside circumstances. It is a mental decision to use your innate ability to find a quiet refuge within no matter what is going on without.

In love,

A. Danielle Dagba
Thursday, November 20, 2008

Recognizing the false ego-personality

A lot of people are unhappy with the experiences they have attracted into their lives, however they feel powerless in changing their life circumstances. The problem is they don’t really know where to begin. Well it starts here my friend: Knowing thyself.

Self-awareness is the beginning of true transformation. This requires learning, which at times involves reading and studying spiritual texts and materials. This is why those of us who do not read and learn are less intelligent and less powerful in creating the life they deserve than those of us who do. Learning leads us to enlightenment and empowerment. Those who have stop learning have settled for a life of mediocrity and are easily affected by the world negative consciousness of lack, poverty, sickness and death. Knowledge is power, knowing thyself is even more powerful!

So we all came into this world as little babies, full of love, life, laughter, innocence and beauty. Slowly but surely we begin to get ‘domesticated’, that is we begin to be influenced by the world collective consciousness, whether at home, school, the society or just the environment we grew up in. As we continue to emerge in society we begin to put on a certain personality.

This personality is the direct result of our beliefs systems, which in fact are not truly our own for we have been affected by other people beliefs. They did not emerge from our authenticity or our divine self. Nevertheless we have adopted them as our own and those beliefs inevitably begin to shape our character.

Everything that we have experienced or witnessed as we were growing up also affects our beliefs and consequently our lives. For example if someone was raised in a society that believes that women are lesser than men, this belief will affects his/her personality until that mindset is changed. Or consider a child who continuously experienced violence at home, this child might turn out to be an angry or violent person as he/she grows up.

So what happened to that sweet innocent, loving baby I mentioned earlier? The wisdom of this world slowly corrupts our divine nature and consequently the false ego personality erects in our consciousness and begins to rule over our lives. Anything that does not witness to our authenticity is false and must be denied. A lot of people identify themselves with the false ego and begin to make statements such as: well that is just me, that is who I am, or I have always been like this; but who told you so? They have believed in such lies for so long that they have failed to search for their true origin and identify. And that ignorance has caused many to miss the mark, or sin meaning they are separated in consciousness from the True Light that has brought them forth.

The truth is we are not those false personalities; we are not the false images that our erroneous thought patterns and beliefs have painted in our subconscious (heart) over the years. Unless we acknowledge and embrace this truth about ourselves we will not seek to know who we truly are and we will not change or attract those happy circumstances. We were created in the image and likeness of God and that settles it. We are authentically divine and were made to create like God and to be like him.

Though we have put on several false personalities, in our true nature or divine nature we have not changed. The life of God in us, which is the breath of God in every person that came into this world, is eternal and unalterable. It is our True Self. This is why the bible teaches to put on the new Self, which is renewed in knowledge after the image of him that created him. It is the Christ-Self that Jesus came to awaken in each one of us. He is the Light that took us out of darkness. He is the the true light that reveals our divine self.

This scripture afore mentioned brought me back to the point I was making in the beginning of this article, the new Self must be renewed in the Knowledge of God. If you don’t know your creator, who is the light (wisdom) and the life (Power) that has brought you into existence you will inevitably ignore your true Self; for that is the self that is created in His image and likeness. It is the real you that has been hidden under the darkness of illusions of the false self. Your divine nature awaits your recognition in other to manifest.

Today begin by denying the false ego personality its demands. When certain thoughts or images submerge from the subconscious that are not in alignment with your true identity immediately put them to flight, by claiming your innocence, beauty and love. Those thoughts and images are easy to notice for they are usually negative and destructive. You may negate them from your consciousness by simply acknowledging God’s presence in you, which is your divine nature. As you acknowledge your own breath you may come to that awareness; the awareness of the divine presence within you.

Above anything else desire to learn about your true identity and origin and God will do the rest. This desire will become a strong magnetic force that will attract into your life and experiences all that you need in order to discover the truth about your DIVINE SELF.

In love,

A. Danielle Dagba
Monday, November 17, 2008

Intended for LOVE

When something is not being used for the purpose for which it was intended it gets abused. Abuse means abnormal use. You were created and intended for love, which means you were created and intended for God, for HE IS LOVE. You came forth from love and were specifically designed to operate and function in love; God’s love. And God says, "Let us make man in our image and likeness", meaning to love and give love. We can all agree that you cannot give something that you don’t have. You must first have something in your possession before you can give it away.

You originate from an exhaustible source of Love, which is God. God created you with the intention that you will become so lavished and content in his love that you should not need anything for his love is sufficient, it is more than enough, and therefore you shall not want anything.

The human soul was purposely designed to function in perfect oneness with the source from whence it came from. Our soul was made to know God. The word ‘know’ here means to have a personal relationship with, which is only possible from having an experiential knowledge of God. This is true intimacy. Apart from God’s genuine love, anything else the soul will experience is a counterfeit.

Without this deep and intimate relationship with its creator, the human soul begins to experience starvation. It begins to feel ‘love sick' and longs for relationship, companionship, intimacy and love outside its temple, meaning from the world. And because it is not acquainted with what true love is, it erroneously accepts 'cheap' love for true love. And unfortunately the human soul, which is the heart, then experiences many heartaches and abuse. The human heart is designed to first experience true love that can only be found in God.

Many people go from one relationship to the next or from divorce to divorce in search of true love because the soul won’t settle for anything less. Some people long to be married because they yearn for unconditional love. This is because the soul was intended for love.

While there is nothing wrong with desiring to be in a relationship or to be married, it is a big mistake however to believe that the source of love is to be found without. The everlasting spring of love, which is God presence in you, is located right within the human heart. Why would it be anywhere else, one may wonder. Love must be found where God is.

"I will be found by you says the Lord if you search me with all your heart". Unfortunately many people use all of their mind, strength and energy in pursuit for love where it cannot be found, and it is sadly very foolish. Or some look for material needs to fulfill the emptiness the soul experiences without God’s love. Others indulge in sensual pleasures in order to ease the loneliness of the heart. These temporary enjoyments leave the heart yearning and desiring more for it is intended for true, genuine and everlasting love.

God’s love is not just a feeling, it is something that the human soul experiences as it acknowledges and completely relies on God’s presence and strength within for all its needs. God’s love is a surge of emotions that result as our soul is completely lavished through this oneness. In this divine intimacy our heart melts with God’s heart and commune with him. It is something that can only be experienced through sonship or divine relationship.

The more you desire to know God, the more He will reveal himself to you. The more you experience God’s love the more your soul will yearn for more of his love, for it can only be satisfied with the best. In the same token the less you desire to know God, the more your soul will starve for true love and because it is not acquainted with God’s love, it will settle for cheap love and gets hurt.

Today no matter where you may be in your seeking to know God or your personal relationship with him, know that you are intended to know him more personally. God desires relationship and sonship. He wants your heart and that is all that He truly needs from you. God has everything else; he just wants a relationship with you. Therefore open up your heart and acknowledge his Presence and Goodness in your heart and life and receive from this everlasting and inexhaustible spring of Genuine love until you want no more. Once you possess enough of God’s love you can then lavish this love upon others. In your relationships you will seek to give rather than to receive love, for you are now rooted and established in God (in love), and are eternally being supplied from a source that is inexhaustible.

Remember you are intended to experience pure, genuine and unconditional love. Don’t you settle for less! Claim all the love that is yours by divine right today!


A. Danielle Dagba
Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Transcending the ego

The ego in itself is good. It allows us to personally identify our beingness, and it enables us to make some logical distinctions between ourselves and others. For that reason we must not destroy the ego, but rather transcend it.

The ego is first of all concerned with me, myself and I. We naturally think of our best interests and we look out for our own advantages. In other words the ego’ s primary concern is: ‘what’s in it for me’ for it was programmed to primarily function in this manner. And even if it were to fail us the society or the environment we grow up in will surely teach how to look out for oneself, which in the long run can cause dissension and division.

Religion has tried for centuries to unite souls through the bond of genuine love, but in spite of its many efforts, has failed in this endeavor. Breaking the barriers of wrongful egoful desires and ambitions that lead to division and separation is a personal choice and pursuit rather than a collective one. This encompasses the process of spiritualization. It is the soul’s journey to God realization and the true path to inner peace and joy.

When you transcend the ego you are not only concerned about yourself, but you are also mindful of your family, community and the society at large. Your utmost desire is to see others succeed and achieve their dreams and goals. You literally see yourself in everyone and I can even say that you become everyone else for you have destroyed the wall of separateness through consciousness. As a matter of fact you become like God; for God’s infinite love and goodness looks on all as one.

When you transcend the ego you bestow Christ’s love on everyone without judgments and discrimination. For you understand that judging others is judging yourself, since you have united your soul with the heart of your brothers and love them as you love yourself. There is no longer, me, myself and I, but rather you begin to think in terms such as: what’s in it for all of us. Every decision you will make in the future you will think about how it will affect others or how it will impact their lives.

When you transcend the ego you begin to live on purpose. For the real purpose of God’s spirit journeying through and in you is to realize God and this is done by becoming one or by unifying your soul with your brothers through pure love.

In today’s practice look on all as you would look on yourself.
Transcend or look beyond your brother’s ‘sins’ and connect to his soul where the light of Christ shines (perhaps dim.)
Today connect to your ‘enemy’s’ heart where true love exists.
Whatever you desire for one or for yourself also wish it for others.
Rejoice when others rejoice, together we can make this planet a better place to live.

In Love,

A. Danielle Dagba
Thursday, November 6, 2008

What do you, really, really KNOW?

Have you recently pondered on this awhile? Have you asked yourself what do you really know about yourself, others, God or how things work? We can easily misinterpret what we have heard, taught, or read about for what we actually know. I am talking here about acquiring experiential knowledge that leads to practical wisdom. It is what you know and have experienced personally that will set you free from lack of peace and joy.

What do you know besides the apparent reality the world of forms convey? Have you sought to look beyond the appearance and to connect to the underlying cause or nature of things, people, animals, and the universe? Have you wondered about the invisible force, which is the life intelligence that causes the moon and the sun to alternate along with the seasons? Have you thought about the human anatomy and asked yourself about this intelligent and informative life principle in every cell of your body that causes each one to work so harmoniously giving you perfect bodily function?

There is a Teacher within each one of us; He is the Voice of God within. He patiently awaits our inquiries in order to intervene in our lives and lead us to the path of perfect peace. If we don’t find the answers to life many questions it is simply because we haven’t stopped to ask or haven’t paid attention to His Voice. There is a truth to know about everything in life. But only those who diligently seek will find. There is a reality beyond the apparent reality that we perceive through our body eyes. It is the reality of the Kingdom of God within. It is the substantial reality from which all things emanate.

Seek therefore to know and experience the Truth that will make you free from the world of limitations, lack, poverty, sin and sickness the world of forms offer. Be determined to know and adhere to the Truth that will illumine your path to everlasting peace and joy. It is a personal journey. You must not be contented with merely what you have heard, taught, or read. Ponder on things in your own mind; seek to get revelation knowledge from Spirit within. Expand what you believe you already know through meditation and get wisdom.

Make today the beginning of a new personal quest to know the Truth experientially. As you come across some things, or people throughout your daily activities ask: "what do I really know about this thing, or that person?" or you may Say: "I am determined to know the truth that lies beyond the appearance". In this simple practice you are inviting the Spirit of God to quicken the eyes of your understanding. Consequently your mind and heart are opened to receive inspiration from above and to know the true and easy path to unending joy and perfect peace.

To a peaceful Journey!

A. Danielle Dagba
Monday, November 3, 2008

Let God be God!

When God is in control, EVERYTHING is under control!

Our predominant thoughts control our reality. And we are in control of our thoughts. However we become all powerful only when our thoughts are in complete alignment with Universal Mind Power. It is in this POWER do all things consist and hold together. When our intentions are in the same vibrational resonance with Divine Mind, we got God on our side and with Him all things are possible. In that consciousness we no longer see limitations or feel powerless when facing adversities, for we solely rely on God’s invincible power.

We see limitations when we fail to seek God. But when we acknowledge His omnipotence and invoke His omnipresence we unite our mind with the Divine. It is in this oneness that we receive clarity and guidance. We are quickened within and simply know the right actions to take concerning a certain decision, situation or condition.

The problem with the majority of us is this: we become so consumed with the adverse situation or condition that we are currently facing that it begins to cloud our consciousness and the idea of being still and calling upon God for help becomes very distant. However it is precisely in that instance must we use every fiber of our being and cry out to God, who is an ever-present help in time of need.

Today no matter what the challenge maybe, know that you and God are majority. You only need to make a firm decision to cast the burden that has been weighing you down upon the Christ within, for He cares for you. Perhaps you or a loved one is going through a tough time. Instead of pondering on the problem in your own mind surrender it to God. Let Him be in control.

God knows exactly what need to be done, and the best way to carry it out into completion. His divine love encompasses all that concerns you and your loved ones. Then once you have completely surrendered, learn to let go and let God. If after you have completed all these steps you feel lead within to take any necessary actions, then be sure to follow your intuitive lead, who is the Voice of the Spirit of God within and your unerring guide. Otherwise do not interfere with the activities of the Spirit of God in your life or the lives of your loved ones. In other words let God be God. Let Him be in control and everything will be under control.

You may say: "in the situation involving (name person or situation)I choose to let God be God" or
"I will not interfere with the Activities of Spirit in my life or in the life of my loved one (name loved one)"

Make today a Peaceful one!

A. Danielle Dagba

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