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Monday, October 27, 2008

We are all made of the same 'God-stuff'


In spirit and in truth we are one, for there is only One God and He is omnipresent. Meaning GOD is within each and every single one of us. He is in you as He is in me. Therefore in truth you are ‘me’, and I am ‘you’. In reality there is no distinction. We are one.

The differences in physical appearances are nothing but illusions; in essence we are of the same God and are made of the same ‘God-stuff’.The false belief that we are different and separate from one another is the first darkness that must be dissolved in our consciousness if we are to experience complete freedom and perfect peace. Furthermore this erroneous mindset is the cause of the disharmonies many people experience in their homes, relationships, bodies and affairs. When we understand that fundamentally we are one no matter the apparent differences in skin color, title, geographical location, ethnicity or race, we are free from the race belief in separateness and division.

This freedom causes the life force in us, which is our divine nature, to freely express and manifest itself through us toward others. This divine life is the power of Love that recognizes everyone as they are and not as they appear to be. When we become one with this force it compels us to love and treat others as we would like to be loved and to be treated. Furthermore this power causes us to project ourselves in others and to see our own image in them, thus loving them as we love ourselves.

When we fail to recognize God as the underlying cause or the life principle in all that exists, we deny God’s omnipresence, and this ignorance keeps us in bondage. When we ignore the fundamental truths of our origin, and our cause we deny our oneness with God and with one another, and consequently we become subject to pain, confusion and suffering.

However, when we understand that God is the source of all life and the life generator of all that is, we acknowledge his presence everywhere. And this acknowledgment is the beginning of wisdom. This truth awakens our awareness to our inner guidance and enlightens the true and easy path to our life purpose and destiny. Furthermore it destroys the illusive wall of separation that has kept us apart from our creator and our brothers.

Today embody oneness! Unite yourself with your brother in consciousness. Salute and praise the divine life in every soul you meet today whether in your mind or during your daily interactions. Make an attempt to go beyond the appearance and connect with everyone’s true nature, or essence. In doing so you are sending forth vibrations of divine love, which is the highest vibratory force that exists, and the love that you send forth is that which you keep.

Today practice oneness!

A. Danielle Dagba
Thursday, October 23, 2008

Giving what you want to receive

Giving what you want to receive fulfills the principle of giving and receiving; in order to have something we must be willing to give it away. Freely you receive and freely you also must give. Whatsoever a man soweth that also he shall reap.

Today sow seeds of love, and appreciation. Today give a smile, or a hug. Today return a friend's email or call an old buddy of yours. Today take time to listen to others and be compassionate and understanding. Today send a thank you card, or buy a small gift for someone. A little something can go a long way. Today be mindful of others. A little gesture can make a great impact in someone else's life. You never know what others may be going through in their personal lives, therefore be conscious of others and listen to their heart.

Don't underestimate the power in doing the seemingly 'small things'.

Today be the change you wish to see, give what you want to receive

A. Danielle Dagba
Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Experiencing Radical Changes

True transformation occurs in the core of our being’ness; which is our soul. The human soul or spirit is made of thoughts and feelings, which comprise our consciousness. We are sentient beings, meaning we are thinking and feeling beings.

Everything begins in the invisible realm of the mind, therefore the radical changes we desire must also start there. We all have access to the same universal mind power, for everything that exists, the universe and its inhabitants originate from the same source. And in this power do all things consist and hold together. However, throughout the whole creation only human beings have been endowed with the ability to create. Which means as free beings we can attract through our thoughts whatsoever we desire.

Our beliefs influence our personalities, and our personalities influence our experiences. Our thoughts and feelings are constantly shaping our lives whether we realize this or not. And we are the sole creators of our ‘reality’. We attract everything in our reality first through our thoughts, then through our feelings, and next through our beliefs. We first think a thought, next we emotionalize it through feelings, and then we believe it. And whatever we invest our faith in we are attracting into our lives.

If your current beliefs are not bringing about the kind of experiences that you deserve, you must therefore begin to think, believe and create differently. This is only possible when you seek to acquire higher truths and knowledge.

The more truths you know the more powerful you become in creating the life that you deserve. When you ignore the spiritual principles that govern the universe and its inhabitants, including you, you become subject to the world negative consciousness in lack, poverty, limitations, sin, sickness and death.

Everything that you need in order to heal your heart, transform your mind and revolutionize your life lies within you. Everything begins with thoughts. If you are willing to change your thought-patterns and beliefs systems, you will undoubtedly change your life. If you seek to acquire the ultimate truths and knowledge that will enlighten the path to wholeness, fulfillment and happiness you shall surely find them. All that is required of you is your whole heart.

"You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart. I will be found by you, declares the LORD..." Jer 29:11-14
Thursday, October 16, 2008

Practice Perfection

We habitually believe in imperfection. However every form of habit can be reversed if we so desire. The world system relates perfection to doing rather than simply being. We have been told since we were kids that in order to be this we must do that. Therefore our mind has been infected with this erroneous concept and many of us have believed it to be true. As a result we have been striving for many years to reach perfection. Trying entails failing. The harder we try the further we are from realizing our perfect nature.

The preconceived idea that we must aim at something, subtly suggests to the subconscious mind that we don’t believe that we already possess it It also implies that we have not identified ourselves with it. The subconscious mind, which is the heart, will release into the universe those vibrations of ‘imperfection’, which will in turn attract circumstances or events of the same vibrational energy into our experiences. Energy attracts energy of the same vibration. If we are releasing thoughts and feelings of 'imperfection' we are attracting more 'imperfection' into our lives.

The idea of perfection has been misconceived. It is not achieved by doing, but rather by being. Be ye perfect as your father in heaven is perfect, Jesus said. In Spirit and in Truth we are already perfect. The ignorance of our true nature is our biggest hindrance to recognizing and accepting our divinity. This unawareness is like a thick cloud that hides a bright sunny and clear sky. Superficially it looks like a gloomy day, but in truth it only appears to be so since the cloud merely hides the sunbeam. In the same way the wrong conception of who or what we has darkened our understanding. This darkness causes us to ignore our divine nature, and consequently we end up clothing ourselves with a false nature. This is the false ego personality.

This false personality has been destroyed through the redemptive work of Christ Jesus.
When we truly partake in the atonement we really believed that the false self has been crucified, our mind has been renewed and our soul redeemed or saved. Our perfection is then revealed. Therefore perfection is salvation.

Therefore seek to know who you really are within and not without. Erase from your consciousness any beliefs that suggest that your essence is in some way related to your accomplishments or attainments. Salvation is not done by works. Naturally accept and embrace your True Self, which is your Christ-Self.

Today get into the ‘spirit of things’, and arise your consciousness from being just a body and look beyond it so that you may discover your divine nature.

Today practice perfection. You may say: I am perfect as my Father in heaven is perfect. I am not what the world says I am. I am not what I think I am; I am that I am. I erase from my consciousness the belief in the false ego self.

You are Perfect! Accept it! Embrace it! Be it!

To your perfection!

A. Danielle Dagba
Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Have you had enough of the mundane? Are you getting tired of your daily routines? Is your soul yearning for something more out of life?

The human’s soul will incessantly demands more, for it will not settle for less. Your soul was designed to experience peace and joy. It is for this reason you came forth. However, one can truly be peaceful and joyful only when he is using his gifts and talents for the fulfillment of his life purpose; which is his ultimate calling.
Yes you did not just show up here, you were called and are destined to live happily ever after; yes just like in those fairy tales! Many people are living in such state because they are living on purpose. They are consciously creating the life they deserve. Many of us are unhappy because we have settled for a life of limitations and mediocrity. Some of us are merely content with the idea of making money. Yes money can buy a lot of things but it can never buy happiness. Some people are just going along with the flow so to speak. They are simply doing what everyone else does with the assumption that if it works for others, then it must also work for them. They become imitators and not creators.

The truth is as a spirit being you were born to create and not to imitate
. Spirit is Mind, consequently you must become mindful. Spirit is creative, innovative and original. Spirit is also complete, therefore it does not need anything. This means you shall not be in want, for all that you will ever need in order to produce the exciting life you deserve has already been provided.

Have you ever seen a user’s manual outside of the box? The manufacturer will always put it inside. Likewise God, our Maker, has put within each one of us an user's manual. It is our unerring guide to the secrets to divine manifestations which leads to the fulfillment of our life purpose. The answers to life many confusions and problems are closer to you than your own breath. Look within and become inward-focus. Your invisible you –your mind- shapes your life. As a result you must discover the working powers of your own mind in order to create appropriately.

According to modern psychology the average person uses no more than 6% of his mind power. That means there is 94% of untapped potentials and endless possibilities awaiting your awareness. You can be all that you want to be. If you can conceive it you can achieve it. But have you limited yourself? Have you ignored your inherent abilities to produce and create the circumstances that you wish to attract into your existence? You have the ability to imagine the life that you want. And there is no better time to do this than NOW!

You are here in order to produce the kind of life you were destined to live. You will feel unproductive until you begin to walk in your individual pattern. All that you need in order to fulfill your destiny is in you. You have all power to attract the right people and the right events.

You were called to freely create. Set no more boundaries. Explore all possibilities! You are destined to be happy and to experience everlasting joy. Don’t settle for anything less! Picture the life that you want! Imagine having all that you need in order to fulfill your life purpose. Feel the joy of being complete and not lacking any good things. Claim contentment! Walk on your divine pattern! Anticipate every day as being the best day of your life!

To a happier you!

A. Danielle Dagba
Friday, October 10, 2008

Appreciating the People in our Lives

To appreciate someone is to highly esteem him by exercising keen insight in realizing his worth. This means we must make every effort to connect to people's fundamental nature and not the superficial one. In Reality everyone is Good, for God is the good omnipresent life Principle that vitalizes every soul.

Reality is what IS. Just as nature, it may be unrecognized but it is unchangeable. However, when a soul is not yet awakened to its divine nature it believes it is separated from its source. And this erroneous mindset darkens its understanding, and causes it to act in a way that is contrary to its true Self. This liberating insight will make you free from judging others, and will enable you to go beyond their appearance and connect to their essence.

When we appreciate someone, we show him consideration and love; we value his opinion, we respect his point of views and his choices. When we don’t give value to something we don’t acknowledge it. Consequently it depreciates and sooner or later it will stop existing. When we appreciate what we have and are thankful for it, we become conscious of its worth and it increases in value. On the other hand when we fail to see its importance, it will decrease in value.

When you are grateful for what you have, you are in a state of contentment and more will be added unto you, but when you are ungrateful even the ‘little’ you think you have will be taken from you.

You will notice that people will tend to be around the people who show them appreciation, love and consideration. When someone feels a negative vibe around a particular person or environment, he usually avoids being there. This is why it is important to appreciate and encourage our loved ones, especially our kids. We must show them how much we care, and continually send positive thoughts (vibes) towards them.

What often causes us to have a change of heart towards other people is the belief that they have hurt us or let us down in the past. The reason for that is because we have had some expectations, and when those were not met we felt unappreciated and unloved. As a result we decided to withdraw our love and appreciation from them.

In order to avoid this ordeal it is better not to set any expectations and to simply go with the flow. Allow the relationship to unfold and learn from each other. In addition let every experience become an opportunity for spiritual growth and Self-development. Do not rely on anyone or anything outside of you to supply that which can only be found within you. Appreciate yourself, and give yourself value. You will see the importance of the people in your lives in accordance to how much you value and appreciate yourself.

Be the change!
Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What is Man?

Seeking to Understand our nature, identity and origin

The misconception of who God is and the wrong interpretation of his attributes is the darkness that has veiled our divine identity, and nature. When we fail to understand the God-nature we will undoubtedly misunderstand our own nature. And This ignorance is a major hindrance to our spiritual development.

Nature speaks of one's origin. Religion has taught us for years that we are of God and were in his image and likeness. Well one may wonder; what does this really mean? We have a physical body and we live in a circumscribed area. Where does God fit in all of this? We are told that God is All-powerful, all knowledge and everywhere present. Further more we are told that God is infinite wisdom, everlasting love, and He is good. Well one may wonder how can anyone measure up to God? How can one relate to such Perfection?

Some may ask: If He exists, and is everywhere, then where is He? If he is so good, so powerful, then why isn’t he doing something about all the pain and sufferings and famine in the world? We often hear people wondering about God’s existence, goodness and love. Because of Lack of accurate knowledge many have denied God, and consequently have denied their true origin and nature. Nature is what IS, though it may be unrecognized, it is unchangeable.

God is God, He is eternally Truth and forever Good. One may not acknowledge Him as such, but that does not change who God is. There is only one way to find out who is God, it is by knowing Him personally. And only in this perfect knowledge will your true nature be revealed to you.

However you will only know God if you truly desire to know and seek him with all your might. Then you will seek Me, inquire for, and require Me [as a vital necessity] and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart. One must also be determined to Know Him above everything else.

This strong desire will become a powerful magnetic force that will attract to one’s experience all that He needs to learn in order to acquire Perfect knowledge of God (Truth). This also suggests that He is willing to put aside any former beliefs that may have hindered him and slowed down his spiritual growth. And that he is open to hear from God directly in his spirit.

Today seek to know God Personally
Commune with Him in your spirit
Receive a new revelation of your True Self

In His Peace

A. Danielle Dagba
Friday, October 3, 2008

Peace Unshakable!

Do you feel disturbed when certain thoughts or images come to your mind? Do you allow people’s attitude or personalities -even your own- bring out ‘the worst’ in you? Are you moved by the realities of this realm? Do you let the world negative consciousness, which is the race belief in lack, poverty, sin and sickness – pollute your mindset and affect your personal belief system?

If your answer is “yes”to any of the preceding questions, you have been longing for Divine Peace whether you are conscious of this or not. The human soul is purposely programmed to have such desire. This longing is the life of God in you that is seeking perfect expression through you. It is the Spirit of God that gives Life. The life that you are now living has its source in God, for God is the Creative Life principle of all that exists. Therefore since Life originates in God, the perfect expression of Life must also be found in HIm.

The divine life in you is essentially perfect. However the God-life in you needs the divine guidance of God-wisdom for perfect expression. The lack of godly wisdom is the root of many inharmonies Man experiences in his life. To change the course of his life he must seek spiritual understanding through communion with God. He must unite hiss soul with God-Mind, and it is only in this perfect oneness that he experiences perfect peace.

How do you go about aligning your soul with the God-Mind? First it requires your willingness, which depends on your determination to be free from the world collective and negative consciousness, and then you must deny the illusive peace it offers. For this world is incapable of giving any lasting peace. The world does offer temporary pleasures. But they fade away as quickly as they come; for they are illusions.

Thirdly feel free to ask. If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally. Asking suggests that you are willing to let go of the erroneous perception that had once kept you in darkness. By asking God you are opening your soul to receiving godly wisdom. This wisdom enlightens your mind and leads you to experiencing peace unshakable.

Today seek peace where it can only be found, or what you will find is inharmony. The answer to any lack of peace you may be experiencing right now lies within you. Look no where else!

Peace be with you

A. Danielle Dagba
Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Your Divine Pattern

There is something you came to give that no one else can, there is something you came to do that only you can. What is written in the book of life concerning you is unique. No two individuals have the same exact pattern. Though our destiny is the same, the pattern is different.

You were specifically designed and equipped to walk in your individual pattern. This divine pattern is written in your heart. This specific thing you came to do is inside of you; awaiting your acknowledgement to manifest.

You did not show up here by accident, you were predestined, called and set apart for a specific purpose. In the Divine Mind there are no accidents. God intentionally created everything in the entire universe for a specific purpose. The birds, the moon, the sun, the trees are all functioning according to the purpose for which they were created. This is why there is such peace when we are out in nature. Yes,You will notice an immediate connection with God as soon as you step out in nature. This is so because everything in nature is functioning in perfect harmony.

We will experience perfect peace only when we discover our specific pattern. The inharmonies that are brought about in our lives are the effects of our own ignorance. The minute we make the decision to know our individual calling everything in the whole universe will begin to work synchonistically in order to reveal our pattern to us. For the whole creation eagerly awaits the manifestation of the Sons of God; and this is who we are.

Find out the purpose for which you were called. Open your heart and allow this pattern to be revealed to you. Turn your focus inward. You must escape the reality of this world every so often and commune with the Spirit of God within so that His divine ideas concerning your destiny may be unfold to you. As you are doing this inward journey, trust the Spirit of God within you to show you and direct your every step to your perfect pattern.

In Peace,

A. Danielle Dagba

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