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Sunday, August 31, 2008

"Understanding the Underlying Nature of Our Desires"

There is something within each one of us that is continuously seeking a higher self-expression. It is seeking and longing for complete freedom, perfect happiness and total bliss. We know this to be true because deep within us, in the core of our being, there is a constant yearning to find true and unending happiness. Like many people we often project to experience this outside of us. Many times we hope this will occur through the people in our lives or through our life choices. But sooner or later we will realize that the soul is still unfulfilled. It begins to demand more out of us.

Desire is this invisible energy within us ... that is constantly seeking more than it already has because it is unsatisfied with less. Desire is God seeking his perfect self-expression in us and through us. Unless we recognize desire as such we will seek, but in vain. It's only when we come to the understanding that this unseen energy is the 'God Life' in us that is seeking expression through us, do we begin the journey to true happiness.

Desires in their underlying nature are our integrity. There is nothing wrong with us desiring or wanting anything. It is our conscious mind that often judges our desires as being ‘good’ or ‘bad’. But with this new understanding we can from now train ourselves to embrace our longings, cravings, along with our wishes and needs as they submerge from the heart. The way to do this is by first acknowledging our desires so that they are not suppressed. Suppression in the long run may cause depression. Secondly we must seek divine understanding in order to avoid relying on our own wisdom and insights.

We seek God’s intervention in our lives and affairs when we open our heart to Him and trust him for guidance. We must also remember that God desires relationship. And the basis of any relationships is trust. When we trust God, God also trusts us and will reveal to us his divine pattern for our lives.

Perhaps you may have been longing and waiting for a certain need or desire to manifest in your life, now is the opportune time. Cease this moment and use it as an opportunity to grow in a deeper intimacy with God. Cast everything upon him for He cares for you. Be not afraid to ask God questions. The only way we get answers is by asking questions. Seek to understand the God life, which is the God nature in you. Seek to understand God Mind or His Wisdom. In doing so you are in fact seeking first His Kingdom and His righteousness and ‘all these things shall be added unto you’. This kingdom, the bible tells us, is to be found in Man. Everything that you need in order to see your desires fulfilled is also in you, look no where else or you will look in vain.

In His Peace,
A. Danielle Dagba

Friday, August 29, 2008

Barack Obama- Pray for his Success and Safety

As he seeks to become Our President

Dear God, I pray for optimum health,
I pray for wisdom,
I pray for mental clarity
And I pray for political prosperity for Barack Obama, and for
his protection and that of his family, as he seeks to become our President!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Welcome To Divine Peacefulness

Just like you, I want to feel good. I mean who doesn't? This is one of the things that we all have in common. I desire to cultivate as much peace in my life as possible, and I hope you do too.
When we are at peace we are able to make peaceful decisions , which allow us to live the kind of life that we truly desire.

Peace is our divine inheritance, however, it is up to each individual to choose peace even when facing adverse thoughts or circumstances.

Often time it is necessary to make a conscious decision to escape this busy world, even for a few seconds, in order to seek a quiet refuge within.My hope is that you find the articles insightful and practical. I would love to hear from you.

Please feel free to post a comment at the end of each article, or you may email @ divinebeing7@gmail.com. Also feel free to pass this blog off to your friends. I hope you visit again very soon. You may do so by saving this link to your favorites or to receive free subscription to my blog enter your email address down below.Let's together daily make an attempt to find peace "within".

Peace be with you always,
A. Danielle Dagba

Embracing Our Individuality

When we pause to reflect on how we feel, we are in fact embracing our individuality. We are taking the time to love and appreciate our ‘uniqueness’. This is what we are really saying: ‘self’ you matter to me, ‘self’ I care about how you are really doing today, ‘self’ I desire to know how you are really feeling right now. If we don’t make time for ourselves no one else will. We are in charge of ourselves, and no one else can love us more or care for us better than we can ourselves.

The question is how much do “You” matter to “You”? How much do “You” value “you”? Do you see your self-worth? Do you see a genius in you? Do you see what God sees? Do you need someone else to tell you how beautiful you are or how wonderful you are before you can believe this to be true of you? Do you need to see yourself through the eyes of someone else before you can see the valued possession that you are?

You must affirm continually who you are in the eyes of your Creator. You must incessantly borrow His eyes. You must not even rely on your own judgments if they are based of a false conception of your true nature. If they fail to recognize the image of God in you, you must disregard them, for they are from your own vain imagination. But instead seek to know what your creator says concerning his creation. For everything that He created He called it “good”. You are good, and the goodness of God’s presence abides in you always.

Today take a moment to embrace the unique individualized aspect of creation that you are. Remember that you are an effect of a cause. What I mean in saying this is you did not randomly happen to live on planet earth. You originated from a source that is infinite in power and wisdom. To embrace fully who you are is to reconnect to your Source. You were created and you are an individualized aspect of God.

As you embrace yourself today through pondering on your thoughts and feelings, also commune with God. Seek to understand the Divine Mind that brought you forth and I assure you that you will hear His voice today.

In his Peace,

A. Danielle Dagba
Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Treating the Heart

We are fully human when we allow ourselves to “feel”. I say this because at times we tend to suppress our feelings rather than acknowledging them and ‘dealing’ with them. To suppress is to conceal. The truth is sooner or later what is continuously being ‘pressed down’ from within will eventually spill without. And sometimes this occurs when we least expect it to.

From the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks. This is a fact.

It is always better to acknowledge how we feel about a certain situation or individual. When we do so, we are in fact bringing the situation out in the open where some ‘light’ may shine upon it. When we deny how we feel, our feelings persist. Consequently we will remain in the darkness of ignorance because we fail to seek to understand the underlying cause of our feelings. Denying is the same as resisting. As you know what we resist persists.

The truth is we tend to be most vulnerable when we are going through some challenging times or when we are facing some major life crisis. Times of emotions are sensitive times. We must proceed with care. When experiencing moments like this fear, doubt, and anxiety will inevitably emerge from the heart. This is why it is better to embrace our feelings sooner than later. We must also allow ourselves to feel. In doing so we are taking control of the adverse circumstances rather than allowing the circumstances to control us.

Begin to pay attention to how you feel as certain thought-forms or patterns arise in your conscious mind. Whether they are new suggestions or existing ones be sure to treat them all the same. The best way in dealing with what submerges from your heart, which is also called the subconscious mind, is to refrain from judging your thoughts or feelings as being either ‘good’ or ‘bad’. At first it is best to see them as being ‘neutral’. When you are too emotionally involved in a particular situation you are not at a place to judge it righteously.

Everything that you need in order to understand 'how you feel and why you think the way you do' lies within you. This truth will set you free every time you are tempted to believe otherwise. You simply need to spend some time alone. Listen to yourself; for the answer that you need lies deep within the core of your being. As you remain in silence try to avoid all distractions, and keep on being still for as long as you possibly can. Allow some futile thoughts to arise first and watch them go. Commune with your Higher Self, who is God, and find Peace. To be at peace is to commune with God within.

You may say: "I am determined to find peace in this situation (name situation or you may say in the situation involving –name the person I desire to find peace)".
When you make this affirmation you are in fact inviting God’s Infinite Wisdom to shine light unto your own understanding. The key is to persist until you find peace within. You may use this affirmation as often as possible or every time an adverse thought or feeling is seeking expression through you. Let that feeling arise and allow the light of God to put it to flight.

In his Peace,
A. Danielle Dagba

In Time of Grief - God How do I go On...

In Loving Memory of Bensney Toussaint

I dedicate this poem to Edwine Toussaint-Jeanty, Dashkar Toussaint,
Maureen Toussaint, Rachel Baron, Guerdy Baron and family.
And to all of you who have experienced the loss of a loved one,
specially Dana Pedro and family

In Time of Grief

How do I move on?
How can I go on?

Oh God you promise life Eternal
Oh God you promise life Eternal
But why does life seem to end?
And why does one live to only die at the end?

(here pause and name loved one)
Where have you gone?
Where have you gone?
How do you expect me to go on?
How do you expect me to live on?

Oh God you promise Peace
Oh God you promise Strength

Give me your strength
On my own I can't
Fill me with your Peace
Fill me with your Strength
I am ready to go on
I am ready to move on

I am ready to exchange my sorrows
I am ready to exchange my pain

Iam ready to let them go
For the joy of the Lord

I am ready to learn from this loss
I am ready to learn from this pain
God fill me with your wisdom
God fill me with your strength

(here Pause and name loved one)
You can go on
You can go on

Because now I can...

-A. Danielle Dagba
Monday, August 25, 2008

Knowing Thyself is Loving Thyself

There is this story of a man who went to see a Guru. Gurus are spiritual masters or wise men. This man was just fed up with his life. So he asked the Guru why am I so unhappy? So the Guru asked him: who are you. So the man stated his name, his profession and his marital status, and so on. So the Guru told him, tell me about “you”. So the man went on to speak about his family and where they lived. After he had given all the details concerning his life, the Guru asked him so “who are you”.

At this point the man was a bit frustrated wondering what else could he possibly tell this guy. So the man told the guru well I have just told you everything about me and I don’t know what else I can add. The Guru told him, well my son you don’t know who you are and that is why you believe you are so unhappy.

Have you taken some time lately to reflect on you? Not the external you, but you inwardly. The body is the outward expression of the soul. We can also say our body is the physical manifestation of our spirit. The spirit is the inner man. Man is tripartite: mind, soul and body. The mind is also referred to as being the spirit. I posed this question because often time we tend to identify ourselves with what we do rather than with who we are. And
we are so busy “doing” that we seldom take the time to simply be. And unfortunately this is the source of the many confusions and unhappiness that we experience in our lives.

It is very important that we take time to assess how we feel. Our feelings are our integrity. sometimes we may feel hesitant to do so because we are afraid of what we might discover concerning ourselves. Well it is because we tend to be very hard on ourselves and we often judge and condemn ourselves. Nevertheless we should not let that mindset stop us from making a conscious contact with our true ‘Self’.

To love yourself is practicing being still and knowing thyself. When you pose yourself some questions with a genuine thirst to know how you really feel, you will also discover who you truly are; for who you are, is eager to express itself through you.

Today make the decision to love yourself by Seeking to know who you truly are within. Make every effort not to relate yourself directly to your outward positions, possessions, conditions or situations. Though you are in this world, you are not of this world. The Wisdom that brought you forth is far above the wisdom of this world.

There is a proverb that says: “He that getteth wisdom loveth his own soul”. Seek to know and understand your own self. Love thyself. Embrace your uniqueness. There is no one else like you. You are special.

Today lets love ourselves let us make an attempt to have a deeper understanding of why we feel the way we do, but let us do so ever so lovingly and gently.

In His love

A. Danielle Dagba

"Each Day is an Entirely New Creation" - B. Jean

Inspirational Quote

A man came to a guru and challenged him,

"I will give you an orange if you can show me where God is".

The guru answered,

"I will give you two oranges if you can show me where God is not"

-Source Unknown

"You are not what you think you are"

I can only assure you that you are not what you think you are, particularly if you often think negatively about yourself or often look down on yourself. If you are not what you think you are, then the question is "who are you" or you may ask yourself: "What am I"?

To find out who you truly are is to reconnect to Spirit through the workings of your own mind. No one else can do this for you, but you alone. It is your own personal journey. You can begin this process starting right this moment. It is that simple. There is a divine life within you that is awaiting your recognition in order to manifest. Life situations, events or circumstances have certainly caused you to draw certain beliefs or principles that you are currently living by.

These principles, if based on erroneous or destructive thought- patterns, will in the long run harm you and affect those you love. Those principles are sometimes based on ignorance; ignorance of our Origin and our true Self. But in Truth you are innocent, you really didnot know any better, you were trying to protect yourself.

Once these principles have become a part of "you", they become your identity. This identity is in fact a false image that you have created of yourself. You see, our beliefs system is our consciousness. Our consciousness constitutes our thought patterns, our feelings and our emotions, which lead to our behaviors and patterns of response. It also involves our memories, which are stored in our heart. The heart is also called our subconsciousness or the subconscious mind. The heart is the source of our true origin and our integrity.

All of your life experiences whether "good or bad" are also registered in your heart. Your heart constitutes part of your invisible Self, which is an aspect of your mind or your spirit. Spirit is what gives Life. Thus the answer in finding out one's true self is within oneself. Ask and it shall be given to you. Once you become conscious that you are not just this visible body you will begin to take the first step in discovering who you truly are and in reconnecting to that place from which you came forth. That same place is where everything and everyone in the universe emanate.

The more you are connected to your source the more you are connected to your true self and to everyone and the entire universe. Your True Self is full of Perfect Beauty, Complete Innocence, and Infinite Love. You may begin by slowly saying: I am beauty, I am innocence, and I am Love. Say it again and again until this affirmation becomes a part of your overall thinking. Say it as often as you can and there is a part of you that knows this to be true of You, and will agree with you even if your conscious mind wants to disagree, just keep saying: I am beauty, I am innocence, and I am love.

In Spirit,
A. Danielle Dagba

I would love to hear from you :-)

Feel free to leave a comment or if you have any questions write me at divinebeing7@gmail.com

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