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Experiencing A State of Beingness that is calm, Tranquil, and free of mental stress or anxiety by seeking True Peace Within, where it can only be found
Sunday, December 28, 2008

How to be happier in 2009!

There are so many books, articles and other writings on self-help, religion, spirituality and the likes. Yes indeed there are countless resources outside of ourselves to point us to the ‘way’ to happiness or more fulfillment. Nevertheless right within each one of us there is a sure guide. This source of pure enlightenment is inherent in all of us. This means we don’t need to go get it, we were already born with it.

The sad truth is we are more likely to seek for the answers to life many questions by first relying on outer resources. It is because we have not trained our minds to trust our inner guide. Some of us are not even aware of this infinite source of wisdom that is closer to us than our own breath! Can you imagine that!

Think on this for a moment. Let’s say since you were born you have inherited some great wealth, however no one has ever told you of this great inheritance growing up. So you end up living in lack and scarcity and at times you had to even beg for food or work extremely hard to make ends meet. You have toiled and endured many hardships due to your own ignorance.

Now let’s say one day you come across some old documents, perhaps a will. You suddenly discover that you have inherited enough money and wealth to keep you out of the bondage of lack for good! What would you do next? I bet your reaction will be, how can I have access to this wealth!

There is a great wealth of wisdom within each of us. We only need to know how to tap into it. Think also on this, would a manufacturer make a product and not include inside the box a ‘user’s guide’? In the same Manner there is a ‘How to Guide’ within us. God our Maker, in his great wisdom and infinite love has placed within each and every single one of us an Unerring Guide. It is up to us to acknowledge this to be true and to experience it for ourselves.

I know there are times when we underestimate our abilities because of the impact of the world negative consciousness. It has crippled our innate abilities to find and rely on our inner strength, beauty, wisdom, and love. The world has trained us to seek for happiness, peace, love and joy where they can’t be found, meaning on things outside of us; things that are deceiving for they can only offer temporal enjoyment. At first they may seem as if they will provide some lasting results but to soon realize that your thirst and longing for true happiness have merely deepened.

You can put an end to all the confusions you may be experiencing right now and you may begin to seek within your own heart and trust in your innate abilities to find the answers that you need right now. If you are like the majority of us you are probably more accustomed in seeking refuge on the things without. Whether through your accomplishments, your daily routines, through books and other inspirational means. At this moment, yes right now I want to invite you to escape these realities and find a refuge instead within.

I want to invite you to put the remote control of your life on pause just for a few moment. Yes I know this life has its many demands, there are countless duties, goals, and your to-do list is waiting for you because there are no one else that can do what you do. However these things will still be waiting on you for they are endless, therefore it is better to prepare yourself and gather the strength that you need in order to face these responsibilities.

Some of the greatest moments and the most productive ones are those spent alone, and the highest honesty is the one towards self. The answer to how to find more happiness in 2009 lies right within your own heart. There is not a one size fits all formula to finding more fulfillment in life. That answer is unique for each individual. You must be brave enough and assess your own reality, that is the ‘world’ you have created for yourself and the experiences you have attracted in your life and find out whether or not they are producing the kind of results you were hoping for, in other words ask yourself: "Am I truly happy?".

Once you find the answer to that first question, you may than ask: "how do I find more happiness in the year ahead?" If you pause for a moment and wait in silence and hear from within your own heart you will truly find your answer. Simply trust your Inner Wisdom and Guidance, who is your Higher Self, the Christ within.

Happy New Year!

A. Danielle Dagba
Tuesday, December 23, 2008

As the year is coming to an end...

Now is the time to get our questions answered. There is not a time that we call on God and earnestly seek Him that He does not answer us. As the year is drawing to an end we may want to consider seeking God's face (His Wisdom) in seeking the answers to some of life most important questions. Especially those related to some of the goals we may have sought to have fulfilled this year.

As we reflect on those goals, however it is important that we do not judge or make our own assumptions due to our own limited perception. But rather let us trust that God who is capable of seeing the end from the beginning is able to keep us from falling and that is unfailing love will continuously sustain us.

As the year is drawing to an end, make every moment count as you enter into the new year. Choose life instead of death; look beyond every obstacle and see opportunities for growth and strength. Choose love instead of judgment; look beyond your brother 'sins' and connect to his true nature, thus recognizing your own.

Merry Holidays to you and your loved ones!

A. Danielle Dagba
Saturday, December 13, 2008

"Daddy, what is this?"

Unless we become like little children we cannot enter the kingdom of God. Not just children, but little ones. Jesus also taught that such kingdom is within men. It is the secret place that is inherent in every soul. However many people ignore this truth. Jesus refers to the kingdom within him as being the father in Him. It is the divine presence of God also called the eternity in Man. We all have access and can enter this quiet place within. It is a place of refuge and of stillness and peacefulness. This kingdom is man's true guide.

The key is we must first become like little children, meaning we must return to our authenticity which is our original consciousness of innocence and purity. Along with an eagerness to learn and be a happy learner. Little children souls are virgin. Meaning they have not yet been infected or domesticated by the world negative consciousness. This means that their souls are open and vulnerable. There is no resistance due to former beliefs or perception.

We all have certain beliefs and principles that we currently live by based on our education, upbringing, and personal experiences. Those beliefs control our lives whether we are aware of this fact or not. Whatever we have been taught or learned throughout the course of our lives have affected our consciousness. Our consciousness, which comprises our thoughts and feelings, shape our existence.

We have the capacity to change the course of our existence by becoming like little children. By trusting the fount of wisdom within us, our unerring guide. Many of us are seeking the answers to life many questions, but are not looking within. Though the world system has failed us many times we stubbornly turn to its false light for direction or guidance while the true fountain of light and life is closer to us than our own breath.

Even if you think you already know the Truth or believe that you are on the right path it does not hurt to turn to the Father within, for His Truth is an eternal revelation that continuously reveals and unfolds to higher dimensions. The key is each time you desire to enter the kingdom within you must pretend as if you don't know anything and say: Daddy what is that? What is the meaning of life? What is my life Purpose? Daddy what am I?.

Simply begin by posing simple questions and believe and wait while you are in that secret place. I guarantee you in that state of mind you will hear new revelations of truth. You can even ask the same questions and each day God will unfold it to you further and further. His wisdom knows no bounds.

Commune with the father within, he is the true source of that everlasting joy, love and peace that you desire and deserve. His love surrounds and envelops you and there is nothing to fear. Papa God is always with you and you are never alone. Next time you are confronted with a challenging situation, an adverse thought or some kind of conflicts, quickly acknowledge God's presence within, which is Love Presence within and as a little child trust daddy to hear you and answer you as His love strengthens, guides and protects you.

In his love,

A. Danielle Dagba
Sunday, December 7, 2008

Every Conflict is within...

And must be resolved there. When we feel conflicted we often shift our attention outward instead of inward. This is a big mistake! When we experience a conflict of some sort we must embrace it and see in it an opportunity for learning and spiritual growth. And this is possible only when we desire to find peace within rather than without.

Whenever adverse feelings arise from our subconscious it is usually an indication that something has gone wrong within our innermost being. Our heart will always tell us of its condition, for it is our willing and faithful servant. Our heart longs for inner peace and for this reason it insists on getting it by communicating to us through our feelings.

When negative feelings arise it usually awakes negative emotions such as fear, doubt, envy, jealousy, hatred and the likes; which are some of the characteristics of the false ego. Our false ego personality would tempt us to seek to get resolved by having what I like to call ‘attack thoughts’ towards others in and effort to find peace within.

Unless our mind is renewed in truth we cannot trust the guidance of our intellect, which is the conscious mind. It is our erroneous guide. And that is where the false ego whispers lies that lead us to error and to more heartache.

Unless we have completely subjected our minds to the learning of Truth and have entrusted ourselves to the Guidance of Spirit, our true teacher and our unerring guide, we must not listen to ourselves, for the false ego have trained the intellect to reason erroneously.

As I have mentioned in some of my recent articles, the false ego personality is the character of the mind that has been infected by the negative consciousness of this world. The wisdom of this world is contaminated by the prince of this world (AKA the devil or Lucifer), he is a false light that is continuously seeking to guide Man in darkness. It is this darkness of ignorance that has blinded us of our true identity in Christ, who is the true light that came to awaken us and enlighten our path to Inner Peace.

The bible refers to this false wisdom or light as being ‘the god of this world', and continues to add that "it hath blinded the minds of them which believe not”. Speaking of those of us who have ignored their true identity in God. When we identify ourselves with the false ego personality, we deny the Christ within and our true nature. This false personality is enmity to God, for it denies our true origin in Him. It seeks to judge and condemn others and us and will inevitably keep the light of Christ in us hidden or dim. Its ultimate goal is to destroy us.

Therefore we must be continuously alert by paying close attention to our feelings and the conflicts we experience inside our hearts. Those adverse feelings reveal the character of the false ego personality and when they arise it is an opportunity to put on the New Man that is renewed in knowledge of Truth.

We must incessantly deny the false ego of its erroneous suggestions and demands. We must not yield to his false wisdom and lies that have taught us that our brothers are the real enemies and that have lead us to condemn them and find them guilty. Or else we will never experience the radical changes that will transform our lives for good.

Be ye not deceived! When you feel conflicted within it is an opportunity for inner change. Railing at life or condemning others or blaming them for your adverse feelings or circumstances is completely foolish. Instead be courageous and check your heart and look for the root cause of the adverse feelings that usually bring about a lack of peace. In doing so you will silent the voice of the real enemy (Lucifer), and triumph over sin (darkness).

In Him,

A. Danielle Dagba
Friday, December 5, 2008

Taking control of your life

The human mind is accustomed to assuming and thinking the worse possible outcome specially when facing crisis, challenges or adverse situations. This results in the tendency to complicate life and make matters worse. This is why we must train our mind to think differently and our heart to imagine and feel good. That is how we gain control of our lives and attract the circumstances that we truly deserve.

I mean everyone wants to be happy and wants to live a peaceable and enjoyable life, and that is why we do the things that we do. However we sabotage our own lives when we are not conscious of how we are living or creating. A lot of us are living by default. By this I mean some of us merely exist because they are living unconsciously. Such people take life as it appears to be, and surrender to a life of unhappiness and misery because they believe they are powerless in changing their current life circumstances. Such belief is completely false.

It is true that our consciousness is affected by everything that we hear, see, think and do. However it is the things that we invest our faith in or believe that we attract in our life experiences. Once you begin to think and feel differently you will inevitably believe and create differently.

The world at large is infected by a negative thought system. It is very rare to come across people who are enthusiastic, innovative, creative and positive. This is why it is up to each individual to desire and to strive to retrain his own mindsets. This is accurately done through the process of unlearning and relearning. This development requires one’s willingness and desire to change. It is most effective when surrounded by the right people.

There is a French adage that says: “Dis-moi qui tu frequentes et je te dirai qui tu es”. The best translation I can come up with is this: Tell me who you hang out with and I will tell you what kind of person you are or your lifestyle. This encompasses the thoughts we entertain, the materials we read, and the kind of programs we watch on television.

The process of retraining the mind to think positively and the heart to feel and imagine good will initially require that one make some basic changes in his every day living. If you are serious about creating the life that guarantees happiness and peace you may need to stop reading some materials, stop watching some movies or programs, or stop hanging out with some friends.

Instead of relying on fate, you can create the experiences that you deserve beginning now. The question is: are you willing to take control of your own life?

A. Danielle Dagba

Monday, December 1, 2008

Happiness is...

We define something according to our level of understanding of that thing. What happiness may mean to one individual will be different for another. A lot of it also has to do with our culture, traditions, religious beliefs and other personal beliefs. But I strongly believe that as one begins to grow in spiritual understanding and knowledge his perception will also change and he will inevitably begin to see everything in a new light. Understanding gives light.

What does Happiness mean to you personally? It all broils down to your individual perspective, belief and desire. Some of us believe that true happiness is a myth or that it is impossible for one to really experience Happiness. Others have surrendered to the popular belief that life is difficult and has ups and downs. And consequently they have attracted the experiences that conform to their belief system.

If you seek to know the true definition of Life you will also find the real definition of happiness. A limited understanding of the meaning of life results in a limited expression of life and therefore happiness.

What is the meaning of life? To understand LIFE you must understand REALITY. Minister Alain Yaovi Dagba in a recent article wrote: "The meaning of REALITY is the meaning of life". This level of understanding requires that one acknowledge God as the First Cause of ALL THAT IS. This awareness is the first step in acquiring spiritual understanding. It allows one to shift from the apparent reality of things (things that we can experience through our body senses) and to connect to their substantial reality, thus connecting to God.

The meaning of Life is Reality. Reality is essentially God. Happiness is God. Your level of understanding of Life determines your level of awareness of God and your level of awareness of God determines your level of experience of True and lasting happiness. Therefore seek first to know and understand the underlying Cause and nature of all that exists. Connect to the indestructible life force that holds all things together, and Happiness will be knocking at your door.

To a happier you!

A. Danielle Dagba
Monday, November 24, 2008

The Best is yet to Come!

Embracing Life’s many challenges

To embrace a negative situation is to have complete dominion over it. You control the situation instead of letting it take over your life. Pondering about the situation over and over in your own mind alone will cause anxiety and will inevitably make it worse. As soon as a challenge arises it is better to surrender it to God immediately through prayer and spiritual meditation.

It is also very good to have a couple of positive affirmations in mind when fear and doubt wants to creep in your mind, such as: this too shall pass and I am on my way to it. Or thinking about the situation you may say: the best is yet to come; you may add: God is aware of this situation and his love upholds, prospers and protects everyone involved and myself.

Another way to embrace life challenges is to stop thinking that fate has dealt you a bad hand. People surrender to a life of pain and suffering because they refuse to embrace life challenges. Difficult situations will arise. This is inevitable. The difference is in how we perceive and handle them. We have the power to change any circumstances when we change the way we look at them. You can change the character of any challenges by changing your mental attitude about them. The ball is always in your court!

Some people when a challenging situation arises instead of thinking positively and imaging the best possible outcome they assume and picture the worst. What they fail to understand is the power of the imaging faculty. Florence Shinn refers to the imaging faculty as the scissors of the mind; always cutting the images that are found there and sooner or later out picture them in our bodies and affairs.

Apostle James, one of the writers of the New Testament wrote: consider it pure joy when you face trials of many kinds. One will wonder how is this possible? He is teaching us how to have mastery over life circumstances. Think about this not just one trial, but many trials of many kinds. You could be facing many different crises right now in your life but what will make the difference at the end is how you look at them.

Two people could be facing the same challenges but are handling them differently; they will undoubtedly have two different outcomes. It all broils down to your mental attitude. All begins in Mind and everything is mental. Our thoughts and feelings affect everything in our lives and attract in our daily experiences situations and people that are in same vibrational match to our beliefs system. You must believe that life is designed to be good and that whatever challenges you may be currently facing are here to teach you something new.

Life is your teacher, be a good student. Be willing to learn and Instead of being downcast, railing and condemning your life or the people therein you should bless it and affirm that it is good. Furthermore see every challenge as an opportunity to learn new truths and to develop spiritual. Ask: what can I learn through this situation, what is life teaching me right now? Be open to learn and be a happy learner. Stay positive even if things seem to get worse. No matter what don’t lose your joy. Pure joy has nothing to do with outside circumstances. It is a mental decision to use your innate ability to find a quiet refuge within no matter what is going on without.

In love,

A. Danielle Dagba
Thursday, November 20, 2008

Recognizing the false ego-personality

A lot of people are unhappy with the experiences they have attracted into their lives, however they feel powerless in changing their life circumstances. The problem is they don’t really know where to begin. Well it starts here my friend: Knowing thyself.

Self-awareness is the beginning of true transformation. This requires learning, which at times involves reading and studying spiritual texts and materials. This is why those of us who do not read and learn are less intelligent and less powerful in creating the life they deserve than those of us who do. Learning leads us to enlightenment and empowerment. Those who have stop learning have settled for a life of mediocrity and are easily affected by the world negative consciousness of lack, poverty, sickness and death. Knowledge is power, knowing thyself is even more powerful!

So we all came into this world as little babies, full of love, life, laughter, innocence and beauty. Slowly but surely we begin to get ‘domesticated’, that is we begin to be influenced by the world collective consciousness, whether at home, school, the society or just the environment we grew up in. As we continue to emerge in society we begin to put on a certain personality.

This personality is the direct result of our beliefs systems, which in fact are not truly our own for we have been affected by other people beliefs. They did not emerge from our authenticity or our divine self. Nevertheless we have adopted them as our own and those beliefs inevitably begin to shape our character.

Everything that we have experienced or witnessed as we were growing up also affects our beliefs and consequently our lives. For example if someone was raised in a society that believes that women are lesser than men, this belief will affects his/her personality until that mindset is changed. Or consider a child who continuously experienced violence at home, this child might turn out to be an angry or violent person as he/she grows up.

So what happened to that sweet innocent, loving baby I mentioned earlier? The wisdom of this world slowly corrupts our divine nature and consequently the false ego personality erects in our consciousness and begins to rule over our lives. Anything that does not witness to our authenticity is false and must be denied. A lot of people identify themselves with the false ego and begin to make statements such as: well that is just me, that is who I am, or I have always been like this; but who told you so? They have believed in such lies for so long that they have failed to search for their true origin and identify. And that ignorance has caused many to miss the mark, or sin meaning they are separated in consciousness from the True Light that has brought them forth.

The truth is we are not those false personalities; we are not the false images that our erroneous thought patterns and beliefs have painted in our subconscious (heart) over the years. Unless we acknowledge and embrace this truth about ourselves we will not seek to know who we truly are and we will not change or attract those happy circumstances. We were created in the image and likeness of God and that settles it. We are authentically divine and were made to create like God and to be like him.

Though we have put on several false personalities, in our true nature or divine nature we have not changed. The life of God in us, which is the breath of God in every person that came into this world, is eternal and unalterable. It is our True Self. This is why the bible teaches to put on the new Self, which is renewed in knowledge after the image of him that created him. It is the Christ-Self that Jesus came to awaken in each one of us. He is the Light that took us out of darkness. He is the the true light that reveals our divine self.

This scripture afore mentioned brought me back to the point I was making in the beginning of this article, the new Self must be renewed in the Knowledge of God. If you don’t know your creator, who is the light (wisdom) and the life (Power) that has brought you into existence you will inevitably ignore your true Self; for that is the self that is created in His image and likeness. It is the real you that has been hidden under the darkness of illusions of the false self. Your divine nature awaits your recognition in other to manifest.

Today begin by denying the false ego personality its demands. When certain thoughts or images submerge from the subconscious that are not in alignment with your true identity immediately put them to flight, by claiming your innocence, beauty and love. Those thoughts and images are easy to notice for they are usually negative and destructive. You may negate them from your consciousness by simply acknowledging God’s presence in you, which is your divine nature. As you acknowledge your own breath you may come to that awareness; the awareness of the divine presence within you.

Above anything else desire to learn about your true identity and origin and God will do the rest. This desire will become a strong magnetic force that will attract into your life and experiences all that you need in order to discover the truth about your DIVINE SELF.

In love,

A. Danielle Dagba
Monday, November 17, 2008

Intended for LOVE

When something is not being used for the purpose for which it was intended it gets abused. Abuse means abnormal use. You were created and intended for love, which means you were created and intended for God, for HE IS LOVE. You came forth from love and were specifically designed to operate and function in love; God’s love. And God says, "Let us make man in our image and likeness", meaning to love and give love. We can all agree that you cannot give something that you don’t have. You must first have something in your possession before you can give it away.

You originate from an exhaustible source of Love, which is God. God created you with the intention that you will become so lavished and content in his love that you should not need anything for his love is sufficient, it is more than enough, and therefore you shall not want anything.

The human soul was purposely designed to function in perfect oneness with the source from whence it came from. Our soul was made to know God. The word ‘know’ here means to have a personal relationship with, which is only possible from having an experiential knowledge of God. This is true intimacy. Apart from God’s genuine love, anything else the soul will experience is a counterfeit.

Without this deep and intimate relationship with its creator, the human soul begins to experience starvation. It begins to feel ‘love sick' and longs for relationship, companionship, intimacy and love outside its temple, meaning from the world. And because it is not acquainted with what true love is, it erroneously accepts 'cheap' love for true love. And unfortunately the human soul, which is the heart, then experiences many heartaches and abuse. The human heart is designed to first experience true love that can only be found in God.

Many people go from one relationship to the next or from divorce to divorce in search of true love because the soul won’t settle for anything less. Some people long to be married because they yearn for unconditional love. This is because the soul was intended for love.

While there is nothing wrong with desiring to be in a relationship or to be married, it is a big mistake however to believe that the source of love is to be found without. The everlasting spring of love, which is God presence in you, is located right within the human heart. Why would it be anywhere else, one may wonder. Love must be found where God is.

"I will be found by you says the Lord if you search me with all your heart". Unfortunately many people use all of their mind, strength and energy in pursuit for love where it cannot be found, and it is sadly very foolish. Or some look for material needs to fulfill the emptiness the soul experiences without God’s love. Others indulge in sensual pleasures in order to ease the loneliness of the heart. These temporary enjoyments leave the heart yearning and desiring more for it is intended for true, genuine and everlasting love.

God’s love is not just a feeling, it is something that the human soul experiences as it acknowledges and completely relies on God’s presence and strength within for all its needs. God’s love is a surge of emotions that result as our soul is completely lavished through this oneness. In this divine intimacy our heart melts with God’s heart and commune with him. It is something that can only be experienced through sonship or divine relationship.

The more you desire to know God, the more He will reveal himself to you. The more you experience God’s love the more your soul will yearn for more of his love, for it can only be satisfied with the best. In the same token the less you desire to know God, the more your soul will starve for true love and because it is not acquainted with God’s love, it will settle for cheap love and gets hurt.

Today no matter where you may be in your seeking to know God or your personal relationship with him, know that you are intended to know him more personally. God desires relationship and sonship. He wants your heart and that is all that He truly needs from you. God has everything else; he just wants a relationship with you. Therefore open up your heart and acknowledge his Presence and Goodness in your heart and life and receive from this everlasting and inexhaustible spring of Genuine love until you want no more. Once you possess enough of God’s love you can then lavish this love upon others. In your relationships you will seek to give rather than to receive love, for you are now rooted and established in God (in love), and are eternally being supplied from a source that is inexhaustible.

Remember you are intended to experience pure, genuine and unconditional love. Don’t you settle for less! Claim all the love that is yours by divine right today!


A. Danielle Dagba
Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Transcending the ego

The ego in itself is good. It allows us to personally identify our beingness, and it enables us to make some logical distinctions between ourselves and others. For that reason we must not destroy the ego, but rather transcend it.

The ego is first of all concerned with me, myself and I. We naturally think of our best interests and we look out for our own advantages. In other words the ego’ s primary concern is: ‘what’s in it for me’ for it was programmed to primarily function in this manner. And even if it were to fail us the society or the environment we grow up in will surely teach how to look out for oneself, which in the long run can cause dissension and division.

Religion has tried for centuries to unite souls through the bond of genuine love, but in spite of its many efforts, has failed in this endeavor. Breaking the barriers of wrongful egoful desires and ambitions that lead to division and separation is a personal choice and pursuit rather than a collective one. This encompasses the process of spiritualization. It is the soul’s journey to God realization and the true path to inner peace and joy.

When you transcend the ego you are not only concerned about yourself, but you are also mindful of your family, community and the society at large. Your utmost desire is to see others succeed and achieve their dreams and goals. You literally see yourself in everyone and I can even say that you become everyone else for you have destroyed the wall of separateness through consciousness. As a matter of fact you become like God; for God’s infinite love and goodness looks on all as one.

When you transcend the ego you bestow Christ’s love on everyone without judgments and discrimination. For you understand that judging others is judging yourself, since you have united your soul with the heart of your brothers and love them as you love yourself. There is no longer, me, myself and I, but rather you begin to think in terms such as: what’s in it for all of us. Every decision you will make in the future you will think about how it will affect others or how it will impact their lives.

When you transcend the ego you begin to live on purpose. For the real purpose of God’s spirit journeying through and in you is to realize God and this is done by becoming one or by unifying your soul with your brothers through pure love.

In today’s practice look on all as you would look on yourself.
Transcend or look beyond your brother’s ‘sins’ and connect to his soul where the light of Christ shines (perhaps dim.)
Today connect to your ‘enemy’s’ heart where true love exists.
Whatever you desire for one or for yourself also wish it for others.
Rejoice when others rejoice, together we can make this planet a better place to live.

In Love,

A. Danielle Dagba
Thursday, November 6, 2008

What do you, really, really KNOW?

Have you recently pondered on this awhile? Have you asked yourself what do you really know about yourself, others, God or how things work? We can easily misinterpret what we have heard, taught, or read about for what we actually know. I am talking here about acquiring experiential knowledge that leads to practical wisdom. It is what you know and have experienced personally that will set you free from lack of peace and joy.

What do you know besides the apparent reality the world of forms convey? Have you sought to look beyond the appearance and to connect to the underlying cause or nature of things, people, animals, and the universe? Have you wondered about the invisible force, which is the life intelligence that causes the moon and the sun to alternate along with the seasons? Have you thought about the human anatomy and asked yourself about this intelligent and informative life principle in every cell of your body that causes each one to work so harmoniously giving you perfect bodily function?

There is a Teacher within each one of us; He is the Voice of God within. He patiently awaits our inquiries in order to intervene in our lives and lead us to the path of perfect peace. If we don’t find the answers to life many questions it is simply because we haven’t stopped to ask or haven’t paid attention to His Voice. There is a truth to know about everything in life. But only those who diligently seek will find. There is a reality beyond the apparent reality that we perceive through our body eyes. It is the reality of the Kingdom of God within. It is the substantial reality from which all things emanate.

Seek therefore to know and experience the Truth that will make you free from the world of limitations, lack, poverty, sin and sickness the world of forms offer. Be determined to know and adhere to the Truth that will illumine your path to everlasting peace and joy. It is a personal journey. You must not be contented with merely what you have heard, taught, or read. Ponder on things in your own mind; seek to get revelation knowledge from Spirit within. Expand what you believe you already know through meditation and get wisdom.

Make today the beginning of a new personal quest to know the Truth experientially. As you come across some things, or people throughout your daily activities ask: "what do I really know about this thing, or that person?" or you may Say: "I am determined to know the truth that lies beyond the appearance". In this simple practice you are inviting the Spirit of God to quicken the eyes of your understanding. Consequently your mind and heart are opened to receive inspiration from above and to know the true and easy path to unending joy and perfect peace.

To a peaceful Journey!

A. Danielle Dagba
Monday, November 3, 2008

Let God be God!

When God is in control, EVERYTHING is under control!

Our predominant thoughts control our reality. And we are in control of our thoughts. However we become all powerful only when our thoughts are in complete alignment with Universal Mind Power. It is in this POWER do all things consist and hold together. When our intentions are in the same vibrational resonance with Divine Mind, we got God on our side and with Him all things are possible. In that consciousness we no longer see limitations or feel powerless when facing adversities, for we solely rely on God’s invincible power.

We see limitations when we fail to seek God. But when we acknowledge His omnipotence and invoke His omnipresence we unite our mind with the Divine. It is in this oneness that we receive clarity and guidance. We are quickened within and simply know the right actions to take concerning a certain decision, situation or condition.

The problem with the majority of us is this: we become so consumed with the adverse situation or condition that we are currently facing that it begins to cloud our consciousness and the idea of being still and calling upon God for help becomes very distant. However it is precisely in that instance must we use every fiber of our being and cry out to God, who is an ever-present help in time of need.

Today no matter what the challenge maybe, know that you and God are majority. You only need to make a firm decision to cast the burden that has been weighing you down upon the Christ within, for He cares for you. Perhaps you or a loved one is going through a tough time. Instead of pondering on the problem in your own mind surrender it to God. Let Him be in control.

God knows exactly what need to be done, and the best way to carry it out into completion. His divine love encompasses all that concerns you and your loved ones. Then once you have completely surrendered, learn to let go and let God. If after you have completed all these steps you feel lead within to take any necessary actions, then be sure to follow your intuitive lead, who is the Voice of the Spirit of God within and your unerring guide. Otherwise do not interfere with the activities of the Spirit of God in your life or the lives of your loved ones. In other words let God be God. Let Him be in control and everything will be under control.

You may say: "in the situation involving (name person or situation)I choose to let God be God" or
"I will not interfere with the Activities of Spirit in my life or in the life of my loved one (name loved one)"

Make today a Peaceful one!

A. Danielle Dagba
Monday, October 27, 2008

We are all made of the same 'God-stuff'


In spirit and in truth we are one, for there is only One God and He is omnipresent. Meaning GOD is within each and every single one of us. He is in you as He is in me. Therefore in truth you are ‘me’, and I am ‘you’. In reality there is no distinction. We are one.

The differences in physical appearances are nothing but illusions; in essence we are of the same God and are made of the same ‘God-stuff’.The false belief that we are different and separate from one another is the first darkness that must be dissolved in our consciousness if we are to experience complete freedom and perfect peace. Furthermore this erroneous mindset is the cause of the disharmonies many people experience in their homes, relationships, bodies and affairs. When we understand that fundamentally we are one no matter the apparent differences in skin color, title, geographical location, ethnicity or race, we are free from the race belief in separateness and division.

This freedom causes the life force in us, which is our divine nature, to freely express and manifest itself through us toward others. This divine life is the power of Love that recognizes everyone as they are and not as they appear to be. When we become one with this force it compels us to love and treat others as we would like to be loved and to be treated. Furthermore this power causes us to project ourselves in others and to see our own image in them, thus loving them as we love ourselves.

When we fail to recognize God as the underlying cause or the life principle in all that exists, we deny God’s omnipresence, and this ignorance keeps us in bondage. When we ignore the fundamental truths of our origin, and our cause we deny our oneness with God and with one another, and consequently we become subject to pain, confusion and suffering.

However, when we understand that God is the source of all life and the life generator of all that is, we acknowledge his presence everywhere. And this acknowledgment is the beginning of wisdom. This truth awakens our awareness to our inner guidance and enlightens the true and easy path to our life purpose and destiny. Furthermore it destroys the illusive wall of separation that has kept us apart from our creator and our brothers.

Today embody oneness! Unite yourself with your brother in consciousness. Salute and praise the divine life in every soul you meet today whether in your mind or during your daily interactions. Make an attempt to go beyond the appearance and connect with everyone’s true nature, or essence. In doing so you are sending forth vibrations of divine love, which is the highest vibratory force that exists, and the love that you send forth is that which you keep.

Today practice oneness!

A. Danielle Dagba
Thursday, October 23, 2008

Giving what you want to receive

Giving what you want to receive fulfills the principle of giving and receiving; in order to have something we must be willing to give it away. Freely you receive and freely you also must give. Whatsoever a man soweth that also he shall reap.

Today sow seeds of love, and appreciation. Today give a smile, or a hug. Today return a friend's email or call an old buddy of yours. Today take time to listen to others and be compassionate and understanding. Today send a thank you card, or buy a small gift for someone. A little something can go a long way. Today be mindful of others. A little gesture can make a great impact in someone else's life. You never know what others may be going through in their personal lives, therefore be conscious of others and listen to their heart.

Don't underestimate the power in doing the seemingly 'small things'.

Today be the change you wish to see, give what you want to receive

A. Danielle Dagba
Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Experiencing Radical Changes

True transformation occurs in the core of our being’ness; which is our soul. The human soul or spirit is made of thoughts and feelings, which comprise our consciousness. We are sentient beings, meaning we are thinking and feeling beings.

Everything begins in the invisible realm of the mind, therefore the radical changes we desire must also start there. We all have access to the same universal mind power, for everything that exists, the universe and its inhabitants originate from the same source. And in this power do all things consist and hold together. However, throughout the whole creation only human beings have been endowed with the ability to create. Which means as free beings we can attract through our thoughts whatsoever we desire.

Our beliefs influence our personalities, and our personalities influence our experiences. Our thoughts and feelings are constantly shaping our lives whether we realize this or not. And we are the sole creators of our ‘reality’. We attract everything in our reality first through our thoughts, then through our feelings, and next through our beliefs. We first think a thought, next we emotionalize it through feelings, and then we believe it. And whatever we invest our faith in we are attracting into our lives.

If your current beliefs are not bringing about the kind of experiences that you deserve, you must therefore begin to think, believe and create differently. This is only possible when you seek to acquire higher truths and knowledge.

The more truths you know the more powerful you become in creating the life that you deserve. When you ignore the spiritual principles that govern the universe and its inhabitants, including you, you become subject to the world negative consciousness in lack, poverty, limitations, sin, sickness and death.

Everything that you need in order to heal your heart, transform your mind and revolutionize your life lies within you. Everything begins with thoughts. If you are willing to change your thought-patterns and beliefs systems, you will undoubtedly change your life. If you seek to acquire the ultimate truths and knowledge that will enlighten the path to wholeness, fulfillment and happiness you shall surely find them. All that is required of you is your whole heart.

"You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart. I will be found by you, declares the LORD..." Jer 29:11-14
Thursday, October 16, 2008

Practice Perfection

We habitually believe in imperfection. However every form of habit can be reversed if we so desire. The world system relates perfection to doing rather than simply being. We have been told since we were kids that in order to be this we must do that. Therefore our mind has been infected with this erroneous concept and many of us have believed it to be true. As a result we have been striving for many years to reach perfection. Trying entails failing. The harder we try the further we are from realizing our perfect nature.

The preconceived idea that we must aim at something, subtly suggests to the subconscious mind that we don’t believe that we already possess it It also implies that we have not identified ourselves with it. The subconscious mind, which is the heart, will release into the universe those vibrations of ‘imperfection’, which will in turn attract circumstances or events of the same vibrational energy into our experiences. Energy attracts energy of the same vibration. If we are releasing thoughts and feelings of 'imperfection' we are attracting more 'imperfection' into our lives.

The idea of perfection has been misconceived. It is not achieved by doing, but rather by being. Be ye perfect as your father in heaven is perfect, Jesus said. In Spirit and in Truth we are already perfect. The ignorance of our true nature is our biggest hindrance to recognizing and accepting our divinity. This unawareness is like a thick cloud that hides a bright sunny and clear sky. Superficially it looks like a gloomy day, but in truth it only appears to be so since the cloud merely hides the sunbeam. In the same way the wrong conception of who or what we has darkened our understanding. This darkness causes us to ignore our divine nature, and consequently we end up clothing ourselves with a false nature. This is the false ego personality.

This false personality has been destroyed through the redemptive work of Christ Jesus.
When we truly partake in the atonement we really believed that the false self has been crucified, our mind has been renewed and our soul redeemed or saved. Our perfection is then revealed. Therefore perfection is salvation.

Therefore seek to know who you really are within and not without. Erase from your consciousness any beliefs that suggest that your essence is in some way related to your accomplishments or attainments. Salvation is not done by works. Naturally accept and embrace your True Self, which is your Christ-Self.

Today get into the ‘spirit of things’, and arise your consciousness from being just a body and look beyond it so that you may discover your divine nature.

Today practice perfection. You may say: I am perfect as my Father in heaven is perfect. I am not what the world says I am. I am not what I think I am; I am that I am. I erase from my consciousness the belief in the false ego self.

You are Perfect! Accept it! Embrace it! Be it!

To your perfection!

A. Danielle Dagba
Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Have you had enough of the mundane? Are you getting tired of your daily routines? Is your soul yearning for something more out of life?

The human’s soul will incessantly demands more, for it will not settle for less. Your soul was designed to experience peace and joy. It is for this reason you came forth. However, one can truly be peaceful and joyful only when he is using his gifts and talents for the fulfillment of his life purpose; which is his ultimate calling.
Yes you did not just show up here, you were called and are destined to live happily ever after; yes just like in those fairy tales! Many people are living in such state because they are living on purpose. They are consciously creating the life they deserve. Many of us are unhappy because we have settled for a life of limitations and mediocrity. Some of us are merely content with the idea of making money. Yes money can buy a lot of things but it can never buy happiness. Some people are just going along with the flow so to speak. They are simply doing what everyone else does with the assumption that if it works for others, then it must also work for them. They become imitators and not creators.

The truth is as a spirit being you were born to create and not to imitate
. Spirit is Mind, consequently you must become mindful. Spirit is creative, innovative and original. Spirit is also complete, therefore it does not need anything. This means you shall not be in want, for all that you will ever need in order to produce the exciting life you deserve has already been provided.

Have you ever seen a user’s manual outside of the box? The manufacturer will always put it inside. Likewise God, our Maker, has put within each one of us an user's manual. It is our unerring guide to the secrets to divine manifestations which leads to the fulfillment of our life purpose. The answers to life many confusions and problems are closer to you than your own breath. Look within and become inward-focus. Your invisible you –your mind- shapes your life. As a result you must discover the working powers of your own mind in order to create appropriately.

According to modern psychology the average person uses no more than 6% of his mind power. That means there is 94% of untapped potentials and endless possibilities awaiting your awareness. You can be all that you want to be. If you can conceive it you can achieve it. But have you limited yourself? Have you ignored your inherent abilities to produce and create the circumstances that you wish to attract into your existence? You have the ability to imagine the life that you want. And there is no better time to do this than NOW!

You are here in order to produce the kind of life you were destined to live. You will feel unproductive until you begin to walk in your individual pattern. All that you need in order to fulfill your destiny is in you. You have all power to attract the right people and the right events.

You were called to freely create. Set no more boundaries. Explore all possibilities! You are destined to be happy and to experience everlasting joy. Don’t settle for anything less! Picture the life that you want! Imagine having all that you need in order to fulfill your life purpose. Feel the joy of being complete and not lacking any good things. Claim contentment! Walk on your divine pattern! Anticipate every day as being the best day of your life!

To a happier you!

A. Danielle Dagba
Friday, October 10, 2008

Appreciating the People in our Lives

To appreciate someone is to highly esteem him by exercising keen insight in realizing his worth. This means we must make every effort to connect to people's fundamental nature and not the superficial one. In Reality everyone is Good, for God is the good omnipresent life Principle that vitalizes every soul.

Reality is what IS. Just as nature, it may be unrecognized but it is unchangeable. However, when a soul is not yet awakened to its divine nature it believes it is separated from its source. And this erroneous mindset darkens its understanding, and causes it to act in a way that is contrary to its true Self. This liberating insight will make you free from judging others, and will enable you to go beyond their appearance and connect to their essence.

When we appreciate someone, we show him consideration and love; we value his opinion, we respect his point of views and his choices. When we don’t give value to something we don’t acknowledge it. Consequently it depreciates and sooner or later it will stop existing. When we appreciate what we have and are thankful for it, we become conscious of its worth and it increases in value. On the other hand when we fail to see its importance, it will decrease in value.

When you are grateful for what you have, you are in a state of contentment and more will be added unto you, but when you are ungrateful even the ‘little’ you think you have will be taken from you.

You will notice that people will tend to be around the people who show them appreciation, love and consideration. When someone feels a negative vibe around a particular person or environment, he usually avoids being there. This is why it is important to appreciate and encourage our loved ones, especially our kids. We must show them how much we care, and continually send positive thoughts (vibes) towards them.

What often causes us to have a change of heart towards other people is the belief that they have hurt us or let us down in the past. The reason for that is because we have had some expectations, and when those were not met we felt unappreciated and unloved. As a result we decided to withdraw our love and appreciation from them.

In order to avoid this ordeal it is better not to set any expectations and to simply go with the flow. Allow the relationship to unfold and learn from each other. In addition let every experience become an opportunity for spiritual growth and Self-development. Do not rely on anyone or anything outside of you to supply that which can only be found within you. Appreciate yourself, and give yourself value. You will see the importance of the people in your lives in accordance to how much you value and appreciate yourself.

Be the change!
Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What is Man?

Seeking to Understand our nature, identity and origin

The misconception of who God is and the wrong interpretation of his attributes is the darkness that has veiled our divine identity, and nature. When we fail to understand the God-nature we will undoubtedly misunderstand our own nature. And This ignorance is a major hindrance to our spiritual development.

Nature speaks of one's origin. Religion has taught us for years that we are of God and were in his image and likeness. Well one may wonder; what does this really mean? We have a physical body and we live in a circumscribed area. Where does God fit in all of this? We are told that God is All-powerful, all knowledge and everywhere present. Further more we are told that God is infinite wisdom, everlasting love, and He is good. Well one may wonder how can anyone measure up to God? How can one relate to such Perfection?

Some may ask: If He exists, and is everywhere, then where is He? If he is so good, so powerful, then why isn’t he doing something about all the pain and sufferings and famine in the world? We often hear people wondering about God’s existence, goodness and love. Because of Lack of accurate knowledge many have denied God, and consequently have denied their true origin and nature. Nature is what IS, though it may be unrecognized, it is unchangeable.

God is God, He is eternally Truth and forever Good. One may not acknowledge Him as such, but that does not change who God is. There is only one way to find out who is God, it is by knowing Him personally. And only in this perfect knowledge will your true nature be revealed to you.

However you will only know God if you truly desire to know and seek him with all your might. Then you will seek Me, inquire for, and require Me [as a vital necessity] and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart. One must also be determined to Know Him above everything else.

This strong desire will become a powerful magnetic force that will attract to one’s experience all that He needs to learn in order to acquire Perfect knowledge of God (Truth). This also suggests that He is willing to put aside any former beliefs that may have hindered him and slowed down his spiritual growth. And that he is open to hear from God directly in his spirit.

Today seek to know God Personally
Commune with Him in your spirit
Receive a new revelation of your True Self

In His Peace

A. Danielle Dagba
Friday, October 3, 2008

Peace Unshakable!

Do you feel disturbed when certain thoughts or images come to your mind? Do you allow people’s attitude or personalities -even your own- bring out ‘the worst’ in you? Are you moved by the realities of this realm? Do you let the world negative consciousness, which is the race belief in lack, poverty, sin and sickness – pollute your mindset and affect your personal belief system?

If your answer is “yes”to any of the preceding questions, you have been longing for Divine Peace whether you are conscious of this or not. The human soul is purposely programmed to have such desire. This longing is the life of God in you that is seeking perfect expression through you. It is the Spirit of God that gives Life. The life that you are now living has its source in God, for God is the Creative Life principle of all that exists. Therefore since Life originates in God, the perfect expression of Life must also be found in HIm.

The divine life in you is essentially perfect. However the God-life in you needs the divine guidance of God-wisdom for perfect expression. The lack of godly wisdom is the root of many inharmonies Man experiences in his life. To change the course of his life he must seek spiritual understanding through communion with God. He must unite hiss soul with God-Mind, and it is only in this perfect oneness that he experiences perfect peace.

How do you go about aligning your soul with the God-Mind? First it requires your willingness, which depends on your determination to be free from the world collective and negative consciousness, and then you must deny the illusive peace it offers. For this world is incapable of giving any lasting peace. The world does offer temporary pleasures. But they fade away as quickly as they come; for they are illusions.

Thirdly feel free to ask. If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally. Asking suggests that you are willing to let go of the erroneous perception that had once kept you in darkness. By asking God you are opening your soul to receiving godly wisdom. This wisdom enlightens your mind and leads you to experiencing peace unshakable.

Today seek peace where it can only be found, or what you will find is inharmony. The answer to any lack of peace you may be experiencing right now lies within you. Look no where else!

Peace be with you

A. Danielle Dagba
Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Your Divine Pattern

There is something you came to give that no one else can, there is something you came to do that only you can. What is written in the book of life concerning you is unique. No two individuals have the same exact pattern. Though our destiny is the same, the pattern is different.

You were specifically designed and equipped to walk in your individual pattern. This divine pattern is written in your heart. This specific thing you came to do is inside of you; awaiting your acknowledgement to manifest.

You did not show up here by accident, you were predestined, called and set apart for a specific purpose. In the Divine Mind there are no accidents. God intentionally created everything in the entire universe for a specific purpose. The birds, the moon, the sun, the trees are all functioning according to the purpose for which they were created. This is why there is such peace when we are out in nature. Yes,You will notice an immediate connection with God as soon as you step out in nature. This is so because everything in nature is functioning in perfect harmony.

We will experience perfect peace only when we discover our specific pattern. The inharmonies that are brought about in our lives are the effects of our own ignorance. The minute we make the decision to know our individual calling everything in the whole universe will begin to work synchonistically in order to reveal our pattern to us. For the whole creation eagerly awaits the manifestation of the Sons of God; and this is who we are.

Find out the purpose for which you were called. Open your heart and allow this pattern to be revealed to you. Turn your focus inward. You must escape the reality of this world every so often and commune with the Spirit of God within so that His divine ideas concerning your destiny may be unfold to you. As you are doing this inward journey, trust the Spirit of God within you to show you and direct your every step to your perfect pattern.

In Peace,

A. Danielle Dagba

Monday, September 29, 2008

Aligning your thoughts with your feelings

When we think of a thought, this thought goes into our innermost parts, which is our subconscious. As soon as we become conscious of a particular thought we begin the creative process. The more we ponder on that thought the more it is being embedded in our subconscious, and sooner or later our consciousness will carry out that thought into our experience.

There is a male and a female principle within each one of us. Our male and female principles are designed to function in perfect harmony. They constitute our thoughts and feelings. This comprises our overall beingness, which is our individual consciousness.

We are what we think and what we feel. What we are in the inside is projected in the outside. The more established we are within, the more harmony we will experience without; that is in our body and affairs. Our experiences, conditions, situations are the reflection of our thoughts and feelings. The disharmony that we experience in our body and affairs has its roots in the disharmony between our male and female principles. This is the meaning of A house divided against itself cannot stand.

This is why what you think must be in the same alignment with what you feel in other to experience harmony, peace and joy. Some people may say "I would love to experience unconditional love", but deep down inside they don’t believe it is attainable. Some say "I deserve to be happy", and the next minute they say: "but true happiness does not really exist". You will hear people say: "I believe my partner can change", but moment later they began to criticize everything that he/she does.

We may have a lot of good intentions and goals and desires but unless we believe they are attainable and feasible we are not really creating the life that we deserve. It is in the heart (our subconscious) that we believe. The heart is a faithful servant and will always carry out what is there.

You may even say: "I believe in prosperity", but if in the heart you don’t really believe that prosperity is your divine right, you will not experience abundance in your life. The heart will always carry out what it sees there.

This is why you must define what you want. The more understanding you have about what you want, the more confident you will become. You will also become empowered by only attracting only that which you want.

What do you want? Define it and seal it with your intention. There is an underlying principle about everything you desire. Seek understanding! In doing so you will experience joy inexpressible and peace unshakable.

A. Danielle Dagba
Sunday, September 28, 2008

"Defining What You Want"

It is not enough to know what we want or desire, it is imperative that we also find meaning for every single thing that we wish to experience during our earthly journey. When we find the true definition to what we want, what we don't want will not show up in our experiences. The more we define what we want, the more we give it substance to materialize in the physical realm. There is no creation without substance. Definition gives understanding, and understanding gives us substance.

What is it that you want? We all want to be happy and we all want to feel good. We want to experience peace and joy, prosperity, health and wealth and much more. Our human spirit was purposely designed to desire the ideal. That is why our soul continuously longs for perfect peace and joy, unending and complete happiness, unconditional love and so forth.

Spirit can only create after its own kind. Perfection begets perfection. The Human spirit was created in the likeness of its Creator and for the sole purpose to create like its source. If we are to experience the ideal we must connect our mind to the creative source of absolute perfection,which is the God-Mind. The divine mind is the realm of divine ideas and perfect expression. Everything that we want to experience have their origin in God. We must therefore seek to understand the God-Mind; the infinite consciousness from which all things emanate.

The God-Mind is Man's 'Super consciousness' and it is inherent in our divine nature. We all have access to this realm of divine ideas. God,who is infinite intelligence, has carefully placed within each one of us the key to our perfect pattern. This is the true path to God realization and the divine manifestations of everything our heart desires. The God-Mind is Man's unerring guide, and his connection to godly wisdom.

The outward expressions and manifestations that we want to realize in our lives have their true definition in God. However, there is a key to happiness, another key to success, yet another key to prosperity, still another key to peace, life, intelligence, substance, faith and every other divine idea that exists. But there is One master key that opens the treasure box which contains these hidden treasures of the soul.

Every manifestation is God realization. The key to manifesting your desires is to have a perfect knowledge of your Source, your Father, who is your creator and your First Cause. Seek to have an understanding of His attributes and his mindset. The more you understand the God-Mind, the more substance you have to create like him; in Spirit and in Truth. The more you understand the God-Mind, the more you are able to relate to Him. Seek to understand your origin, your purpose,your true identity, which are found only in God. Turn your focus inward and seek first the perfect kingdom of the Mind that is in you.

In Him,

A. Danielle Dagba
Friday, September 26, 2008

"Your wish Is my command"

If you had a genie that could give you your heart utmost’s desire, what would you wish for? In a recent poll, most people’s desire was to know their life purpose.

Having our heart desires fulfilled lead us to living a purposeful life. When we know what we want, we avoid doing what we don’t want. What is it that you really, really, really want?

This may sound like a silly question, as if the answer should be obvious. But unless we are certain about what we desire in life, and unless we seal our desires through intention, we will leave this earth and not carry out the very mission we were sent for.

Many people have missed their calling and have ended up doing something that has nothing to do with their particular assignment. They have missed the mark because they never sought after their individual pattern.

Our divine pattern is engraved in our heart. Sometimes it will come to us as in a flash. Other times we will imagine ourselves doing something that our conscious mind would reason unfeasible. Some people, especially our relatives and close friends, will notice some of our talents or giftedness even at an early age. Those natural abilities are pattern indicators. They help lead the way to our ultimate calling.

Your Maker has designed and handcrafted you to function in a specific manner. Just like a manufacturer would carefully make a product with the intention to function in a particular way and for a specific use. In like manner God has fashioned you to operate and function in your specific calling.

You would not warm up your food in the refrigerator because refrigerators are not designed for that purpose. When you misuse something you end up abusing it. There is a specific pattern for your life, and if you ignore that pattern you will end up abusing your life, which will result to living a life of misery and unhappiness.

And in the same way the same manufacturer would include a user’s manual inside his product. God has placed within you, his masterpiece, a user’s manual; “How to live the purposeful life”. This unerring guide is His Spirit within you. He is in your heart. Speak to him today, all you need to do is open your heart and you will surely find him and hear from Him.

A Prayer:

Infinite Spirit, I now open my heart to you,
As I trust your leading and your guidance in
Revealing to me the divine purpose for my life
Open my ears that I may hear from you today
Guide me to the way everlasting. Amen! Amen!


In His Holy Name,

A. Danielle Dagba

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

"Being one with the wholeness of Spirit"

This mental attitude may be foreign to many of us. Our mind is accustomed to viewing itself as separated from its Source, which is the God-Mind, the all-originating Spirit from which all things emanate. In truth, there is but one Mind expressed in various ways through different individuals. We are individualized aspects of the one Mind, the Mind of God.

In reality there are no separate minds. The Wrong conception of 'who we are' and ‘what God is' is the cause for the separation and division that Man experiences. This is what gave birth to the false ego identity. What we call ego is in fact 'self-hood'. It is the characteristic of one’s personality or individuality. Ego expresses itself in individual consciousness through desires. Our consciousness is made of our thoughts and our desires. And Man’s utmost desire is to find happiness. That strong desire is of the Spirit. It is The Spirit of God seeking perfect expression through us, which is our ultimate calling. In essence it is Love seeking recognition, and expression through us. The Spirit is of God and God is Love and we are also of God.

Love in is essential nature is pure. It is man’s divine nature. However without the wisdom and guidance of The Spirit that nature will eventually get corrupted. If love is not properly guided by The Spirit of God, it will seek guidance from Man’s corrupted intelligence or inner sight. We are of The Spirit of God; we are of God and must therefore operate in Him; that is according to his principles and mindset. This is in fact the process of spiritualization. This process, in fact, is Man’s individual journey back to the place of his origin in God.

The first step in this process requires that one recognizes God as his only Source and the creative life principle or life generator of all Good. Secondly one must acknowledge that this Source has already made a provision for Man's every need throughout his physical experience on earth. Thirdly God is seeking perfect expression through Man and only needs his cooperation. That is to have the willingness to know the Truth and nothing but the Truth.

Also in acquiring spiritual knowledge one must remain teachable and humble. Most importantly he must enjoy the journey. This process of spiritualization is for our own enjoyment. The Spirit of God loves a ‘happy learner’. Your cooperation also requires that you become one with the wholeness of Spirit (the divine Spirit), which is your divine and true nature.

Today give yourself over wholeheartedly to the the Spirit of God and trust Him to lead you step by step to this spiritual journey; which is in Truth, The Spirit Journeying through you.

In Him

A. Danielle Dagba

Monday, September 22, 2008

Nothing outside of you can disturb you

We allow things outside of us to disturb us because we believe that they have the ability to do so. As long as we hold on to that belief we are allowing the world ‘without’ to interfere with the world ‘within’.

Moreover, we believe that our lack of peace has its origin in things outside of us. Nothing could be further from the truth. We often hear people say ‘you make me so unhappy, my children get on my last nerves, or you make me so angry’. In truth, no one can create in our reality unless we allow it. The sad thing is as long as we continue to believe that the source of our peace, joy or contentment is outside of us we will never find it.

If you truly desire to cultivate inner peace, you must be willing to accept the fact that True Peace can only be found within and that nothing outside of you is able to rob you of your Peace. What is yours is yours. No one and no-thing can take that which truly belongs to you. What truly belongs to you becomes a part of you; it becomes your authentic inclination.

If it is possible for someone or something to steal your peace, it means that you never had it in the first place. You must make a firm decision to seek Peace in you (not outside you). This will require that you pay close attention to your thoughts, feelings and emotions. It is true that things outside of us will cause us to act or react a certain way.

However every action or reaction has its corresponding thought-pattern within. The law of correspondence says: “as within, so without”. Many times instead of going to the cause of the matter we focus on the effects. And we deal with it superficially. On the outside it may appear that we are resolved but deep within we are not.

Today make every effort not to rely on anything or anyone outside of you to bring you to a state of peace. Also don’t blame things or people for the lack of peace you may be experiencing.

If you become disturbed about a particular situation you may say: "I desire to find peace in this situation (name situation)". If you become disturbed about a certain individual you may say after you bring his/her image to your mind and state his or her name: Peace be with you. The peace that you give is the peace that you keep. To create a continual state of peace, you may unceasingly affirm: I am only open to the influx of Divine Peace in my heart.

Peace be with you,

A. Danielle Dagba
Friday, September 19, 2008

Believe in "You"


Often times we are afraid to choose. We would rather let someone else choose for us or tell us what to do. We attribute choosing to failure. We don't think we are good enough to choose for ourselves, we don't trust ourselves enough to make good choices. We don't depend on ourselves because we don't know ourselves well enough and we don't really love ourselves. And quite frankly we haven't thought about ourselves long enough to find out who we truly are in the inside.

If we form the habit of going along with whatever others think is best for us, or whatever people tell us to do, we will never know who we truly are. We will end up living to please others and living up to their expectations and according to their belief system. This behavior is one of the main causes of unhappiness. Many people feel unfulfilled because they are living for someone else and not for themselves.

It is a real blessing to have friends, family members, mentors and other people in our lives who love us, advise us and care about our well-being. But when we depend solely on their understanding in order to make up our mind, we cripple our own understanding and we negate our innate ability to be creative, original and productive.

Today ask yourself, who am I? what gives me a sense of joy? what do I like to do? Consider writing down your personal thoughts in a journal. Make it a habit to write down the things that you are interested in, the places you would like to go, some of the things you would love to do. Don't worry about the means, but dream and dream big.

This is a good practice in finding out your true identity and your life purpose. Most importantly you will discover what you enjoy to do so that you can do it! Only then will you gain the confidence that you need in making your own choices.

Today believe in your ability to be original!

To a better you!

A. Danielle Dagba

Living in the "Now"


The past is long gone. Even the past few seconds are no longer here. Seeing in the past is not seeing at all. Living in the past is not living at all. The only true time there is is the present moment. Embrace the present moment. Be mindful of the now.

Bless the past and watch it go, then focus on the now. Contemplate the future and see endless possibilities, then focus back on the now. Now is all that matters. Now is all that you really have. Now is your ‘present’; it is a gift, therefore cherish it. Now is "TIME" fulfilled!

When you bring your conscious awareness to the present moment, which is the only reality there is, you are taking charge of your reality and you are creating the experiences that you deserve now and not some time later. The consciousness of the present moment enables you to connect to your innermost being, the creative part of your soul, where you may commune with God and co-create with Him the life that you deserve. And you can only do this in the "now".

Eternity is in the heart of Man and eternity is the unfoldment of the present moment. Eternity is the realm of endless possibilities; it is God Domain and Man’s inexhaustible Supply. Ask and you shall receive. There is a supply for every need.

Your ‘now’ determines your ‘later’. What you create in the now will determine what you will experience later. Let your "now" be productive. Seeing in the past and being anxious about the future rob you of experiencing the Joy of the present moment.

In the present moment, practice divine communion. Receive divine guidance. Connect with your Source. Receive all your supplies. See all your needs met. Though they may not be visible as of yet, but see your desires fulfilled, see your wishes come true. The present moment quickens the eye of your faith where you are able to see your good prior to its TANGIBLE manifestation.

“Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them”.
In the "now" we enter the closet prayer within, which is the secret place of the Most High. In that moment THERE IS NO NEED TO SUPPLICATE OR BEG, SIMPLY OPEN YOUR HEART AND RECEIVE YOUR GOOD.

Practice saying to yourself, now is the time fulfilled, I bless the past and I let it go. My future is bright and I am on my way to it. I am here, speak Lord thy servant heareth. Practice makes perfect. As you continue these meditative affirmations you will begin to experience a surge of emotions that arises in your heart; it is joy inexpressible. It is something that results as Man’s soul communes with God.

Let today's practice become part of your daily thoughts and meditation. Whenever possible escape your daily routine even for a few seconds or minutes and practice being in the "now', which is being in God’s presence; Love's Presence. In His presence there is indeed everlasting Joy!

A. Danielle Dagba

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